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THEATRE *#6 ROYAL, MERTHYR. I Lessee « THE SOUTH WALES ENTEJRTAINMENTS Co. MONDAY, JANUARY 31st, 1910, FOR SIX NIGHTS ONLY, AND MATINEES Thursday, February 3rd. and Saturday, February 5th. DOORS OPEN AT 2 o'clock. COMMENCING AT 2 30. H. AUSTIN presents the Magnificent Spectacular Fairy Pantomime- CINDERELLA The entire Production from the Crown Theatre, London. SEATS CAN NOW BE BOOKED at the Theatre, between 10.30 a.m. and 2 p.m., or during any performance. Telephone No. 2, P.O. Doors open 7.15, Commence 7.45. Circle 2/- Stalls 1¡6. Pit Is. Gallery 6d. ABERGAVENNY CHAIR E i STE D D F O D, EASTER MONDAY, March 28th, 1910. I Progress I | Consistency I ;ècie111èY! <:r SEVEN CHORAL COMPETITIONS. Several VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL SOLOS POEM, ESBA Y, RECITATION, and ART TESTS. BCENERYFUL, ) £ 3QQ ira Pyiaea. { CONVENIENCE. I THRilE PRIZES EN EACH CHORAL COMPETITION. I I EDUCATIONAL TESTS. ( EXPERT ADJUDICATORS, i [ FAIR CONDITIONS. I PERFECT ORGANISATION. EXCEPTIONAL RAILWAY FACILITIES. Preliminary Programmes, Post Free 3d. See., Mr. R. H. JACKSON', 11, Priory-road, Abergavenny. 1 Should be worn by ALL BRIDES who wish for Everlasting Happiness. £ FLOOKS' LUCKY WEDDING RINGS II )' # J f f Joys are hidden—joys untold In these little hoops of gold, So remember, charming fair one, When the right time comes to wear one, Hovers love with fairy wings O'er FLOOKS'S lucky wedding rings. If a suitor you have found, To FLOOKS'S quickly take him round, In the window you'l! behold Plain but beauteous hoops of gold, Then you've only got to say, "Take me in, I'll name the day!" And when you become his wife, You'll remember all through life, How upon your hand you wear Lucky gold to ward off care, Lpve as well for ever clings To-JFLOOKS'S Lucky Wedding Rings. ,i I f t i PRIVATE ROOM AND ENTRANCE FOR FITTING. A j tTSEFUL PRESENT GIVEN WITH EACH WEDDING RING. (J — S 8 fit If> WArCtlMÀKER _"Icea 0 j j 49 & 50, Pontmorlais Circus, Merthyr '[ J Tel. P.O. la. MERTHYR TOWN MISSION HALL, CHURCH STREET. NEXT SUNDAY, Gospel Addresses by Rev. H. O. HUGHES, Missioncr. £ oloi«t Miss ANNIE M. DAVIES. Selection by Orchestral Band. Services—11 (Welsh) and 6 (English). .PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, THE WALK, MERTHYR. PREACHER NEXT SUNDAY Rev. J. Lloyd Williams, Pastor, Services at 11 and 6 o'clock. SILOH BAPTIST CHURCH, TREDEGAR. The Rev. J. Fleming Shearer, Liverpool, will preach at 11 a.m., 2.30 and 6 p.m., on SUNDAY, the 30th JANUARY. 1910, And on Monday the 31st, at 7.30 p.m., will deliver his popular Lecture" Martin Luther." Mr. Mark Lewis. Liverpool, will preside. Admission to Lecture, 6d. POPULAR LECTURES For the People. ABERAMAN PUBLIC HALL (GRAND THEATRE), on the following dates :— Jan. 28, 1910-Miss GERTRUDE BACON, "Signs and Wonders in the Heavens." Feb. 11, 1910-DENNIS HIRD, Esq., M.A., J.P., Kuskin, the Seer." Feh. 18, 1910-W. H. GARRISON, Esq., F.R.G.S., F.R.C.T., Earthquakes Their Causes and Effects." March 18. 1910-OWEN RHOSCOMYL (Capt. A. O. Vaughan), The Splendours of Welsh History." Lanternist-Mr. JAMES RAY, Cwmaman. Course Tickets- Orel) estral Stalls and Dress eirc!e (Reserved), 4s.; Upper Dress Circle (limited fciiraher), 2s. 6d. Pit Stalls and Gallery, Is.; fit, 6d, Enormous rush for Tickets. Book Seats early to avoid disappointment, with the Hon. Spcretaries- Mr. W. W. PRICE, Public Hall, Aberaman, and Mr. DAVIDDAVIAS, Co-operative Stores, Aberaman CENTRAL HOTEL, MERTHYR, Under New Proprietorship. JAMES FRANCOMBE, tttanv years with R. E. JoNEs. LTD., Caterers, Cardiff; HEAD WAITER, five years Queen's Hotel, Reading, and Metropole and White Hart, Margate. CATERING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. COMMERCIAL, COFFEE & DINING ROOMS. tFIRST-CLASS CHEF. Balls, Banquets and Parties Catered for. JAMES LEVER, ACCOUNTANT, AUDITOR, MORTGAGE Ud INSURANCE BROKER, FINANCIAL and GENERAL BUSINESS AGENT. Secretary to thA Merthyr Mutual Investment and Loan Society. Licensed Agent for the Principal Steamship Lines, Office: Post Office Chambers, Nat. Tel. 116. MERTlIYIi TYDFIL The Merthyr Mutual Investment and Loan Society, (KEGISTKRKD UNDER THE FRIENDLY SOCIETIES ACTS). (MUTUAL AND CO-OPERATIVE). Provides a Safe and Profitable Investment of ,rotn Is. to 20s. weekly. Loans made to Tradesmen, Artisans and others *t lowest cost, repayable by easy instalments. Prospectus and full information tq be obtained "&W t&e Secretary, JAMES LEVER, Ur.GI,ITLV,P,D OFFICF-S:- rObT OFFICE CHAMBERS, MJSRIHYR TYI)FIL, fAn EISTEDDFOD I I Will be held at the 1 Workmen's Hall, Ebbw Vale, 0' WEDNESDALY, FEB. 2, 1910. ADJUDICATOR Mr. GLYNDWR RICHARDS, Moun- tain Ash. CHlIr CHORAL-Male Voice, "The Warhorse." Prize, £10 and Cold Medal. JUVEHIL.ES— "Sweet and Low." Prize, £ 3 and Silver Medal. Programmes, Id. each; by post, ljd., to be obtained of the secretary, I .Miss H. MORTIMER, 71, Mount Pleasant-road, — Ebbw Vale. Bothsuiia, Poyth. The Third CHAIR EISTEDDFOD Will be held in connection with the above Church at the PALACE, RORTII, EASTER TUESDAY, MARCH 29th, 1910 CHIEF ITEMS. MALE VOICE-" Martyrs of the Arena.(De Rillf) £ 15. Also two Guineas for the best Quartette, and a baton to successful Conductor. MIXED YOICES-" Ar Ian lorddonen Ddofn. "-(Gabriel) £ 10, and a valuable Umbrella to successful Conductor. JUVENILE CHOIRS-Own Selection, JM. and a baton to successful Conduotor. CHAMPION SOLO-Own Selection, IZ 38. POETRY (see programme)-A valuable Chair and a prize of Ll Is. Duett, £ 1 5s. Solos (Vocal and Instrumental) and RMit. ations sis. each. Novice Solos. 10s. 6d. each. Welsh Recitation,, 10s. 6d. Englvn. Essays, etc. GRAND CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMES. Programmes Id. each, by post, lid. For further particu- lars apply to Seo,-W. H. JOHN. 62, Birchgrove, Porth, A. IL AUBREY, 30, Lewis-terrace, Porth. BARGOED S,XTCRANDUCH1AIR EISTEDDFOD WILT. DR HRTJD ON EASTER TUESDAY, MARCH 29th, 1910. CHIEF EVENTS:— MALE VOICES: "Lead, Kiud'y Light," C. 3torello James £ 23 0 0 MIXED CHOIKS: "How Great is Thy Good- ness," Edwin Jones 15 0 0 JUVENILE CHOIRS: "Onward, D. Jones, A.C., Bariroed 6 0 0 AWDL (ODE) (and a Valuable Chair) 2 2 0 L Traethawd, SJl; Aiiibulatic A:S Quartette, C2 2s. Dnet, 30s. Solos and Pianoforte Solos, £ 1 Is. each Poetry, Recitations, Musical Compositions, Ac., &c. Full particulars see Programme*, Id, each (by post lct.), mav be obtained from the Secretaries, W. WILLIAMS 5 West-street, Bargoed; E. W. JONES, 40, Greenfield-street, Bargoed. AGrand EISTEDDFOD will be held at BETHANIA CHAPEL, DOWLAIS, On EASTER TUESDAY, March 29th, 1910. Children's Choir, Male Voice and a Memorial Poem. Hon. Sec.—D. J. THOMAS, 115, High Street, Peuydarren, Merthyr. GWEmrWTR, PENRHIWCEIBER. EISTEDDFODTWTL DEWI, DYDD MAWRTH, MAWBTH IAK. 1910 (DAS NAWL>D CYMDXITUAS LKSTDDOL Y LLK). PBIF DDAR:J'r Cor o'r un Gynulleidfa, ddim dan 25 mewn nifer, a ano yn oveu "Dies Irae (2 benill) o'r Caiiiedv,ld Cynnllcidfaol' ar Don AdR.yfodiad (1 penlll) o Lyfr y Methodistiaid Caltinaidd-dwobr £5 a Medal. I'r Cor o Blant, dan lOg oed, ac heb fod dan 25 rpewn nifer, a gano yn oren Rha-,oin IOnward ")-D Joiieo, A.C., Bartoed. Qwohr £ 4 a Medal. Jone?, A.C., Bartoed. Qwobr £ 4 a Medal. Deuawd, £ 1 Is.; Adroddiad, Traethawd. ac Unawdau, 15«. Liaw fferfiadau (Hand-drawing). 12s. HER eN A WD (Champion HoJo), Csvpan Arian. Rhagleni, Pris lc,. drwY'I' Ilvthyrdy, lie. ¡ DInRris lfrojips, 62, Glanlay- street Mr. W. INWARDS, 83, Glanlay-street, Penrhi wceiber. r }' !I t mEmmsll I&tg tofEWEQ ei*!&- j Facsimile oj One-Ounce Packet j Archer's Golden Returns i The Ptrfeoilan et Pip* Tobaeflto j Cum., StruT, I»D V«A«IUXT. 1 .1 y y- Vv- V A IR G- ")E. -T-). Tm: SECOND ANNOAT. Competitive Concert I V.'ill l>e hf>ld on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24th, 1910. Chief Choral (not tinder 50 .in number), :¡.p.1 ;:1 Dead," by Jacob Gabriel, L.T..S.C.. \'7o"r"1 memory of the late Col. The Hon. K. C. 'os fil Is.: Novices Soloi, 10,'fi: Excellent; Prizes ?.»r Pianoforte Solos, Boys' mid Girls' .Soloi, Re- oilal ions. Love Letters, and Prize Bags. For further particulars see programme, po4 free I to be obtained from SecrctalY- W. T. EDWARDS, 8. Jligli Street. Argoed, Mon. Rinon Baptist Chapelj WALKER'S H,O"'D, CARDIFF- Competitive CONCERT WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 16th, 1910. Champion Solo (MaIs) 1st, S3 3 0 2nd, £ 1 1 0 (Females).. „ 3 3 0. 110 Oratorio Solo (Wales) „ ] 11 6. 0 10 6 (Fen)ale.) 1 11 6. „ 0106 Open Recitatioll 1 11. 6 0 10 6 Open Pianoforte Solo 110. 0 10 6 Also Pianoforte j'olo (Juniors). Novice and Children's Solos. Written adjudication for each competitor. Excel- lent prizes. Programmes free from Hon. Mr. GWILYM PitlOK, 13, University-place, Cardiff.' HIGH STREET BAPTIST CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Proceeds in aid of New School Building Fund. A Grand BAZAAR In tho DRILL IIALL, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16th and 17tb. 1910. The Bazaar will be opened at 2.30 p.m. Admission-We,3nesday 2.30 to 13 p.m., Is. after 6 p.m.. 6d. Thursday 2 30 to lOp. tn., 6d. THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH OPEN POULTRY AND PIGEON SHOW. The FIRST ANNUAL EXHtBITION of POULTRY & PIGEONSJ (under Poultry Club Rules) will be held In the MARKET HALL, Abergavenny, b On THURSDAY and FRIDAY, 17th and 18th FEBRUARY. President—The Most Honourable The j MARQUESS OF ABERGAVENNY, K.G. Vice-President—CODBINGTON CSAWSHAT, Esq. Entries close on 1st February, at ordinary rates, up to 8th February with extra fee. 160 Classes for every known variety of Poultry and Pigeons. For Schedules and all particulars apply to Secretary -Major F. HERBERT, Abergavenny. j

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