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Mr. Lloyd George ot Aberdare. If GUEST OF SIR W. T. LEWIS. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Elon. D. Lloyd George, M.P., on Wednesday, eft Criccieth by motor and proceeded to Aber- iare, which was reached in the evening. t On Tuesday evening, after the presentation JY his schoolmates, Mr. Lloyti George, with [ Mrs. Lloyd George and their little daughter t Megan, visited the Openshaw Lads Brigade, K-ho to the number of 500 are encamped on the aanks of the Dwyfor. close to Llanystumdwy Village. A miscellaneous entertainment was ^one through by the boys, Mr. J. Crossley, M.P., chairman of the Brigade Management 00 Irilllittec, presiding, The Chancellor deliv- ( red a short address, in which he extolled the philanthropic work done by Mr. Crossley in sonnection with the brigade and in other direc- tions. He aleo addressed a: few words of advice a-ndli^ncouti^ehiefit' to^tfe boys, appealing to t tiie^|> to rri&Ee-. the iaest of their opportunities indffto become eitfeens worthy of their friend ancPpairon and of their native land f ■CSrfccietli bf niotoi' efcrfy* Dn Wednesday morning for South Wales. On the way to Bangor the Chancellor stayed at [ Llandiloes and lunched at the Trewythen Hotel. t News of his arrival quiokly spread, and a dense; 3rowd gathered outside the hotel. Aid. William r Ashton being introduced to Mr. Lloyd George, On his departure the people cheered him with s the utmost enthusiasm. 1 In the evening -.the Chancellor of the Ex- ■ chequer arrived at Aberdare, where he was the L guest of Sir Wm. Thomas Lewis, Bart., K.C.V.O. Shortly before 6 o'clock Sir William Thomas Lewis, with somëmetnbers of his family, motored in. the direction of Brecon order to meet the lion. gpiitleman, 'and when c they met Sir William joined Mr. Lloyd George' J in his own private motor car, the rest of the party following to the Mardy. 1 The visit is, of course,' a'strictly non-political one, and on Thursday, accohipanfed by Sir Wil. liam and some other •gentlemcii, Mr. Lloyd I George visited certain, collieries in the dis- t trict. ) Our Aberdare reporter writes:—"On Tburs- day morning, I was, by the courtesy of Mr. Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and his esteemed host, Sir W. T. Lewis, Bart., K.C.V.O., permitted to accompany the Chan- ( cellor of the Exchequer en a. tpur of inspection I over the Taff Vale Railway. Sir William and, his distinguished guest travelled by a. cpcci.il motor train, which was in charge of Mr. T. E. | Harland, the superintendent of the line, to ] Taff's Well without a stop, a.nd here we wre ] joined by Sir Robert Chalmers, K.C.B., one of I the prominent officials of the treasury. At Pontypridd we ran along the mineral line there were only a few passengers on the platform, As we slowed down to send a message from Sir William, some of the passengers realised who were in the motor, and a. hearty cheer was raised to the Chancellor and his esteemed host. We continued the run down the Taff Valley, where a brief sta,yw8.I made. On the arrival of tho party at TafTs Well, Sir Robert Chalmers, Mr. C. F. Master man, M.P.. secre- tary to the Local Government Board, Mr. W. H. Clark, private secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr. A. Lumley. who had travelled up -from Cardiff, joined them. j Half an hour's halt was made here, the party proceeding with Mr. Lloyd Goorere and Sir Willia.m to the bridge over the Taff, where an excellent view of the Garth Mountain a.nd i the surrounding district was obtained. Upon. returning to the station Sir William unfolded a. huge map of the southern area of the South Wales coalfield, pointing out from the station platform the lay of the land. Here Mr. Matthews, J.P., the chairman of the Caerphilly District Council, was introduced to the Chancellor, as well as the stationmaster and his wife, the Chancellor shaking hands I with them. We then ran up to Quakers' Yard, where we were taken from the Taff Vale line to the Great Western line, it having been arranged that instead of running up the Taff Valley on I the T.V.R.. we should go along the G.W. and R.R. joint line over the hill on the western side of the valley, thus giving the Chancellor and his party a far better view of the Valley than they would obtain from the Taff Vale line on the other side of the river, which is on a lower i levcL As we ran along the side of the Glamorgan Canal, the ancient waterway was filled with brushwood, indicating the marvellous change which a century has made in the matter of lo- comotion throughout this busy hive of industry. A brief stop was made at the Castle Pit. Cy- farthfa, and then we rait into Merthyr Station, having a fine view of the valley. We started off again, and a few minutes later we passed Waunlwyd Colliery, where the first load of coal was exported in. thje. days of Robert and Lucy Thomas, the uncle andaimt of the late lamented Lady Lewis, the wife of our host. We reached Merthyr shortly before noon, and in a. quarter of an hour we were again, off, to Pontypridd and the Rhondda Valley. ..I..f. MR. LLOYD GEORGE'S CAR KILLS FOWL. Mr. Lloyd George went to Aberdare by wa.y of Brecon and Swansea-road, Merthyr. When passing through the village of Cwmtat, the car ran over and killed a fowl belonging to Mo. Jones, of Danydarren Farm. The distinguished statesman was recognised by several towns- people as the car passed through the town. f'{, HIGH CONSTABLE'S LETTER TO LLOYD GEORGE. "1() The High Constable of Aberdare, Conn. Wil- liam Thomas, wrote the following letter to Mp. Lloyd Goorge— "My Dear Sir,—It has become known that you will bo at Aberdare to-day as the guest of 1 our distinguished townsman, Sir Wm. Thomas Lewis, Bart., and I am requested by several I of my leading townsmen to formally extend to ) you a most hearty welcome on the occasion of your visit. I am, however, mindful of the fact that your visit is of a private nature, otherwise I would have taken the liberty of asking you, on behalf cf the inhabita.ptB of this town. to grant em tbe pleasure and honour of welcoming you in a public manner. I feel quite sure that the reception you would then receive would be of a very sincere and enthusiastic character.— Trustg that in the near future such an op- portunity will occur. I am, sir, yours faithfully, Hy. WILLIAM THOMAS, High Constable, of Miskin Higher." MR. LLOYD GEORGE'S REPLY,. 4 OBJECT OF THE VISIT. The High Constable received the following reply:— "Dear Mr. Thomas,—I highly appreciate the kind greeting which you have extended to me on behalf of yourself and your leading fellow- townsmen. As you correctly state in your let- ter, my visit is purely of a private nature. I am taking advantage of the opportunity which your eminent fellow, townsman, Sir Wm. Tho- mas Lewis, has offered to me to make myself acquainted with some of the conditions of the colliery districts of South Wales. Once more thanking you for your kind welcome, I am, yours sincerely, D. LLOYD GEORGIA

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