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Aberdare Young Liberals.

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ABERDARE DISTRICT COUNCIL SITE FOR THE PROPOSED INFECTIOUS HOSPITAL. NEW CEMETERY REGULATIONS. The monthly mcting of the Au< Dis- trict Council was held at the Town lJaJl on Monday, Councillor E. Stonelake in the chair. There were also present :-C-ounci:lor6 T. Lw: (vioe-chairmari). U. P. Davies, Wi J am itee6, David Davies Thomas iioweri, William Har- per. Owen Po'vell, William Thomas, T. Walter Williams, A. P. Jones. J. Owen (!;orge, Illtyd Hopkins, D. Tyssul Daviis, JJ Jackson Tho- mas, M. J. Harries, with Messrs. Thomas Phil- lips \c;2;;k), llenry Bedd00 (deputy clerk), Owen Williams (surveyor), A. S. Morris (d^purv sur- veyor), and- Dr. M. J Roes (medical officer of health). All th? old overseers were re-elcctcd. Tbi Clerk said that owing to the failure of Mr. D. J. Dav;es, the contractor for the new tcadto Cwmaman, the Council had taken over the plant, and he now asked the Council to authorise the sal-3 of the sam?, and to take the nccce^ary proceedings, against the suret:es for the baJance of the lo-s sustained.—Tri s was Mr: John Howell, Aberaman, being ap. pointed auctioneer. Th., Chairman and Vice-chairman, together with th chairmen of all the standing commit- we-e appo nted to examine the annual and half-yearly tenders, with power to accept. Thø Clk 6uprarsted that a preempt should be mad? out. for £25 for burial purposes, to put the bur'al account, in credit at the termination of the financial year —This was ordered to be done. BIG INCREASE IN EDUCATION RATE. Mr. John \r<>"Tjs, the clerk to the Education Committee, intimating, that a precept for £ 22.000 wo>ild b" required for th purpose of education fV>r th forthcoming yea-—Col. Phillip, pointed that this was £3,000 more- than the last, p-w-ept. It was also pointed out that, owing- to there not being, a quorum at tn" last meeting of th Education Committee, tha1 stirn3.te1:Ja.d pot b'en before th Education Committ.-Dc D, P. Davies, dealing with I the increaee, said that. in the, past the Education Committee had always hC.(",r. overdrawn at the bank to the extent of at the I end of the year. The Auditor had strongly objected to that. and had indeed sweharfed some interest paid on such overdraft. The Fir: mce Committee of the Education Committee had, therefore, decided to put in the estimate an extra £100 a year linn that was clen-ed off. That accounted for £100 of the increase. It W:J.3 pointed thû,1 that would in the l<->n:T run save paying interest on th? overdraft —It war resolved to refer the estimate back to the Edit cation Committee, and to hold a opecial nri-^et ing of the Council on Wednesday to deal —ith it. The Finance Committee reporlcd they had cons'dered the application of Albert Haw ker, a plumbe-.r in the employ 0Í the Council, ror an advance of wagei. and r"coYY1mrnck(: that the same be déerred for a month. Thev recommended that £.50 for the necond. and £ 25 fcr th-- third bc5 design for the now Hospital, and they also recommended the pay- menti of accounts amounting to £1.17,6 16s. The report was adopted. INFECTIOUS HOSPITAL. It was reported that the Health and Financ Committees had inspected sites at Abernant on the Old Forge Brickworks Yard for the propos- yd new infectious alio pita!. After explanations gjv n as to the coal-working, the Committee came to th conclusion that the site was not • uitable. The Committee next proceeded to in- spect tin site at the bottom of Llwydcoed-voad. where the ord shale tip is bin" removed by the Gadlys Estate Company. The Surveyor was instructed to make a rou.ah survey of the same, and to prepare a drawing showing how the site would lend itsf for the erection of the prop^s">d U03pita.1 Bulldngs. The Surveyor was instructed to obtain a copy of the Hi.1 wain Common Allotment Award, with special refer- enoa to the ownership of the minerals. Mr. T. Walter Will'am, pointed out that the site at tho bottom of Llwydcoed-road was not tlve one the Committee was instructed to visit. He felt certain tho County Medical OflioBr of Health wci'd not pass that site it was much too near th2 railway.—Mr. Stonelake said that the site previously sugg3stÆd up at Llwydcoed would prove an exceptionally expensive GI.1) The hauling of materiaJs to build the Hospital in the firot p'ac^ would be very expensive, and as long as the Hospital would be in existence, it would b) an cxka expense to send any sup p'i up to it. and it would be very far for tha Medical Officer to visit. The Committee, there- fore, felt it would b inadvisable to erect the same on that site. That was the real reason they did not visit it.- The report was adopted, the Surveyor promising to see the County Medical Officer on the matter before going far with it. CEMETERIES COMMITTEE. This Committee reported that they had con- sidered the letter received from Me.ssrs. Jone^ Bros., of Aberaman, as to the erection of crosses over common graves, and resolved that a new bye-law be framed permitting cr05, of a height not exceeding 5ft. 6in. to be erected over common graves, at the owner's risk. They recommended that notice boards be placed in each of the Council's Cemeteries showing tho scale of charges for cleaning graves; alio thai such scale be printed, and a copy given to overy applicant for burial papers at the office. A letter from the Rev. C. A. H. Green was read, calling attention to the unsatisfactory state of the vestry of the consecrated chapcl, and asking that something be done so as to render b3tter facilities to enablo hearses and ooach<<3 getting nearer the graves in the New Cemetery Consecrated Ground than at pro rant. The Surveyor was directed to call the attention of the sextion to the state of the chapel. The Deputy Surveyor stated that the exension of tho cross road in he new cemetery was inoonte-mplation, which would meet the request contained in the above letter. The Clor kwas instructed to write to tho Rev. C. A. II. Green informing him that both matters contained In his letter were receiving attention. —The report was adopted. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The following report of the Surveyor was adopted:—The rainfall recorded at the Nanthj., Reservoir for the month of February was 10.29 inches, being an increase of 2.21 inches on the previous month, and an increase of 9.38 inches on tha corresponding month of last year. Kain felil on 28 days, the greatest fall being on the 20th, viz., 1.18 inches. I beg to report that the supply of water to the top houses in Queen- street., Cwmdare, and Blaennantygroes-road, Cwmbach, is very irregular, owing to want of pressure, even in winter time when the reser voirs are overflowing. I bog to recommeno that a small tank to hold about 1,500 gallons b« constructed at the top of each street, which would b-3 filled up at night and would be suffi- cient for a day's supply to the houses affected I I beg to submit tenders received for the repair of Brook-street, I have received a. number of the building plans, and being in I accordance with the bye-laws, I be to recom- mend that the same be approved. Number of houses approved, 7; number of houses prev- iously approved. 10,559; total number of houses approved, 10,566. VARIOUS. The tender of Mr. Durstone for the private improvement of Brook-street, at £665 4s. d., was accepted. The Fire Brigade Captain reported two fire calls during the month. The police reported two cases of overloading, and the Clerk was ordered to prosecute in each case.—The Finance Committee had submitted the names of three for the post of junior clerk, viz.: EmJyn Da- vies, Milton-street, Cwmaman, aged 19; Richard Evans, 14, Harries-street, Hirwain, aged 22; and Idris Phillip" 7a, Georga-stroot, Aber- aman.—Davies wns appointed. It was resolved that the land near the Park be let to Mr. Thomas William, Brook Villa, for JB92 10s. a year.—An application from Col. M. Morgan re water suppfy to new houses at Cwmaman was referred to the Surveyor to re- port theron.—It was resolved to appoint a committee to meet representatives of the Coun- ty Council. Merthyr Corporation, and Moun- ain Aish District Council re taking over th canal for a road.—In reply to a letter from Mr Hann re the paving of the county road. the Surveyor said it was being done.-The Clerk explained with regard to the combination' of the rates that the sanction of tho Auditor ana the Local Government Board had not yet been obtained, but he was still pressing them. — A proposed new bye-law as to the height of rooms in dwelling-houses was referred to the Housing Committee.—A complaint re the pathway from the Bwli'fa No. 3 Pit was referred to the Sur- veyor and the representatives of the Gadlys Ward on the Committee. The Vicar of Aberdare wrote calling atten- tion to the condition of the fence surrounding the old Parish Church.—The Surveyor said that he had given orders for the necessary repairs to be carried out.—Mr. A. S. Morris, secretary of the Aberdare Free Library., wrote pointing out that half of the term of the lease-had ex- pired.—The Vicar also wrote pointing out that the leasa had been taken out for fourteen yea. and that'at the end of this term it could not be renewed.—Applications were received from the various theatres a,nd music-halls for permission to open on Good Friday.The application was granted. Mr. J. D. Thomas, clerk to the County School, claimed the return of £4 5s. 4d. in respect of over-payment for supply of water ai the school.—The C'erk remarked that he had had no time to inv,til!ate tho matter, and it was thereupon decided to defer the same.—Mr. T. Lewis asked whr there was so much dil.ty in reference to the liobertstown Surveyor: The delay is because we have not had the consent of the landlords interested. STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Mr. D. Tvssul Davies had given notice of the following That .private.- improve- ment- works be done and carried out; to Stag- street, Trocynon, Aberdare, under the Private Street Works Act, 1392; and that the Surveyor in pursiianoe of, and in accordance with the said Act, prepare plans, sections, estimates, and provisional apportionment of the cost of repairing the said street. (2) That private im- provement works be done and carried out to Clive-ctreet, Trecyncn, under the Private Street Works 1892.' &:ul that the Sj/vey in pursuance of and in accordance with b i II said Act, prepare plans. sections, estimates, and provisional apportionment of the coot of re- pairing the said street. (3) That private im- provement works be done and carri?d out to Clive Place Street, Trecynon, under the PJ i- vate Street Works Act, 1692, and that the Sur- veyor, in pursuance of, and in accordance with the said Act, p,cpare plans, spec. fictions, sec- tiens, estimate?, and provisional 3pporLon- ment of the ccst of repairing the said street." Before Mr. Davies spoke, Mr. Owen Powell and other members urged that tho order was a. very big one —Mr. Davies thor-iupon con- sented to take C.ive-street only. lie said he felt that it wa, high thno that jome:hing was done to th s ror.d, and he had mUC;1 pleasure in moving the motion dcwn on the agenda.—Mr. T. Lewis seconded, and Messrs. ,\1. J. Harrij-s and T. Walter Wiliiarns suppo.tod tho motion, which was carried. Mr. E. Slonelak? moved: "That the Roads and Street Committee be in-rtweted to vbit :11, following streets, viz., Cardiff-road, from Hill-"trcet to its junction with Regent-street: Brook-street. Recent street, B ynheulog, and Jubiloe-roud lind suggest to th-e next Counc.l a remedy for the frequent flooding of all those streets with an estimate o: the cost of cariying lout any Euch M. J. Harries .seconded, and asked that Ilo foM-terrace, Cwm-, fihould be :nc!uded.—The Surveyor said that this street had already rece.vcd attention. -The motion was carriod. On the motion of Mr. D. Jack:on Thomas, a VO of condolence was passed with Mr. A. Watkins. clerk to the Burial Board, on the death of his mother.

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