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THE NORTHERN UNION GAME NORTHERN UNION CUP. EBBW VALE CREATE A SURPRISE. GREAT VICTORY OVER HUDDERSFIELD. c The surprise of the Northern Union cup-tics, on Saturday, was undoubtedly the ousting from the XOwpctition by Ebbw Vale of IluddersfieJd (hold- ers of the Yorkshire Cup ant' the victors of Oldham, the League leaders in the first round). There is no doubt that the Huddersfield Club had altogether un- der-estimated the strength and abilities of the Va- lians. In every department of the game Ebbw vale were superior. Tlie Welsh forwards never gave an inch, and Thomas played a wonderful game at out-side half, aanceuvi,n-, $ouic grand ti)ovemetitf ""IO"qst the bac&s. vtewwlly'ri'was Lu bfrlliint form, r/s.?,, s ,v'° trfes were .'«xy .fine efforts. Dai Davie* tike latter trj- fr6io the touch line side. Tfc •I? Huddersfield team orderwent some changes lam match. Kit-chin went full-back for Bartho- omcWi wi10 was not well cnongh to torn out; and half? on to the wing; but in the second if.1' Ainley went on at full-back. K itch in going to 'Is old place. The Ebbw VaJe team was not chang- 3 ajid plav had not been going on two minntes "e. «ud<iersrield. realized tliflt tlicy would have to J*}11 ia all they knew to defeat the Welsh cham- pions. TT HuddersBeld were the first to score. A kick from ODe of the AVelsh backs was charged, the ball went line, atid Higson was fortunate enough to each the ball first. The goal kick by ShaUcross Ihen there was a lull, but at length as a "Jsuit of some cross-kicking and passing Llewellyn j>ot possession and easily beat K itch in, racing over *"6 line arid scoring the equalising try, which was unproved. At half-time each side had scored a tm, when the game was resumed play became more strenuous than ever, particularly on the Ebbw Vale |5*e, and two players had to be caationed. For a t?nS time the score was still one try each, and then frT j ,s'1 backs got to work again, and the ball wind its way to Llewellyn, who made off at top "Psed and scored far out. Notwithstanding the dis- j £ however, Dai Davies, the foll-back, placed the fh Y. Huddersfield once got to the Vale line, but *.[le bali was fumbled, the chance went, and Hud-- Crsficld never had another opportunity. e Huddersfield were somewhat handicapped, as H u wIl° lia<* sustained a bruised rib, was prac- icaily useless ail the sccond half, though he got in kicks- Further, Jim Davies, the Hudders- tid half-back, in the first half of the pame at- to do the impossible—namely, plav the fcro r11 backs single handed, as he would persist in jwaing the ball too long, leaving four men unfed- yr, ,n, there was a good deal of lax passing on tlie Jjuddersfield side, and some of it sent the ball into the hands of the opponents. r J1" allowances for Huddersfield, it th Emitted that Ebbw Vale thoroughly deserved th!Vi<'tor> '^here was a smarter set of backs on lvf !w side than on the Huddersfield side. Dai r*av!<\s uas a more capable full-back; Thomas, the "tside half-back, played a clever game; Harvey orkod the scrummage well; and the Welsh three- lino was altogether smarter than Hudders- Wace cveu w^en got to his accustomed Tt. It is true that there were some pretty move- effected at the Huddersfield three-quarter lill.e in which Moorhouse was several times oon- jP|cIIOUS, and he played a surprising game. Wilson, Jr". put in some good individual runs, but his pass- was erratic. Grey played cleverly. The Wclsh- «Jp»rW,ere smartcr all round, and surprised the Hud- «crsueld players and spectators alike. The attendancc was 10,000, and the gate realised wl. Commenting on the result, the "Athletic News." Monday, said "If the first, round of tho Nor- J," I uion Cup Competition did not provide any j^otiouriced sensation, the second stage practically M .ed on Saturday made amends. Rarely in fan lu'skiry of ttin game has such a thunderbolt ,auen as that at Fartown. Huddersfield have per- "*Ps fallen away si ape the day of their Yorkshire UP final, but of late the Fartown men have shown thli rn of form' and did they not defeat Oldham, fc-y leaders of the League, in the first round. Even ,'nout one or two of their usual players the York- ■iire Cup-holdere expected a comfortable journey ju<) tho third round for their opponents were Ebbw and the Welshmen needed to visit Fartown. "t the gallant Welshmen went and trinmphed, ""d. moreover, their victory was the result of that nperior back play for which Huddersfield are justly JjKarded as Yokshire's leading exponents. Northern union club football in South Wales has, with one t^ption, made little progress. That exception is »Dw Vale and Saturday'6 great victory will tend 'urther encourage the officials. » Chick Jenkins, of Ebbw Vale, has accepted terms tor inclusion in the N.U. team for Australia. At a meeting of the Northern Union Emergency remittee, on Tuesday, at Manchester, Dai Tho- made a claim for £ 11 12s.. alleged to be due nim from Hull Kingston Rovers. The committee •Uowed Thomas £ 2 7s. 4d. DRAW FOR THIRD ROUND. EBBW VALE'S GOOD FORTUNE. nJfce draw for the third round of the Northern ~mon Cup took place at Leeds, on Monday after- v1' res"lting as follows eighlv v Leecls. Ebbw Vale v. Sal ford. Jjarriugton v. Hunslet or Wakefield Trinity. «ull v. Halifax. Ikf £ matches will be played oa the ground of lixst-namod club. t






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