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ABERDARE VALLEY NOTES. I [BY Myfxb DAiLl The attempt of the Trades and Labour ^Council to cope with rackrenting is a com- tnend&hle one, but it is clear that the difficulty in their way is very great. It will be re called that a few months ago they sought a conference with the ministers of religion in the town, and it was then arranged that tha Executive of the Council should obtain some further particulars in order to bring the mat- ter before the ministers in a concrete form. Little has been done, the difficulty being to get the tenants who have complaints to make to come out. This is not to be wondered at far if they talk too freely they get notices to quit, and, houses being scaroe, they know not where to turn. However, it is to be hoped that the Committee will be able to give some particulars of the more serious and glaring cases ■ < It must be admitted that the remedy lies in the erection of mora houses. As long as the supply of houses is inadequat3 rackront- ing will continue. The delay on the part of the District Council in erecting the work- in ?'s dwelling houses, which they have now secured powers to earcet is a serious matter. Their action in seeking poweers doubtless caused private enterprise to slac&en, and, as the Coun- cil itself have jet done nothing, the slate of affairs is a serious one. I trust that those who are interested in the matter will make a strong effort to push it forward without further delay. < I heartily congratulate the Ab?rdare Cham- ber of Trade on the completion of the first year's work, and on the very successful ban- quet held last week. The work done by tho Chamber during the part year is such that the members need not be. at all ashamed of, but there remains much to be done in the coming year. I am well aware that public bodies and public companies are slow to move, but it is by continual pressure that much needed im- provements can be secured. The Taff Vale Railway Company has been induced to do something tc reduce the delay at the Commer- cial-street crossing, and they have also prom- ised to do something to improve the station accommodation at Aberdare. The establish- went of a depot for the examination, etc., of weights and measures at Aberdare is a great boon to the trading community. These are one or two of the improvments secured by the Chamber, while the Secretary is still pressing the Great Western Railway Co. to Supply the greatly needed motor service be- tween Quakers' Yard and Glynneath. Among other matters which the Chamber should take up is that of the need of a proper County Court at Aberdare. Long before the death of the late Judge Gwilym Williams, I beard him appeal to the solicitors practising in the County Court to take up this matter, and I believe that the Merthyr and Aberdare Law Society did take it up at the time, with what result I do not know. Now, however, jthat we have a strong and energetic Cham bar of Trade they should go into the matter with the Treasury, and press it forward to a suc- cessful issue. I am glad to see that the Chamber has also taken up the question of the improvements of the roadway leading to the Recreation IGround. It is oertainly a disgrace to "Sweet 'Berdare." A Merthyr gentleman to whom I spoke about it as we were coming out of the field on Saturday, after the Merthyr v. ,Ton Pentre match, told me that Merthyr fwould run an election on that matter, and that any candidate who would not pledge him- eelfto get the road made would stand no chance of being returned. I am not certain as to the powers of the Urban District Council in the matter, but surely someone can be compelled to do fomething to get rid of this disgrace.



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