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Rhymney Valley Echoes.


Rhymney Valley Echoes. [Bt ''ftECOllDEB."] The Rhymiey School Managers' meeting was a veritable Upper House. The room was full of congratulations as one after another of the newly-elected County Councillors arrived. Among those were Mr. J. Edwards, Mr. Al- bert Thoma Mr. W S. Nash, and Mr. Rees Harris. The managers sat from half-past two till six o'clock, the last hour-and-a-half being devoted to laudable work of trying to adjust the chronic differences of Rhymney's two famous rival choirs. To a certain extent, it was like ploughing the sands. Their rivalry is so keen that they cannot even unite to vanquish a choir from a remote part of Wales or England. Again, their rivalry is so keen that they are not allowed to compete in Rhymney's own local Eisteddfod—possibly from the fear that the decision of the judges mighi favour one choir more than another. In 1908 they competed, and the prize was divided between them. Last year neither choir Was allowed to compete, and, I understand, they are both standing cut again this year. To be without an ear for music must be a boon in Rhymney, since it would keep a man (pom giving a judgment for or against either choir. It is a pity, for they are two good choirs, and re their works as harmonious as their tones, they would be capable of doing excellent work by enabling people to value the sentiments ex- bree&ed in song as well as the blend of tone. Both choirs will soon have to look to their Jaurels, for there are good choirs making head- way lower down the v alley. s Mr Gus "one-, who has been selected by the I fiargoed Chamber oi Trade as their candidate fo.r the Barrced Ward, has long been a promin- ent figure in the public life of that town. If elected, he will fill the seat vacated by the re- tirement of Mr. D. S. Jones. Mr. D. S. Jones has been prominent in Bargoed ever since B&r,-oed has been Bargced. Ifc was at the earn»-t solicitation of numerous friends, at the time of the first Urban District Council election, that he was drawn, perhaps, wb reluctantly into again taking a part in Council affairs. Ho was for some years on the County Council, and he is now a candidate j' for the Merthyr Board of Guardians. As a native of Mi-thyr, he has a warm place in his heart for th-A. "Hardie" Borough. I, Mr. Lewis Williams is retiring from the Caer- philly Council, where he has been a diligent representa^ve of the interests of Nelaon. He has, in my time at any rate, been one of the most regular members. Mr. Williams is likely 10 be succeeded by a former member of the Council, Mr. Tom Elams. who was defeated last year by Mr. J. R. Leigh Thomas. Mr. K vans's return, I ho* ij5 no* expected to bo opposed. The rumours of opposition to the return of the Rector of Gellygaer cannot, until the actual nomination vskes place on Thursday, be said to oe confirmed.. but it is openly stated by those in the cc .i of hi3 propeotive opponent. I believe it to be true, and some of those prop3rty is on the East side of the rail- way are speaking of the need of "infusing new blood" into the Gellygaer Council. To out off some of the most useful and necessary mem- bers of the body in orde r to infuse it is P°or suregry inde«I. Why loo off fruitful branches The Rector has been by no means a dead branch, as th9 records, both of press and I Council, will abundantly prove. The Council has been "slow," say some of the Rector's critics. That was not the fault which cpuid be charged against the late Pari.-h Council. That Council was fast, and the parish has had to pay well for the epeed. The owners of property on the East side of itio railway want the proposed new main road .from Pengarn to Ystrad Mynach to hug the 'river bed, and come out just below their own property at Hengoed, and pass under the via- duct. That route has been found to bo more Dostlv than the route on the higher ground on the West side of the line, where the great bulk of the houses of Hengoed are situated. It is natural for owners of property to look after their own interests, bu the public QlUstlJee to it that they are not made to pay for those in- terests. Where the main road goes, there* will build- ings spring up like mushrooms. If that road runs along the river bed, close to the valley sewer, which is to come along ths.t way, the people who inhabit the houses will have to live in the most unwholesome and dangerous spots in the valley. Anyone may ace some of Hen- "0 goed's sewage now running over the Ap4 which would then be but it. upon. ,;0 9m-1\t The catastrophe at Ciydech, in the Rfeoaddn last week, should be a ifehoiesome warn org against building so low dofwn in the vaiiey. Can people have so soon- forgotten the flood in the Rhymney Valley of Octobsr 19th, IW6? That flood of itself should cause people to op- pose, teoth and nail, the idea of building bouses in such a position. It is self-evident that where the main thor- oughfare goes, there will the houses of the future inhabitants of this part of the valley be erected; and that, will be fraught with danger to health and peril in times of flood and storm. to life. The welfare of the community should I be a councillor's first consideration, and they who are contending for the higher position of the road on the West side of tie line are evi- dently doing the wisest and best thing for the convenience of the public at large. Moreover, a full half-mile of the proposed route is already constructed from Ystra.d Mynach Railway Bridge to the end of Cefn-road, Hengoed. That the work of proceeding with the road has been postponed from time to time we know, but that has been with the view of getttng the best terms possible. Other things have moved slowly. The Local Government Board itself does not move even so fist aa the District Council; perhaps they move slowly because they are less imprudent than some more nimble people. Gellygaer would have had a happier story to tell if, in times past, it had not been so fast. It is to be hoped that Hengoed will not do itself an injustice by lending support to private .interests where such private interests would clash with tlad well-bding, of thousands of com- ing residents. < Some profess to fear that a main road on the west side will tako people to Bargoed for their shopping. People at Hengoed and Penallta will not go to Bargoed for their shopping when Ystrad Mynach can meet- their demands, and the road past the Council OFaces will be moro convenient for Hengoed residents for Ystrad Mynach than would a read on the other side of tho line. The facts as I have here stated them may be seen and verified anybody in broad daylight; but in the 4arknms of night, they would not, of course, be seen—nor with closed eyes.


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