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MOUNTAIN ASH COMMENTS. (BY "SPECTATOE."] I have received an English translation of the 1 cize poem on Mr Keir I-lareie, M.P., which was written for the I.L.P. Eisteddfod. The poem is, on the whole a good one, and, oi course, allowances must be made for the fact that it wis originally written in Welsli. Still, there we some very good passages even in the English version. For instance, when the author des- cribes Mr. Hardie's early life in the pit But- turn we now to Scotland s heights, Where frown the rugged highlands' on the heavens, To see him as a child just seven years old, Ere education had upon him smiled, Descending to the blackened pit's dark deeps To seek with sweat and blood his humble bread, And catch the rays of life in deathlike night." # There is also another incident described with much force, viz., when Hardie was locked out of the pits for his independence of character 1 f* Meanwhile, the Nero of the murky night Of Capital, bedazzled by the flame Of Hardie's genius, quaked as owl at dawn, And closed the pit-gates full against the man That carried to its heart such soulful day. The tyrant would his courage starve to death. But Hardie his oppressor did ignore In manner dared not but by greatness true- Cold Caledonia's sons he fired with zeal For Labour's rights I Behold the thou- sands stand Like rocks joined of the Lord around our chief, Himself the core of unity, and pnnco oi host invincible." The writer also refers to the last Election, when the child of Labour that had won the heart of the Merthyr constituency, was victorious, while Itadcliffo s Argoa was a Wreck complete This vict'ry was the leap of genius o'er The golden idol, fraught with more of rights Of man than language ever can express. Our brave is now the golden clarion bridge Of that fair social world that is to be, And though he's but a voice of one that cries,' His voice rings ever through the future far, Full of Millennium joys, that are no more Than true humanity at home at last- The world possessing, or, in other words, The real heaven in the life of roan- The heaven that dawns upon us swift and strong, • And in its glory Hardie ever shines, And lives the light that in his grave shall glow." On Sunday evening the Rev. George Neigh- bour^ replied to theRev. E. V. Tidman's address to the Territorials. Mr. Neighbour thinks the time has come when this naion should make itself a sacrificial nation for the benefit of the world, but I am afraid that he will not have many adherents to this point of view flu»e who have read history can recall the horror* that existed in Italy before that country became united under one government, andf^en she Buffered under foreign domination. Our people are not likely to stand aside to tee the freedom and liberty of this country taken away from her. And the question is, would the worldI be benefited by the sacrifice of by Britain ? I am inclined to think with th. l £ v. E. V. Tidman, that e°cb"Ould not be he case. Has the world been benefited by the division of Poland. Is Warsaw, the capitpl of Poland, any happier for havmgsubimtted to the domination of Russia 1 I think not. As Gladstone once wrote :« All our. experience has been to the effect that the champion of liberty should take his ground, not upon any remote or abstract proposition, but upon the ^t of man, under every law divine and human, first to good government, and next to institutions which are the necessary guarantees of it. The institutions that guarantee the liberty and freedom that this country enjoys are the army and navy. It is, therefore, of vital importance that those should be kept up as far as efficiency requires. Every Christian desires peace. No one wishes for war. The love of peace is not the monopoly of the Labour party. The army and navy are guarantees of the finest constitution in the world, and if the object Mi. Neighbour has in mind is the good of the world, then this can be best advanced, as the Terri- torials are doing, by a sacrifice of their time and labour to fitting themselves for the defence of their country.


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