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MOUNTAIN ASH. You can search round the whole world. but can- not beat our prim.-IDItIS EYNON. Miskin Supply Stores. GOOD NEWS r A specific for loss of hair T "COLE'S Genuine fiait Grower" creates new growth in a short time, removes al Idandrtiff and scurf, and is a certain preventive against loss of hair. It has proved an invaluable remedy for ladies. Price. Bs. a box. by post 2s. id.—D. COLE, 10, Brynteg- terrace, Fochriw. RECEIVING ORDER.—Tuesday's Gazette Itates that a receiving order has been made against Elizabeth Waters, of Oxford-street, Mountain Ash, and residing at Ceredwen-street, tobacconist. RHos.-Half-yearly meetings were held on Sunday and Monday in connection with Rhos Baptist Church, when the Revs. Peter Williams (Pedr Hir), Liverpool, and W. A. Jones, Merthyr, delivered excellent discourses to appreciative songregations. TEMPERANCE.—At the monthly meeting of the Mountain Ash branch of the G.W.R. Temperance Union, held on Sunday, in the waiting room of the station, the Rev. J. Glandwr Watkins delivered a stirring address. Miss M. Williams (Allen-street) contributed a solo in a very creditable manner. Mr. E. Spencer presided at the organ. THIEVES SENT TO GAOL.—At Glamorgan Assizes, on Tuesday, Frank James (43). collier, and Frederick William Bevan (35), labourer, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering) the skating rink at Mountain Ash, and the counting- house of Messrs. Nixon's Navigation Colliery Company, and stealing various articles. James was sentenced to three years' penal-servitude and Bevan to 15 months' hard labour. BILLIARDS.—A professional tournament for a silver cup has commenced at the Navigation Hotel, Mountain Ash. The heats are 750. German (receives 195) has beaten Mackintosh (receives 136), the final scores being-German 750, Mackintosh 521. Tuesday's heat was witnessed by a large crowd, the result being- Millwood (scratch) 50, Connelly (receives 185) 953. RIFLE MATCH.—A match was played at Mountain Ash, between Mountain Ash Con- stitutional Club and Pontypridd. Scores:- fountain Ash.—W. Lewis, 79; F, Stone, 96 D. E. Lewis, 99; W. P Reynish,94; A. Howells, 96; E. T. Howells, 100; A. W. Brynn, 97; W. G, Thomas, 96total, 757. Pp^tvpjidd.-— 0. L. Thomas, 98; J. L. Phillips, 95; G. Lewis, 09; D. Mackintosh, 87; C. W. James, 95; A. Rankin, 93; G, Rankin, 85; M. Davies, 98; total, 750. CONCERT.—A concert was held at Newtown Schools on Thursday evening last, in connection with the Newtown Temperance Lodge. The following items were rendered.:—Pianoforte Bolo, Autumn Memories," W. Griffiths; song, You'd better come down," G. Bishop; song, Picture Polly D. Lloyd song, Ship Ahoy," G. Pouting song, Miss Edna Lewis; pianoforte duet, Miss A. M. Davies and Mr. A. Davies; recitation, The Inspector's Story," G. Rees; violin solo, A Broken Melody" (encore Intermezzo"), Miss V. Cooling; character song, D. Lewis bell selections, T. xloberts; solo, World of Praise," Miss M. Lloyd solo, Revenge," F. Watkins mando- line solo, "Killarney," F. Bryant; pianoforte duet, Misses M. Lloyd and B. Evans; solo, Homeward Bound," S. Bishop; bone solo, A. Watkins; song, The Soldier's Dream of Home," C. Notley; song, F. Davies solo, Ora Pro Nobis," Miss M. Randell; solo, Only IFired," Miss Lizzie Notley. The room was packed, and each item was highly appreciated. Mr. Fred Davies presided. SOAR.-The quarterly meetings in connection with Soar Congregational Church Sunday School were held on Sunday afternoon and evening. The pastor, Rev. D. Jeremy Jones, presided. At the afternoon meeting the following pro- lamine was gone through: Recitation, Co Psalm," Miss Dilys Isaac; solo, Winifred ffones; hymn No. 80, Bydd yn wrol," choir; ] solo, Myfanwy Jenkins recitation, Maggie May Davies; duet, Misses Blodwen Cobley and J. S. Ilowells; hymn, Blodau'r Iesu," choir; recitation, Maggie Ann Evans solo, Mr. Philip Davies; solo, Miss Winifred Jones; hymn, 1 Yr Oen difai," choir; solo, Mr. Gwilym homas; recitation, Jennie Davies quartette, Misses Ruth Cobley, Bronwen Cobley, Hannah Mary Howells and Maggie Jenkins; solo, Dilys May Isaac; hymn, Seren fechan yn y Nos," choir; finale, Lord's Prayer." The programme of the evening meeting was as lollows :—Hymn, Fendigedig Iesu," Juveniles; tecitation, Miss Nellie Morgan solo, Myfanwy ffenkins; solo, Blodwen Cobley; recitation, fciaggie May Davies; hymn, Ewch dros yr ken, hen hanes," Juvenile Choir solo, Catherine I fcfiay Griffiths solo, Sarah J. Howells dialogue, Miss Esther Isaac and class solo, Martha Watts; hymn, Yr Oen difai" Juvenile Choir; solo, Naomi Reed solo, Mr. Phillip Davies; duet, aomi Reed and C. M. Griffiths; solo, Miss Mand Adams; part singing, Mr. Rees Thomas and lblass; solo, Mr. Tom Roberts solo, Mr. Hy. P. Griffiths; finale, hymn by Juvenile Choir, k Bydd yn wrol." The singing and the reciting of the various items was of a high standard, and 1 fcoflected credit on those responsible for the training of so many young entertainers. OBITUARY.—We have to chronicle the death hi Elizabeth Anne Morell, only daughter of Mrs. Morell (Phillip-street), who passed away on Sunday, after a painful illness of about six U-eeks, at the early age of 22 years. Great Sympathy is felt for the family in their bereave- tIlent., particularly the widowed mother, to whom deceased was greatly attached. The funeral took place on Thursday, a service being Conducted by the Vicar, Rev. J. Sinnett Jones, at St. Margaret's Church. The interment took place at Mountain Ash cemetery, amidst every taani testation of sorrow and sympathy. There Was a large number of the general public present. Amongst the mourners were the following Relatives and friends:—Mrs. Morell (mother), Mr. Edward Staple (fiance), Messrs. William, Henry, and Thomas Morell (brothers), Mr. and Mts. John Morell (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. Daniel Evans (uncle), Mrs. Cousins, Mrs. t. Jones, and Mrs. Coombes (aunts), Mr. and bL-s. Tom Evans (cousins), Mr. and Mrs. O'Neil (cou, irxs), Mrs. Owens, Mr. and. Mrs. W. Maggs, Messrs. Archie and James and Mrs. Susan Coombes (cousins), Misses M. Jones, M. Davies, Mr. J. Davies, Mrs. D. Jones,J(Irs. Ada Fogarty, 1 *nd Mr. John Williams. Wreaths and floral tributes were sent by the following:—" In loving remembrance," from Ted; A tribute &,i sincere- sympathyiharp), Mr. and Mrs. Clement; Withvg"otpo"wp%thy from a dear friend," M. A. Evaus In affectionate remem- brance," Harry, Lizzie and Desmond; In loving memory," from Mr. and Mrs. R. Bartlett And family, London-street; With sincere sympathy," Mabel, Mary and Alice Sheppard; A tribute of sincere sympathy," from loving friends. May, Ellen, Maud and Maggie Ann; ^A tribute of sincere sympathy," Mr. and Mrs. R. Jones; "In loving memory," Martha and Lona Gillard; A tribute from her sorrowing Biother and brothers M Deceased, who WM of a -c- retiring disposition, was a communicant of St. Margaret's Church. MusicA.L.-A performance of Dr. Coward's historical cantata, Magna Charta," supple- mented by a miscellaneous concert, was given at the Workmen's Institute, on Wednesday, by } the Mountain Ash Temperance Choir, under the conductorship of Mr. Lewis W. Evans. The following well-known artistes took part:- Soprano, Madame Sobrino, the celebrated prima donna; tenor, Mr. Lloyd Chandos, of the leading London Concerts bass, the popular Welsh favourite, Mr. Ivor Foster. The accom- panists were Miss S. A. Aubrey, Messrs. D. L. Richards and T. W. Millar. Dr. Arthur Jones presided. The hall was well filled with an appreciative audience, and the artistes and choir acquitted themselves admirably, the whole performance turning out very successful. Madame Sobrino personated Justice, Mr. Lloyd Chandos Stephen Langton, and Mr. Ivor Foster King John. The following was the programme —Part 1, Magna Charta," Chorus (prologue), Dear England;" recit., Now I am King" song, Lord of England," King John; chorus, How long, how long ?" recit., Alas when I, kings so low degrade," song, Ah then doth Justice mourn," Justice chorus, Long as our arms arc strong recit., Your wishes, worthy knights," solo (and chorus), He, to honour God," Langton song, Called of God," Lang- ton choral recit., Mighty in battle chorus, prayer, We seek Thy help duet, Before your gracious Majesty," King John and Lang- ton; song, Sovereign with visage proud," Justice; chorus, Lend thino ear, 0 gracious Sovereign; song, Followed about," King John chorus, To arms, to arms recit., 14 Each courtier's face," solo, To all I give true liberty," King John; solo, To all he gives," Langton; solo, "Rejoice, rejoice," Justice; trio, To all I give, rejoicc King John, Langton and Justice; chorus, Hurrah hurrah solo Praise to God, a song" chorus, ".The Lord hath done;" fugue, Exhalt the Lord." Part 2.Welsh air, "Ashgrove" (Dr. Rogers), ch song, The Sea (Marshall), Mr. Ivor F (encored) song, A Birthday (Cowen), Madame Sobrino (encored); song, Remem- brance (Froude), Mr. Lloyd Chandos (encored); song, "The Year's at the Spring" (Beech), Madame Sobrino; duet, Watchman, what of the night ?" (Sergeant), Messrs. Lloyd Chandos and Ivor Foster; Welsh air, For though I roam" (Rogers), choir; finale, "God save the King." Are you looking: for anything? If so* a Want Ad. in our columns will get it for you.

. Mountain Ash District Council.





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