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BOXING. MOUNTAIN ASH CONTESTS. There was a large crowd at the Pavilion. Moun- tain Ash, on Saturday evening, the attraction being a 20 three-minute round contest between Dave Peters, Troorky, and Jack Kingsland, Lon- don, for the Pavilion purse of 9.100. Freddy Welsh, accompanied by his manager (Mr. Harry Marks), his mother, and Eddie Carsey, were among the spectators. Packy McFarland wired that he would arrive at 9 o'clock, but did not appear. The chief event was preceded by several minor bouts, the first being a six round contest between Yank O'Brien (America) and Jack Fean (Penygraig). The American brought his opponent to the boards I in the third round. Tom Price and Dick German, two Mountain Ash exponents, afterwards fought off eight rounds. Severe punishment was administered on both sides, Price being declared the winner on points. The next was a six-minute bout between Fred Delaney (Cardiff) and Ted Jones (Merthyr). The Cardiff man was declared the winner on points. The next and last of the preliminaries was an eight round encounter between Kid Hemmings (Newport) and Tim David (Cardiff). David got his man down in the third round, and won. Shortly before ten o'clock, Peters and Kingsland appeared in the ring. In the first three rounds both men got in several hard blows. In the last of the three Kingsland was forced to the ropes, but re- covered quickly. In the seventh aud eighth rounds both received a good deal of punishment. In the ninth Peters got in a terrific blow on his opponent's face. The round concluded in a fast manner. Kingsland came up for the twelfth round with the appearance of a beaten man. Peters continued to score, and in the next ronnd got Kingsland to the boards. The latter rose after nine seconds. The fifteenth round saw Kingsland again down, but the gong again caved him. In the sixteenth round Kingsland came in for severe punishment. The seventeenth and last round saw Peters leading off with a few good punches, but Kingsland clinched and was warned by the referee. Despite this. how- ever, he continued to hang on and was again cau- tioned. He paid no attention whatever to the warn- ings. Ultimately Mr. Denning stopped the fight, disqualified Kingsland, and declared the Treorky man the winner. KEEN CONTESTS AT EBBW VALE. A series of flove contests took place at the Work- men s Hall, Ebbw Vale. on Saturday evening. One of the principal attractions was an exhibition by Jim Driscoll, the feather-weight champion. The first bout was a six-round contest between Con Sheen (Merthyr) and Harry Gardner (Newport). Jim Drfocoll acting as referee. Sheen showed the greatest science, and won on points. The most im- portant part of the programme was a 10-ronnd match for a purse between Pullman (Merthyr) and Kid Beynon (Dowlais). They were evenly matched, and fought keenly. Both tried hard for a knock-out. but went the whole distance. So evenly were they 'matched that at the conclusion the referee said lie was unable to decide which had won, and declared it a draw. Jim Driscoll sparred three rounds with Joe Johns (Merthyr), and was loudly cheered for his smartness and variety of styles, Johns coming in for a share of the applause for the splendid way in which he stood up to the champion.


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