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MERTHYR VALE. EARNEST JONES AND Co. For Suits to measure and all manner of Men's Clothing.—Commerce House, Aberfan. Too MecK FRIENDSHIP. — John Jones, of Merthyr Vale. found himself in the police court twice within a week on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. After leaving the court at Merthyr on Tuesday week he went homo and gor drunk. He told the Stipendiary on Tuesday that he met a friend whom ho had not seen for thirteen years. "You don't see your friends," said the Stipendiary, "as often as you see me, I suppose?" A fine of 10s. and costs was im- posed. BLACK AND TAN SOCIETY.—A meeting of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Black and Tan Society was held at the Navigation Hotel, on Monday evening. With three exceptions, every member of the Society was present on the occasion. The chair was occupied by Mr. Ben Rees the president of the Society, supported bv Mr. D. Sullivan, the vice-chairman. It was also decided to offer two more special prizes at the Mountain Ash Show on Easter Monday. A strong hope was expressed that all members would induce their friends to attend that show, and thus meet at Mountain Ash that day. Four new members of the Society were enrolled, and another silver cup accepted from a very old fancier of the breed. CONSTITUTIONAL CLUB.—On Thursday even- ing last another concert was given at this Club. The following artistes acquitted them- selves admirably Mr. William Davies. Porth, tenor: Mi. Geo. Williams, comic, Pentre; Master Reggie Morgan, the boy comedian, Troedyrhiw; Mr. John Llewellyn. tenor, Troedyrhiw, and Mr. Daniel Edwards. Mr. Frank Gaskell. the unsuccessful Conservative candidate for East Glamorgan, also gave an address. lie had been met at the T.V.R. sta- tion and heartily welcomed. Upon rising to speak. Mr. Gaskell was met with prolonged cheers. He said he first wished to thank them for their extremely kind reception at the sta- tion. He had to confess that the result cf the recent election was disappointing: he felt it not so much for himself personally, but for those who so gallantly fought for and with him. He felt that the electorate had not yet been fully educated in East Glamorgan to the br-nefieiaf results of Tariff Reform, and it was the duty of every Conservative to preach the same. Mr. Gaskell then made a strong ap- peal to every Unionist to buckle on the armour and be ready for the next fight. Mr. A. James, The Oakland*, proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Gaskell. This was seconded by Mr. W. Perkins, and carried with loud applause and musical'honours. Mr. Gaskell responded, and proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Albert Lewis and the artistes who had contributed to the programme. The accompanist was Mr. Geo. Wiiks. Cardiff. PRESENTATION.—On Wednesday evening, Mr. J. H. Edwards, proprietor of the Mackintosh Hotel. Aberfan, was presented with a collar- ottc bv the officers and brethren of the No. 2 Ledge of the Bristol and \V est of England and South Wales Operatives Trade and Provident Societv, on becoming an honorary member of the lodge. Bro. W. Rodgers, who presided, said he was pleased that the reason for calling a special meeting was the enrolling of a gentle- man as honorary member of the lodge, and and he hoped that it would be an incentive for the enrollinsr of more gentlemen as honorary members. They had already one, Bro. Dr. J. C. Edwards, of whom they were justly proud. He was proud of the Society, and particularly of the No. 2 Lodge (Merthyr Vale). The So- ciety was financially strong, the savings of the year 1909 were something like F. W. Millward proposed Mr. Edwards as an hon- orary member. Bro. Millward said he felt it sn honour to be asked to propose such a gen- tleman as Mr. Edwards,, and felt assured that the Lodge would be materially beneCwui by the initiation of Mr. Edwards. They wcul-J find him a most useful and willing member. Bio. John Jones seconded, and strongly appealed for j1 -~i:- • ,1 1 I brotherhood. He said he felt that the work of Christian bodies would be much more effective if there prevailed that love and brotherhood that should exist. Upon the proposition being put it was unanimously carried. Bro. W. Sage, who was the founder of the No. 2 Lodge, plac- ed the collarette on Bro. Edwards, and welcom- cd him into their midst. Bro. Edward then responded, and thanked the officers and mem- bers of the lodge. He said he thought it was the dutv of every man to become a member of a benefit society. He had made inquiries into the Bristol, West of England and South Wales Society, and was pleased to say found it all that was desired. He would do all that lay in his power to deserve the kind words that had been spoken of him. and to merit their confi- dence (cheers). The rest of the evening was spent in a convivial manner. A capital pro- gramme was contributed to by Mr. W. T. Ellis (baritone), Mr. Edward Evans (tenor), Troedy- rhiw; Mr. D. Angoe, comic, and Mr. J. Pike. Mr. W. Steward, Alysen, accompanied. CHAMBER OF TRADE.—The monthly meeting of this Chamber took place at the Aberfan Hotel, on Wednesday last, when there were present Dr. J. C. Edwards (president), Dr. C. Richardson White, and Mr. T. Price (vice- presidents), Mr. T. Jones (treasurer), Mr. W. R. Edmunds (secretary). Mr. J. Evans (assist- ant secretary), Messrs. M. J. Pughe, W. E. Andrews. W. Marks. D. Jones. Silas Williams, A. Hurst, and F. W. Millward. A letter was read from the Abercynon Chamber of Trade appealing for support of an application made by them to the G.W.R. for the issuing of cheap excursion tickets on Mondays. Mr. T. Jones moved, and Mr. D. Jones seconded, that sup- port be given, and this was carried unaniin- ously. The Secretary explained that upon In- quiries made into the matter of the reduction of the price of gas to private consumers, he found that no change could take place until the end of March, when the old contract came to an end.—Mr. Andrews was deputed at the last meeting to meet the local members of the Council re the drainage at Cotterell-street. He said he had seen some of them, and they pro- mised that Mr. Harvey (surveyor) and the Councillors would visit the place. As yet no such meeting had taken place. It was decided to again write to the Council in reference to the matter. Dr. J. C. Edwards called attention to what he considered a source of grievance t. the public of Merthyr Vale. At Treharris cheap excursion tickets to Cardiff were issued on Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m., whereas at Aberfan they were not issued until after one o'clock p.m. Notice was given to discuss the question at the next meeting. No- tices were also given for the following: Re day school at the Mount Pleasant, and the bad condition of the roads at Merthyr Vale and Aberfan, by Mr. Hurst. Mr. T. Price also gave notice of motion re appeal to the Govern- mcnt, on the question of creating a Minister of Commerce. A vote of condolence was passed to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis James in their sad bereave- ment. on the proposition of Dr. C. Richardson White, seconded by Mr. T. Jones. Mr. Hurst moved and Mr. T. Jones seconded, a vote of sympathy to Mr. Phillip Price in his illnesr, and expressing a keen hope for a speedy re- coverv.—This was carried unanimously NOT IN ONE DEPARTMENT, hut in EVERY dc- partment you will find New Goods when you pay a visit to our Snedal Spring and Easter Show, on March 18th, 19th and following days. All who are j in any way interested in fashionable attire should rertainly make a point of coming to inspect.—R. T. JONES IT Co., Market-square, -^erthyr Tydfil.


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