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I----------I ABERCYNON.


I I ABERCYNON. The MERTHYR EDITION of the "Merthyr Ex. press" is on sale at Mrs. Richards^ Newsagent, j Station-street, every Friday morning, j BROTHERHOOD.—At the Carnetown School, on Thursday evening the Brotherhood connected with the Forward Movement Hall held their monthly meeting. The following took part in the programme:—Solo, Miss E. Talbot; recitation, Miss Lily John; duet, Messrs. T. Williams and E. Talbot; solo, Mr. W. J. Price. The accompanist was Miss Lily John. At the close the following officers were appointed for the session :—President, Rev. J. T. Williams; vice-presidents, Miss Annie Rees and Mr. A. Richards treasurer, Miss Violet John; secre- tary, Mr. Edward Walker; secretary of the clubs, Mr. John Kitts. TEMPERANCE.—A temperance meeting, in connection with the C.E.T.S. was held at St. Gwynnio's Mission-room, Abertaf, on Monday evening, when the Rev. D. Ellis Jones, Vicar presided, and an excellent address on Temper- ance was delivered by the Rev. H. H. Stewart, Rector of Barry. An interesting programme was gone through, when the following took partDialogues, Wilfred and Mabel Howe a,nd E. Thomas Evans, W. Lloyd and Arthur Rees; recitations, Llewellyn Evans, Edna Evans and Winifred Evans, H. Durbin, Mabel Thomas, Jennie Livesey, Frances Howe and Sarah Howe songs by the Church Choir Boys (trained by Mrs. E. W. Rees), Messrs. W. D. Edwards and E. W. Rees; instrumental duett by Messrs. James Lloyd and Thomas Lloyd; solo on the flute by Thomas Lloyd. Mr. George Howe gave selections on his phono- graph. The Vicar moved a hearty vote of thanks to the speaker, and this was seconded by Mr. G. W. Watkins, and carried. The Chairman also thanked all who had in any way assisted in making the meeting a success. BILLIARDS.—A billiard match took place between Abercynon 1st and Owmaman 1st, at Abercynon, with the following result :— ABERCYNON. CWMAMAN. Ted Jones 121 T. B. Jones 200 E. M. Davies 197 John Rees 200 Jas. Edwards. 73 D. R. T. Thomas 200 W. G. Powell 67 Dan Isaacs 200 T. Hughes 200 E. J. Jones 132 W. Wyndham. 179 W.Richardson. 200 T. J. Davies. 200 R. D. Jones 186 G. Robinson 142 W. Edwards 200 Total 1179 Total 1518 At Cwmaman a match was played between Aberrynon 2nds and Cwmaman 2uda. Scores f CWMAMAN 2nds. 2nd. Joe Thomas 150 Jas. SO T. J. Jenkins 150 Sam Y.'K'Mps 58 D. L. Evans. 150 E. Webb 5ti W. Thomas. 50 W, 8;3 G. Bason 138 R. Roberts J50 J. Davies 150 Joe -iOTris 125 F,. Phillipq. *A -I -I' i-i. 'a. 92 W. Howells 150 W. fL (j;,¡rbet. 54 Total 1188 Totai 700 LIBERAL TEA.—On Tuesday evening, at the 1 <esser Kali, the newly ina>7iV3.ted Women's Liberal League promoted a tea. There was I a very large number present, including the members of the league and the J-ibsstal Associ- ation. An excellent repast ;\8"), jbasi prepared v-ho tables beirg b <.»vwi?e ct tho following" -Viorris, F. Vi Davies, prjee, Jones. I.v w., Howells, :¿;J.:o:.S, Jones, • lichards. SkJewiiS, Jones, Price, Thomas, jaines Jopsci, ,?orJiie3, Thomas, Owen, D J. •"tree. Gritntpa, Tenwick, Jones, iv S. Thomas, fT. price, Williams, Joy c., i^obirison, Lewis, Eliis, Wiliiazas, Nurse .arfz. Pen-wick, A. M. anu S. Williams, i3.. Sheen, B. Evans, M. and B. Edwards, Ellis, f E. M. Jones, M. and B. Jones, Davies, S. Roberta, M. Owen, H. Evans, Owen, G. Jones, M. and H. Evans, Kelly, Edwards, Griffiths, j>avies, L. Thomas, Owen, M. E. Owen. At the meeting which loilowecl Mrs. (Dr.) J. L Morris presided. A recitation was given by Mr. Owen, and addresses l.y Mr. Wm. Fenwick, Mr. R. Williams, Miss Sheen Mr. Theophiius Rees, Mr. T. Davies, Mrs. E. T. Davies, Dr. Morris, Mr. T. Price, Kev. J. R. Hughes and Councillor T. W. Jones. The secretarial duties were carried out by Miss M. E. Owen. The organisation now has a membership of close on GO, and a number of new members were initiated at the meeting. SERVANTS can easily be obtained by the use of a small Want Ad. in these columns. State your requirements, and you will be sure to aret suited at once.



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