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Juvenile Sports at Aberdare.

Aberdare Timberman's Death.


Air Rifle Match. !

Eisteddfod at Cwmaman. j



ABERAMAN. Have you anything to Sell? Advertise in our Want Columns, and it is as good as Gold. YNYSLWYD.—On Thursday se'n-night a. bap- tismal scrvice was held, when one young man was immersed, and received into membership. The Rev. R. E. Williams (Twrfab) pastor, who performed the ordinance, delivered an appro- priate address upon thc 8i ;-nificancc of the bap. tismal ceremony. CO-OPERATIVE DELEGATES.—This year the an- nual Co-operative Congress has been held at Newcastlc-upcn-Tyne. The represnntatives of the Cwmbach Society have been Mr Evan Jones, secretary; Mr. John Williams, manage! of the Cwmbach branch Mr. Joseph Wrigicy, Abercwmboi, and Mr. John Longman, Moun- tain Ash. PRIZE WRNNNR.S.—The following members 01 the Aberaman ropo-splicing team secured t1;- second prize at Ferndale show, on Mondavi D. E. Griffiths, Tirbach, Cwmbacii; Mcse.1 Jones, 1'Vu-go View Cottage, Aberaman John Jones, Canal-row, Cwmbach, and Fred Wil. hams, Club-row, Aberaman. There were nin') teams competing, nnd the high standard reached at Fcmdnle show is well known to ail. In addi, tion t jl1e prize of 303, each man will receive a certificate. THEATRK.—-This week the boards of the Grand Theatre are occupied by an excellent variety company. Amongst the artistes are, Violet Beatrice, the boy impersonator; the Kremka Brothers, acrobats; Sam Shipley, comedian; Morritt, the groat illusionist; and Marie Elsie, the chic comedienne. Two laughable sketches are niveo by Matt Wilkinson and his company, entitled "That Flench Womaa," and "The Registry Office." The pictures shown on the theatre bioscopc arc also exceedingly good. CONCERT. — A concert was held at Gwawy Welsh Baptist, Chapel, on Thursday evening last. Mr. Matthew Jones occupied the chair, and the chiof contributors to the programme were Gwawr Congregational Choir, under tha conductorship of Mr. Tom Williams; the Gwawr Juvenile Choir, "conducted by Mr. Wm. John Jenkins. After a pithy address by the chairman, the following programme was gone through < "Peace to the soul of the heroes," by Parti Meibion Gwawr (Mr. Tom Williams) soIot "O'r niwl i'r nef," Sarah Phillips: reci. tation, Mr. Georgo Lewis; trio, Misses Florcnca Tennant, Safah Phillips, and Mabel Cook; re- citation, Miss Clara. Davies; "Blcdau'r g-wan wyn, Juvenile Choir; solo, Miss Jane Jones; "Yr Iorddonen." Congregational Choir; trio, Misses Mabel Cook, Sarah Phil. lips. and Florence Tennant; humorous recita- tion in Welsh, Mr. George Lewis; solo, Miss Mabel Cook solo, Miss Jennet George ren- dering by the Male Voice Party, and a recita- tion by Miss Maggie Williams. The secretarial arrangements were performed by Mr. Joseph Lloyd, and MF. Daniel Davies acted as trea- surer. SACRED CONCERT.—On Sunday evening, a sa- cred concert was held at the Grand Theatre, under the auspices of the Aberaman United Choir (conducted by Mr. Gwilym Evans). The chair was taken by Mr. T W. Griffiths, who explained that the object of the newly formed choir was to foster choral singing in the locality. He hoped that they would meet with great suc- cess. The opening item consisted of the render- ing of "The March of the Pensioners" (ed. St. Quentin), by the band. which was composed of the following: Violinists, Mr. W. J. Walters, Aberaman Mr. J. Lloyd, Trecynon and Mr. Haydn Lewis, Aberaman clarionet, Mr Wm. Sage French horn, Mr. Bromley Lewis, cor. net, Mr. Tom White; pianoforte accompanist, Mr. Geo. Henry Moses. Miss M. J. Davies, CwmbacSi, sang, and the Misses Maria and Lizzie Jones followed with a duet, which was well received. Mr. Roger Williams, Godre- aman, then sang, and Miss Hilda Wales fol- lowed with a solo. Mr. Godfrey Price, of Ty- lorstown, met with a rousing reception. He first sang "Honour in Arms" (Handel) and in response to repeated encores, he gave "Rocked in the cradle of the deep" (Knight). Gv.awr children and choir, numbering close upon 100 voices, under the conductorship of Mr. William John Jenkins, rendered the tost piece at Cwm- ama.n Eisteddfod, viz., "The Flowers of Spring," in fine style. Miss May Phillips, Cwmaman, "Hear, 0 Israel," and "Be not afraid," and Mr. Brinloy Lewis played a French hern solo, entitled "La Serenata" (Braga). Then the Choir rendered "Gently comes the breath of evening," the test piece at Cwmaman Eistedd- fod, on Whit-Tuesday, and this was followed by solos by Miss M. A. Curnow, Cwmbach. and Mr. Morgan James, Aberaman. The secretarial duties were performed by Mr. Jonah Rees, whilst the treasurer was Mr. Frank Leach, and the chairman of committee Mr. Daniel Thomas. TEA AND CONCERT.—On Wrhit-Mondav a tea and competitive concert were held at the Aberaman Park (kindly lent for the occasion), under the auspices of Salem Welsh Baptist Church. Godreaman. Between 500 and 600 sat down to the tea, and the event, proved to be an unqualified succcss. Tho following presided at the tables and assisted in other waysMesdames Thomas, Davies, Owen, Pugh, Phillips, Morgan, Jones, Williams, Misa Williams. Mtasdamss Cotter. Davies, John and Mills, Messrs. J. Griffiths and J. T. George. Mrs. Lewis. The Euperintendents were the Rev. G. LJ. Williams and Mr. Dd. Rees. General assistance was rendered by Messrs. C. Williams, W. J. Jones, R. Rev. nolds. T. J. Jones, C. Thomas, J. Owen, E. ft. Lewis, M. Phillips, W. Davies, T. J. Wil- liams, J. Morgan, W. Pugh. and J. Davies. The treasurer was Mr. David Rec:, Cwm- aman, and the secrctarv Mr. R. Leach. After the tea the chair was taken by Mr. Benjamin Lewis, and the adjudicators were:—Music, Mr. Dnniel Scourfield; and recitations, Mr. John W<lJters, Mr. Gurnos Jones, orfYanist of Gwawr Welsh Baptist. Church, was the ac- companist. AwardsBass eolo (own selec- tion). Mr. Joe Jonathan, Aberaman, who sang "The Wreckers of Dunraven"; tenor solo (own selection). Mr. Rees George, who 6ang "Yr Hen Gerddor"; soprano solo (own seleo tion), Miss Morgan, Abercwmboi, who sang "Yr Hen Gerddor" open recitation competi- tion, prize divided between Mr. Henry WiL* liams Cwmbach, who rccitcd. "Araeth Llew- elyn," and Miss L. A. Lewis, Abercwmboi,' who recited "Mr. Moody, a'r fam, a'r olenl tyn." During an interval tho Gwawr Mala Voice Party rendered "Come, Merry Com- rades." The chief item wa.tho juvenils choir competition, the test piece bejng "A springtime carol." Two choirs entered, viz.: Gwawr, Aberaman (conductor, Mr. W. J. Jenkins; and Abercwmboi (conductor, Mr. J.' Eiddig Davies). The latter were award"# the prize of £2 2s. and a silver medal, with gold centre, to the conductor. The event passed off without a hitch, and credit is due to Mr. Rees Leach for the sucoessful manner in which he carried out the secretarial duties. The profit, which, we understand, will realise a good sum, is to bo devoted towards the building fund of Salem Welsh Baptist Church. ANNIVERSARY,—Tho English Wosleyan Sun- day School anniversary services were held on Whit-Sunday, when special hymns and aji- thems were rendered by the choir. under the conductorship of Mr. William Hill. Mr. T. Davies presided at the organ. Recitations and dialogues were given by the scholars and teachers. Large congregations attended throughout the day, and collections were taken on behalf of the Sunday School fund. The morning service was presided over by Mr. H. Greenhalgh After a short lesson the following recitations were given :—"Never say fail," Arthur Perrow; "Be careful what you say," Alioe Maud Canmin; "If we only, understood," Ada May Every; "Go and do likewise," Arthur G. Bowden "Open the door of your heart," Beatrice Holden; "For His sake," Mary A. Williams; "Little foes of little boys." Trevor Williams; "A memory svstem," Lucy Vater; "For love's sweet sake," Sarah G. Finn "Loving words," Sarah IAoyd; "The Robin's Story." Claudie Vater; "The Sea," Willie Parr; "I must not tease my n\>ther." Elsie M. Giles; "Helping the preacher," W. G. Bowden. Mr. F. Finner presided at the after- noon service, and the following rE:cit8d:- "A poem on a sick child." William George Evans; 'knows." Nettie Perrow; "He careth for you," Lily M. Morgan; "Her fa.v. ourite song," Johnnie Lewis; "Room enough for all." May B. Taylor; anthem. "Oh! be joyful," the Chpir; recitation, "Shine just where you are." Annie Finner: "Grandpapa's spectacles." Elsie M. Lee; "The student's trick," William J. Warner; "Ask ths busy woman," Nellie Lloyd; "Only," Jessie M. Davies: "Charity," Violet C. Price; dialogue, "Tho unfaithful friend," Messrs. W, A. Bey non, W. Butt, A. Vater, and W G. Warner; "A service Of love." Elizabeth A. Finn; "00 the waiting list," Wallace Perrow: "The things in the bottom drawer," Sarah G. Vater i "The sweetest of all," Elizabeth Jonathan; "How to measure charity." Mary Emma Harry; "Trifles," Nellie Griffiths. Mr. Wm. Collier presided over the evemncr service, when the following took part:—Alec Vater, Emily Maude Morsran, Leah Morgan, Eliza- beth Morgan. Gwen Colli»r, Beatrice Will- iams, Laura. Whitmarsh, Nancy Morris, E Evans, Emilv Kate Wrarner, Blodwen Wva-tt, Harriet J. Probert and Susie Bowen, A dia- logue, entitled. "Charity never fai'eth," was given by Miss W. Adams and friends, and the anthem, "They that go down to the sea in ships" was sting by the choir. On Monday afternoon the annual tea and demonstration took place. The choir and children of the Sunday School, headed by the English Wes- levan banner, paraded through the principal streets, and then returned to the chapel, where they were regaled with tea and cake. The following ladies presided at the tables:- Mrs. J. Morgan and Mrs. T. Davies; Mrs. F. Finner and friend; Mrs. R. Lewis and Edith Morris; Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Barnes; Mps. Samuel Harlow and Mrs. A. Philipin) The following also assisted:—Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Dando. Mr. W. Bowden, Mrs. Morgan, and Mrs. Giles. After the tea. the children wended their way to the Aberaman Park, where games were indulged in until dark. Mr. T. G. Lee, Davis) street, proved an ener- getic secretary.