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THE ASSOCIATION GAME. SoUTH WALES SENIOR CUP SEMI-FINAL. MERTHYR V. TON PENTRE AT ABERDARE. ( my "Half-Back."I ¡IArter that long and painful struggle with Mardy ,« the Third Round of this competition wherein qnall!ied for the semi-final, they were Wri to play Ton Pentre last Saturday, the venoe ^ Aberdare. The weather was cpW and threst- 6 nrm^' 1)ut' despite this a good gate torned up, qnite People being present. Both teams were at ju' strength, and an interesting game was seen, ^ythyr won the toss, but little advantage was «<tined, the blustering wind playing havoc with thany fine attempts on both sides. At the-start Mer- thp ^vent awa>y> interesting play taking place round e ion goal, where Percival waa «jwJ» paOsd on to save. A short spell of attacking by the Rhondda men was followed by a smart raid into the Ton territory. D. W. Davies beating tho backs, but he failed to score, the ball eventually goinl, out to Whittaker, who notched the first point for Merthyr, after five minutes' play. Savage was next conspicuous with a fine attempt. the ball apparently going out off Uussell, but the appeal for a corner was not granted. Play was in favour of Merthyr. Savage again distinguished himself with a terrific shot, which missed by inches. Thingt; looked promising for Merthyr, but D. W. Davies was off-side, and the chance was lost. A free kick to Merthyr proved of no advantage, the wind carrying the ball outside. From a breakaway by Ton, the Merthyr goal was endangered, a corner being given to save. This was accurately placed, but Lewis was all there, and averted disaster. Fyfe again led his men in resolute fashion, but the de- fence of the Merthyr team was snperb, and their mission failed. After Lewis bad saved one or two good shots, Whittaker broke away, finishing with a well-directed shot, but failed to bent Percival, who ae-ain saved cleverly from D. W. Davies from the rebound. Ton replied with a good run, a cor- ner resulting, but the ever watthful Lewis was again too good for them. Savage and Morris gave a fine exhibition of short passing, taking play well into the Ton half, off-side nullifying their work. Each side attacked, the wind spoiling many well- intended shots, half-time arriving with Merthyr one goal ahead. The second half of the game was generally in favour of Merthyr, the Tonites for some time being unable to cross tho half-way line. A well-placed cor- ner kick by Savage looked bad for_Ton, but after an exciting tussle near goal the ball was got away and play went to die other end, where Bedford, in tryino- to4 cleai1, kicked the ball against a Ton player, which rebounded to T. Davies, who found the net with a lightning shot, bringing scores equal. After this success, Ton put more go into their play. forcing an unproductive corner. Two free kicks to Ion were ably dealt with by the defence, and Sa- vage bursting away gave the Ton defenders a warm time, Morris putting the ball over to Whittaker, who missed a very easy opening. T. Roberts, the Ton left-winger. went off at a merry pace, and looked all ower ascorer, but he failed at the critical moment. Give and take play ensued, the ball being continually put into touch. Both teams worked bard for the winning goaL but the defence of both sides was sound, and time arrived with the scores one goal each. < Merthyr were unlucky early in the game by practically losing the valuable services of Bedford. WP°, rather badly injured, and though ho pluckily continued on the field he could not do himself justice. Walton, he partner at back, played as fine a crame as one could wish to see, and by sterling hard work did much to make up for Bed- ford s disablement. Lewis again gave a capital show between the sticks. there being no blame at- tached to him for the solitary shot that beat him. The halves were a trusty trio, "Kelly being the shining light of the line, though Churchill and Llewellyn did big things for their side. Savage and D. W. Davies were the pick of the forwards, the others having often given a better account of themselves Merthyr, with only a one goal lead, would have done better if thoy h&d played a more open game instead of trusting so much to defen- sive tactics. The Ton Pentre men gave a very good account of themselves, Percival and Russell being sound in defence, Williams being the pick of the halves. Roberts and Fife were always dangerous when an opening presented itself* and Bradshaw waa respon- sible for dashing plaj»r A BATTLE ROYAL AT CARDIFF. ENGLAND WIN BY A GOAL TO NIL, England and Wales tried conclusions in an Inter- national match at Cardiff, on Monday, the Saxons just winning by a goal to-oil! The weather was perfect, and the ground in grand condition, a fast, and exciting game being witnessed by a record gate for the Soccer code in Wales. With **»■<»« exceptions, both elevens were composed of old In- ternationals, Parkinson,. of Liverpool, the English centre-forward, gaining his crp. The teams fielded as follows;- Wales: Goal L. R. Roose (Sunder- land); backs, H. Blew (Wrexham and Brymbo), C. Moms (Derby County); half-backs, E. Hughes (Notts Forest), G. Latham (Southport), W. LI. Davies (W rcxhani); forwards, W. Meredith (Man- chester United), G. Wynn (Manchester City), Lot Jones. (Manchester City), A. G. Morris (Notts lor est), R Evans (Sheffield United). England: Ooal, Hardy (Liverpool); backs, Crompton (Black- burn Rovers) (cfept.), Pennington (West Bromwich toa'backs, Ducat (Woolwich Arsenal), Wedlock (Bristol City), Bradshaw (Blackburn Ro- vers); forwards. Bond (Bradford City). Fleming (Swindon), Parkinson (Liverpool), lloiiey (Sunder- land), Wall (Manchester United). Referee, Mr. J. B. Stark (Scotland). Wales won the toss, but gained little advantage as there was neither sun nor wind. The English- men from the kick-off at ortcc invaded the Welsh territory, but the ball was soon returned, Blew clearing a dangerous rush. The game was fast, some clever football being shown by both Morris relieved with a big kick, giving the Welsh forwards a chance, but the defence opposed to them was sound, and they never got very danger- ous. The English halves were working splendidly together, keeping play in the Welsh half, bnt Roose has probably never been seen to better advantage, dealing with shots from all quarters in easy style. Meredith and Wynn executed a pretty movement, which put the English defence on their mettle to cope with the threatened danger, Hardy eventu- ally clearing. Wynn had a lovely chance from a centre by Evans, but shot wide of the mark. The first quarter of an hour had certainly been in favour of England, but Wales now retaliated in brilliant style, the visitors' defence being1 severely tried, but the shooting of the Welshmen was not very accur- ate. Meredith made a good opening for Morris, but be kicked wide of the post when well placed, Evans shortly a^ter heading outside a fine centre by Mere- dith. Tne homesters were having their full share of the game, Pennington heading out a splendid drive by Evans, giving a corner. which Wynn, after clever dribbling, put over the bar. The English- men occasionally pressed, but Roose was not severely tested, the remaining part of the first half being in favour of Wales, but nothing had been scored at half-time. The second half saw Meredith busy early, Hardy being called on to save a capital centre from him. Morris saved a hard shot from Wedlock at the other end. A comer to England was cleverly saved by Boose, who distinguished himself during this half with some remarkable saves. The Welsh cita- del had a narrow escape, as Parkinson had clev- erly worked his way through the Welsh defence when Roose ran out to save, but could not clear the ball which was travelling into the net when Da- vies rushed in and saved a few inches from the goal line. Bond and Fleming put in some neat work, which resulted in a corner being .given. Bond placed the comer kick accurately, the ball l»ing (loaded out, but Ducat was lying handy, and found the net with a fine long drie giving England the lead. A minute later the same player put in a tre- mendous drive, which struck the post, Parkinson netting the ball, but the, point. was disallowed through Holtoy inpeding Roose. The pressure on the Welsh goal relaxed, and Morris, after nice work by the other forwards, tried Hardy with a good shot, but failed to beat him. A scrummage in the English goal month brought excitement to a high pitch it seeming any odds on Wales equalising, but lode was against them, the hottest attacV of the day ending in a fine kick for the Englishmen. The visitors were attacking when the whirtio- sounded time. leaving England victors, bWAs single goaL The display given by Roose in. goal was very fine. He had plenty of chanced 'of showing his skill, and he did it in a cool and clever style. Blew and Morris made an excellent pair of backs, but the halves were weak, and this would account for Wales dQwpfall. The forwards w^xg moderate, Msceiith y r doing well, but he did not receive the support he should have had either from the halves or other forwards. The defence of the Englishmen was su- perb, Hardy never reaily being extended. The halves were great, Wedlock being repeatedly cheered for smart work. Parkinson led his men in good style, and fed thc wings with judgment, Holley and Fleming being the best of the others. Aberdare and District Notes. [By "Wanderer. Aberdare and Treharris met at Mountain Ash on Thursday afternoon in the semi-final for the South Wales Cup. The condition of the ground was very bad, and even before the teams took the field con- siderable doubt existed as to whether the match would be' played. When Mr. Percy Jones, the referee, put in an appearance he examined the pitch, and subsequently held a consultation with the two captains with the result that it was de- cided to play the game as a "friendly" and not as a cup-tic. Throughout the week there had been great uncertainty as to whether the wnditioll of the ground would permit the game being played, but despite this a good crowd lined the ropes when the teams took the field. Treharris were minus the services of Timmins and Hugh Williams, and Haskins was an absentee trom the 'Dare for- ward line. For the first five minutes play was of a very even nature. Following a burst by tlVo'Treh&rris riglit wing, Joe Lo.wia.gavfi, the., A.liPcdare.lorwards pos- session. McAllister was fouled in penalty area. and the subsequent kick gave Aberdare a lead through Uradbury. A few minutes later as the result of some combined play Barlow sent in a shot that slid along the cross bar. Tyler made an attempt to clear, but was deceived by a shot from Hawkins, who raced in from the opposite wing, and equalis- ed. A minute before the interval Wallace Jones gave Treharris the lead. Throughout the second half Treharris held the upper hand. and with little difficulty brought up their score to seven. The scorers were Tagg Williams (2), Hawkins, Phillips, and Martin. Aberdare, Thursdays encountered the C.L. Brigade at Michael's field on Thursday afternoon. The game was a frcindly one and a good crowd lined the ropes. In the first half Willie Harris scored a lino goal for the Thursdays. In the second moiety the Thursdays got through a second goal from a shot by David R. Davies, who combined well with I his fellow forwards. The Thursday's third thrust into the net came .just before the end, the scorer in this instance being Willie Harris. -1. An interesting match was played on Friday af- ternoon at Michael's Field, between teams repre- senting the Evening Continuation Classes at Cwm- bach and Aberaman Schools respectively. In the first half matters were fairly even, and one goal each was scored. The negotiators were Ernie Pugs- ley, for Cwmbach, and Handley, for Aberaman. In the second half the homesters showed better com- bination, and consequently got into dangerous terri- tory more often than their rivals. Handley again showed himself to be the most conspicuous man on the field, and secured two more goals for Aber- aman. The latter's inside left also scored, and Abe/aman won by four goals to one. Aberaman Wanderers and Hirwain met on the lat- ter's ground Tho visitors won the toss, and obtain- ed the advantage of the wind. A buret by the Hir- wain right wing looked very dangerous, but Mun- day effected a clearance. The Aberaman forwards then made a combined rush, and from It centre by Masters to Bobby Williams, Wood received, and scored. Shortly afterwards, Evan Davies at centre received, and sent in a clinking shot, which found the net. Hirwain pressed hard on several oc- casions, but were unable to penetrate the Wanderers' defence. In thA second moiety Hirwain scored through a miskick by Cummer. A penalty awarded to the Wanderers just before the close of the game was taken by W. Wood, but the Hirwain goalkeeper cleared grandly. Sandford also made himself pro- minent for the latter at full-back, and it was a great game in every respect. The crowd sometimes encroached upon the fie!d of play, and indulged in unnecessary diatribes towards the referee. Apart from this, there were no objectionable features, and the Wanderers won a splendid game by two goals to one. At Michael's Field, on Monday afternoon, the Aberaman Wanderers continued their unbrokert series of successes against local teams under the auspices of the Aberdare League. Their opponents on this occasion were Mountain Ash Recreation. One of the largest crowds of the season lined the ropes. In the first half a tight game was witnessed, there being not much to choose between either side. Two goals were obtained by the homesters from corner kicks, but prior to this the Mountain Ash players had gone ahead by scoring two capital goals, but the Wanderers missed from a penalty taken by W. Wood. Later, Y. Williams placed in a fine shot, which put the homesters ahead. In the second moiety the Recreation players did not take long to equalise. The contest was now Incoming interesting, and although the homesters pressed, a certain draw seemed imminent. Just before the close the Wanderers scored their fourth goal, and thus drew the game out of the fire. 0;(. The "Old Firm" visited Treerky on Saturday, and were beaten by nine points to nil. Neither side were fully represented, and the spectators were somwhat disappointed, as they expected a repetition of the keen contest of the previous Saturday, when Mountain Ash robbed the cx-cupholders of their un- defeated League record. Treorky were the su- perior team throughout the game, especially in the second half, when they pressed near the line, and capital tries were contributed by T. O. Jones. D. W. Jones and Spiller from shaq) bonts oI pas.il1g. The visiting backs defended stubbornly in the initial portion of the game, Benjamin, at half-back, and Williamson, the custodian, being conspicuous. Chris Evans, who depntised Daly James at full back. prov- ed a worthy substitute. —! Glamorganshire Association Loague Notes [By "the New The all-absorbing topic in local Soccer circles last week was the meeting of the four crack South Wales clubs. Treharris and Aberdare, and Ton Pen- tre and Merthyr. at Mountain Ash and Aberdare respectively. Unfortunately, as matters turned out, at the time of writing, we are no "forrader." True, Treharris and Sweet 'Berdar disported themselves in something: like six inches of mud and water, to the evident enjoyment of their uumerous admirers, but as tho referee declared serious football quite out of the question under such conditioBe, comment on such a, fiasco is hardly necessary. For the meeting of the rivals from the Rliondda and Merthyr, the conditions were far in advance, but the football served up after t.he first twenty minutes was poor stuff indeed, and a draw was a very fitting con- clusion to such a disappointing exhibition. In the Glamorgan League first division the most startling performance was the great five goals vic- tory of Treharris over Mardy, which superiority places Teharris well in the rnnning for the new sii- ve cup, as their only difficult games now are Mardy and Barry away. The game opened at a fast rate, the turf being springy the pace was maintained. The first goal was the outcome of a beautifully judged centre bv Hawkins, Phillips making no mistake in Abley At 20 yards range he drove into the net with terrific force. Bailiff, the home "goalie," bad but little work to do, but he was always safe when called upon. Smart and Grifiitbs were sound in defence and the half-backs were solid in defence and attack, Martin being especially prominent. Tho five forwards gave the finest display seen on the ground this season, their head and footwork be- ing simply brilliant. Abley and Wallace Jones increased the score two minutes from the interval. With a clear lead of three goals the homesters at once assumed the ag- gressive, Hawkins early scoring a pretty goal, and it was obvious the home lot had the measure of their opponents, with the result that the visiting de- fence was severely tested, and from several corners Tagg Williams experienced hard lines in not finding the net on at least three occasions, but the visiting custodian was ever on the alert. Tho last goal, by Barlow, was secured in that player's usual style. On the whole the game was marked by its clean character. It was rather remarkable that each of the home forwards notclied a point. « Cwmpark, by their victory over Cwm. at the latter place, ascend to fourth position on the table of merit. The Rhonddaitee attacked earlv but no- thing resulted. Ivor Davies. the home left winger, next gave the Park defence some trouble, but Harry Jones warded any. danger. Following this, the Rhondda Brigade forced a succession of abortive comers. Eventually, one of them was fouled in the sacred area, and Peake defeated Bull, the home goalie. The second half was very evenly contested, Cwm showing to better advantage but as each side scored on one occasion, the visitors won a good game by the odd goal in three. The second division provided three encounters which will have a very important bearing on the final placing of the clubs when the dav of reck- oning arrives. Popular opinion gave Pontlottyn a fair chance of taking a point away from Kew Trc- degar, but evidently the players of the latter club had not been consulted, as from the kick-off nntil the final whistle, Ponty never appeared as likely winners of a clean, if exciting contest. New Trede- gar, who are making a bold bid for the champion- ship. running out winners by three clear goals The first half saw the home brigade ably led by Parsons, Webster, Kirkham and Scott giving the Ponty de- fence a warm time, which time Owen Williams and Jim Shields tried hard to check their advances. Owen, their custodian, however, did not. exhibit a stout defence, and the interval saw them two goals down. After resuming Ponty appeared to better ad- vantage, but Jack Russell kept a good goal, and gave them very few loopholes. Later, they were given a lino opportunity by being awarded a pen. alty. which Dando feebly sent into Russell's hands. Tho ensuing play again favoured New Tredegar, who added another point. That New Tredegar .de- served to win leaves but little room for doubt, -.1- though tho margin flattered them considerably, ns apart from the exhibition of the two custodians, there was not a great difference in the sides. Owen, however, failed to sustain his good reputation. Owen Williams, at back, got through a tremendous amount of work. Jim Shields also strengthened the, intermediate trio. Forward, Huxtable and Creasr: well were best. Dando, besides missing a penalty kick. having an off day. For the winners, it would be manifestly unfair to single out one for special mention when all did so well. Undoubtedly, Brithdir accomplished their best performance this season in defeating Trehafod by six goals to three, at home. True, the visitors brought a weak side, but from goal to centre-forward the homesters excelled, and in all probability had one of the top combinations been their opponents instead of the Rhonddaites, the same result would have been effected. Directly after starting, Dudley gave Brithdir the lead, hut the visitors soon equal- ised from a penalty against Welsh. However, prior to the interval Mick Hughes and Rogers added fur- ther coals. Dudley ushered in the second half with another goal. but the visitors again got through. .Tack Rogers next scored for the homesters. Treha- fod again doing ditto. Near time, Mick Hughes converted a penalty for hands, which enabled them to win comfortably by six goals to three. For Brithdir, Harry Jones, in goal, did well, Stevens, half, Dudley, Bogars and Hughes, forward, also fig- ured prominently throughout. Gilfach surprised the League leaders by taking a point from them on their own midden, and on the run of the fame 110 one could deny them a di- vision of the points. For Txoedyrhiw Joe Williams worked hard at centre-half. For Gilfach Alway. and Jim Stone were always prominent. In the Third Division LlacLbradach Rovers accom- plished the best performance of the day in visiting Gilfach and defence the home reserves by two goals to one, Troedrhinrfuwch, smarting after their recent dis- appointing performances, visited Pengam, and as the latter only recently divided the points at Troedrhiwfuwch another close contest was antici- pated. The first half was very evenly contested.' Geo. Royal scoring for Pengam, and Geo. James, the home back, turning tho ball through his own goal. The second half favoured the visitors nearly throughout, but try as they would they could not pierce the defence of Crew, .Cook and James, tho I game ending in a draw. In Section B, Abercanaid United and Abexcynon .Pjared a y,e.r.f eyea game, which replied in "04< I draw of one goal each.—Nelson Reserves must be said to have done well in visiting Merthyr Vale, and dividing six goals with the Valians on their own sward. In the fourth division, Pontlottyn Brigade and Greenfield Rovers met at Troedrhiwfuwch for their replayed League game, which throughout proved to be splendidly contested. However- as T. J. Smith netted the leather for Ponty, while the Rovers quite failed to accomplish a like performance, the points and the honours go to the Lads' Brigade, who now I head the table with a good lead to their credit, Rhymney being deposed owing to their defeat by the Rovers on Wednesday. Bargoed Athletic added another victory to their credit by one goal to nil at the expense of Abcr- tysswg. Mr. Parish, Treharris, presided over an emer- gency committee of the Glamorgan League, when arrangements were completed for the two inter- league matches with the Monmouthshire Leatrue, viz., with Division at New Tredegar, on Mon- day, March 21st, and with Division II.. at Cwm, on Monday, April 4th. The following teams were se- lected At Cwm Goa). J. Russell (New Tredegar); back, J. Thomas (New Tredegar), and F. J. Jones (Merthyr); half-backs, Sleath (New Tredegar), Joe Williams (capt.) (Troedyrhiw), and A. Alway (Gilfach); forwards, G. Pickett (Treharris), S. § a vies (Treharris), Ilearsey (Troedyrhiw), T. u$afilp'f(Eoitf.Iott$n> arid'; Gom^r Hill (Treharrisk reserves (ToaT! «96 £ i&od ^Tfc&dyf'hilsO^V0 bsct^ Owen Williams (Pontlottyn). Referee, Mr. T. T. Kcnvyn. Ebbw Vale. At New Tredegar Goal, W. Hughes (Brithdir); backs, W. Vallis (New Tredegar Thistles), and D. Harris (Gilfach Reserves); half- backs, A. Gilbert (New Tredegar Thistles): J. Royal (Pengam), and H. Browning (Gilfach Re- serves); forwards. Farmer (Troedrhiwfuwch), Dud- ley (Brithdir). Boxley (Gilfach Reserves). Jim Mor- gan (New Tredegar Thistles), and 15. Moore (Llan- hradach Rovers). Reserves: Goal, W. Evans (Troedrhiwfuwch); back, W. Welsh (Brithdir). Re- feree, Mr. R. V. Collins (Brithdir). Tredegar District Notes, TBy "Old Judge. As usual, great interest was shown in the meet- ing of Tredegar and Abertillery, on Saturday, and the largest gate of the season was attracted. although perhaps not up to the standard of previous years. The large crowd was treated to an excellent exposition of football, although it was not such a good game as usually results betweèn the3e formid- able rivals. Still, some excellent play was witnessed, both sides sharing in the honours. -1(- Although Tredegar were defeated by nine points to nothing, they were by no means disgraced, their defence standing out conspicuously, and the pluck and determination of the players being worthy of the highest commendation. They did not get. the best of luck, for they had to take the field without their captain. Mog Bevan, whose presence at half- back must have exercised a considerable influence upon the performance of the team, and Dan Mor- gan, their excellent wing. In addition to this, Lippiatt dislocated his thumb in making his very first tackle, and naturally very much effected his play all through the game. Abertillery's first score was an eye-opener. Tre- degar backs were in motion, but a promising move- ment was speedily changed into a disaster by Cook dashing in, snapping up a pass, and, taking the defence by surprise, he got up to Baker, and every- body thought that this sound back would check his career for the line. but he somehow failed, no one knows how, and Cook got in between the posts. The shot for goal was an easy one and succeeded. Their second score was the outcome of a skilful man- oeuvre. From a scrimmage a dozen yards out, the forwards heeled. Richardson and Marsh under- stood each other to a nicety, the former throwing out to the latter, who stood far back, and dropped a lovely goal. The secret of Tredegar's defeat is in a nutshell. The forwards were hopelessly beaten in the scrum- mages. With monotonous regularity Abertillery scrummagers, big and strong, outmatched the much lighter home pack, and had no difficulty in send- ing out the ball quick and clear to their backs. Generally speaking, there is nothing surprising about a light pack like Tredegar being overwhelm- ed, but I have seen the Tredegar pack more than once simply trounce a much heavier pack in the scrummages. On this occasion, however, they sig- naily i'ailed. Why, it is difficult, to say. One of the Itsadi^rr members of the pack told me he considered the men overtrained. This may cr may not be the reason. In the open, the home forwards were more than a match for their sturdy rivals, and brought off some fine rushes, which deserved better success, Every man played for an he was worth, and there j no fault on any individual. Percy Jones, Nash. Williams, and James were ever to the fore, and Jones, Bell, Matthews, and J. Williams, the younger men, were as dashing" as ever. But in the aggregate tile;v too light to oppose a pack containing giants as Blackmore, Dykes Bird and Co. Nothing but sympathy can be felt for the backs. T/iey wcrt; absolutely at a discount. Borrows fought gallantly to give the three-quarters a chance, but wiiFit couid he do when the forwards were over- wheirned? D. Williams, although making no glar- ing mistake, did not seem to hit it off with Burrows. and when a stray chance came his way he did not. put, the threes in-motion as he should. The three-quaiters' operations were coufined almost en- tirely to defence, and an occasional punt by way of variety. Onions ran well a few times, and de- fended exxllently. Bryn Arthur made some typi- cal bursts, arid on two occasions came very near beating the defence. Iiadley redeemed himself from the suspicion that he is not. strong in defence, (or he was most effective in this department. Lip- Piatt, nnder the created difficulty, was also a tower of strength. Occasionally, the line combined nicely, and it is highly probable that had they half the ciiar.ces of the Abertillery backs they would have won the game. Both Non-is and Baker, the respective custodians, played up to their reputation, fielding and kicking grandly. The only blemish on Baker's display was his fanure to bring Cook down. Ok Newport Alliance played Tredegar Thursday on Thursday last, under (lie Soccer code, and a very good game resulted in favour of the Newport. team by one goal to' r.i Pontlottyn and Treddfrar Hibernians participated in the first round of the Rhymney Valley medal competition on the Recreation Ground, on Monday, before a good gate. The game was a hard 01)0, without, much science. Pontlottyn pressed in the first half, and had several chances of scoring but failed to obtain anything tangible. In the second half the Hibernians wore the aggressors, but they were equally as unsuccessful. An extra twenty minutes was played—ton minntes each way, but again without result. The game will have to be re- played. Brynmawr was outclassed by Newport, as was only to be expected, but they played a plucky game. The score scarcely gives one a fair idea of the run of the play. Newport were. of course, the superior side by a good margin, but taking the game throughout they were hardly SO points better than Brynmawr. Both teams turned out weak sides, Cooper, R. Morgan, and Cornhill being absent from Brynmawr, while Newport were without Stanley Williams, Pliimmer, Martin, Vile, Jarman. and Jen- kins. It is evident that Newport have a. good re- serve force behind them. Perry was perhaps the most conspicuous of the backs. The. try he scored after running three-parts of the field has not been surpassed in merit on the Uskside ground this season. Brynmawr played a clean game-a game which will prompt Newport to give them another fixtnre when occasion arises. In the first half they were outclassed at all points, but in the second half, despite the heavy score against them, they plaved up pluckily, and deserved to score more than the one try. Newport won by 20 points to 3. On Monday, Brynmawr received a visit from Pont- ypool, and the match attracted a good gate. The first half was hotly contested, both packs playing hard. At the interval there was no score. On the resumption Brynmawr went away with a bang and W. Morgan. Brynmawr's inside half, getting the hall from the scrum, ran in for a try, which Jack Roberts converted. This being the only score Bryn- mawr won by five points to nil. Rhymney Valley Rugby League Notes. [By "tho Old Wag."] Owing to the keen interest centred in the match at Dublin, on Saturday last, where gallant little Wales once again overcame the Gaelic hosts, sev- eral important contests had to be postponed Aberbargoed visited Pontlottyn in fear and trem- bling. seeing that the loss of a point at this stage would considerably weaken their chances for the championship. However, the appointed referee did not put in an appearance, and it was decided to only indulge in a friendly encounter, much to the disgust of the home partisans. The game throughout was of a very even character, Jack being as good as his master, a pleasant encounter resulting in an even draw of one try each. Although Machen are, from a League point of view, practically non-existent of late, they con- tinue to do splendidly in friendly encounters, their latest victims being Panteg. Even play marked the opening movements, then Lucas, the. Machen back, made a grand run, but was tackled about ten yards out. Moses was continually getting the ball from the scrum, but, despite a series of grand openings for his backs, something or other went wrong con- tinually. However, after starting too second half Machen appeared to advantage, the passing of the backs being much cleaner, which soon spelled dan- ger to the visitors' defence, two converted tries soon accruing, by which score they were eventu- ally returned winners. I Crumlin and Blaen Gwent indulged in a hard fought pointless draw at the former place. Burg- win and Enoch Davies were best among the Via- duct team. In the Old League Tredegar Hibernians overcame New Tredegar, after a desperate struggle, by two tries to one converted goaL Rhymney Scarlets and Rhymney Lilies met yet once again, the result being a pointless draw. Monmouthshire Association Notes. [By "the Now Boy."] At the Emergency Committee of the above League held at Ebbw Yale, the following teams were se- lected to meet the representatives of the Gla- morgan League at Cwm, on Monday March 21st, and at New Tredegar, on Monday April 4th At Cwm Goal, W. Jones, Abergavenny; backs. G. Price. Llanhilleth, and Nash, Aber;illery; half- backs, T. Garrett, G. Brown, Cwm and W. Tagg, Hbbw Vale; forwards, A. Moore, Cwm; T. Whit- combe, Ebbw Vale, E. Jones, Tredegar, Bert Whit- combe, Cwm, and D. Browri Tredegar At New Tredegar, April 4th —Goal, D. Cahill, Ebbw Vale United; backs, A. Fricker, Ebbw Vale United, and E. Jones, Victoria, half-backs, Blaokburn Gilwern R. Robson, Cwm, and H. Fry, Tredegarforwards', W. Griffiths, Tredegar, Shearman, Victoria. A. Bo wen, Ebbw Vale United, Bowden, Barbarians, and Mears, Cwm. Three important first division contests were duly brought to a definite conclusion ou Saturday last, but as the two leading clubs in the competition were not engaged very little alteration will be ef- fected by the results. Ynysddu met with another defeat at Abertillery. True, they arrived two men short, and had perforce to secure substitutes. From the outset 'Tillery made the pace hot, and Joe Waites scored in practically the first minute, to be followed directly afterwards with a second goal from Lloyd. Although favoured by the elements, Ynsddu could not make any heaitwav, and fol- lowing another combined rnn between Pike, Lloyd, and .Gittens saw their defence again penetrated. The opening stages of the sccondhall saw the visitors putting up a slightly better fight, bnt gradually the Tilleryites again took command of the game, and prior to, time added yet another four goals. The scare fairly represents how matters went, but in fairness to the visitors it should be said they brought a. very weak side. For the win- ners JPratley,.in goal; Nash and Flock, backs; and Pike and Gittens, forwards were the best. For the visitors no one appeared tc better advantage than MfiNaliy, who defended stubbornly at back. { ffhose old rivals, Abergavenny and Blaina, met at the Castlctown, Keen exchanges marked the cçÆnl. play, bath wtatouii being to clear. Indeed, the feature of the first half was the excellent display of Jones for Aber. and Cornick for Blaina. Thus the interval arrived with the score sheet blank. Blaina attacked after re-start- ine and Bond nearly sent in. Aber then took a torn at attacking, but nothing resulted, the visit- ing defence showing up wonderfully. Blaina broke away, and following a free kick Williams scored with a low drive. Inspired by this success Blaina gave the home defence a warm time, which, how- ever, could not again be penetrated. Near time Lewis succeeded in equalising for the Castle team. On the run of the game a draw was a very fitting conclusion. Both custodians defended well. Fran- 'I cis and James at back, Denner, at half; and Dai. Griffiths, forward were best for Aber, while for Blaina Cornick, in goal; and G. Williams Stone, and Collier were most in the picture. Keen anticipation was felt in the visit of Llan- hilleth to Ebbw Vale. Unfortunately, the visitors lacked the services of Ted Jones, their clever forward. The Valians. cheifly through Talbot were first to attack, but off-side prevented them going far. The visitors then commenced to find their footing, but their shooting proved very weak. An attack by the Valian forwards saw Smith, the visiting oalie, clearing very weakly, and Talbot seizing the ball on the rebound, sent it into the net. Llanhilleth, however, soon revived and Jones equalised, while a tick later the same player added a second. Not to be outdone Whitcombe soon equalised for Ebbw Vale. Near the interval one of the Valians-sinned in the sacred area, and Wat- s^n^'hgfftft'iga^ tlfti -Vfcitoi^'SKe -leaif TThp" second half witnessed a; fine Struggle- for-suprfeinac^first one side and then the other securing the advantage. illir witnessed a; fine Struggle- for- -supr one side and then the other securing the advantage. Eventually, however, the Valians equalised, but later both teams scored another goal each, a splen- did struggle ending in a draw of four goals each. Honours easy.





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