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Presentation Meeting at Mountain Ash. INTERESTING PROCEEDINGS. A meeting was held at the Drill Hall, Mountain Ash, on Wednesday evening week, for the purpose of honouring Mr. Herbert Llewelyn, the conductor of the Mountain Ash Orpheus Male Voice Party, and Mr. Lewis John Davies, the secretary. Councillor William Lamburn presided, and was supported on the platform by Councillor W. Millar, Chairman of the Mountain Ash District Council; Mr. Thcmas Hughes, secretary of the Cottage Hospital Eisteddfod; Mr. Griffiths, Dufiryn Co-Operative Society; Rev. D. Jeremy Jones, Soar; Rev. E. V. Tidaan, Nazareth; Rev. R. S. Rogers, Hhos; Mr. Herbert Llewelyn, and Mr. Lewis John Davies. The first part of the meeting was of a miscel- laneous character, and solos were sung by Messrs. D. J. Green, Steve Jenkins, Henry Evans, John Williams, Albert Phillips, J. B. Williams, Miss Sarah Davies, and Madam L. J. Davies. Recitations were also contributed by Master Idwal Shelby and Mr. D. J. Griffiths. The Orpheus Male Voice Party also rendered several chorusea. The accompanist was Mr. E. T. James. 1 Mr. W. Lamburn then presented a beautiful portrait-in oils to Mr. L. J. Davies. as a small token of the party's appreciation of his services as secretarv. He said he did not wish Mr. Davies to think that the portrait expressed the deep feelings of the party for his excellent services. He was always so willing and so hard-working, and with his help he hoped that the party would be able to reach the mark they had set in front of them (cheers). -Mr. L. J. Davies said he hardly knew how to thank the party for the manner in which they had shown their appreciation of his services. He hoped that in the future he would be able to serve them better (cheers). Mr. T. Hughea then presented Mr. Herbert Llewelyn with a portrait of himself, which was won at the Easter Eisteddfod. The Orpheus Male Voice Party, he said, had only been in existence two years, but they had already won two prizes. He wished the party a. successful future (cheers).—Mr. Herbert Llewelyn, in responding, first thanked tho members of the choir for their noble efforts on Easter Monday. They were intelligent and industrious, and always willing to do what they could. He also wished to thank the public of Mountain Ash for the support that he had received from them for the last fifteen years. Ho came to the town from the country, and from the first they had shown every good feeling towards him.. He would treasure the portrait as long 83 he lived (cheers). Councillor W. Millar expressed great pleasure at being present, and said that no one had laboured more in the cause of duty than Mr. Llewelyn. He trusted that the successes won by the party would bo an incentive to further achievements and honours. It was very gratifying to see a young man like Mr- Llewelyn exerting his talents in t.he direction he had, and he hoped that he would still see further fruits of his labour (cheers). The Rev. E. V. Tidman, in a ery humorous speech, said he was very glad to see them recooToising the talents put forward in Mountain Ash. He endorsed tho wish for the party's future success (cheers).—Rev. D. Jeremy Jones said he felt a little proud because both Mr. Llewelyn and Mr. Davies were members of Soar. Mr. Llewelyn was the conductor of the singing at Soar, and Mr. Davies was a worthy member of the same Church (cheers).—Rev. R. S. Rogers also briefly wished the party success, and the proceedings then terminated,



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