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Juvenile Sports at Aberdare.

Aberdare Timberman's Death.


Air Rifle Match. !


Air Rifle Match. FINAL FOR THE RHYMNEY CUP. At the Cambrian Hotel, Aberdare, the final for the Rhymney Cup took place on Thursday last between Aberdare and Cwmaman. Scores: Cwmaman: C. Mosley, 33; J. Ray, 29; E. Morse, 30; J Davey, 25; N. Piper, 28; E. San- ders, 30; A. Wilson, 31; J. Thomas, 31; O. Owon, 30; W. Thomas, 25; II. Edwards, 31; J. Williams, 30; total, 353. Aberdare: J. Carney, 29; T. Jenkins, 25; D. Howells, 31; J. Jenkins, 32; G. Miliar, 29; J. Ma-nlcy, 26; R. Jenkins, 26; W. Wright, 31; E. Fowler, 32; —. Cottle, 28; H. Lawrence, 29; B. Munden, 26; total, 344. The match created great interest in the dis- trict, as the two teams shot the previous week, and the result was a draw. Had the Aber- dare team won this match, they would have had the honour of not only holding the cup, but of being the first team in the valley this year to defeat the Cwmamanites. In Cwmaman the re- sult was confidently anticipated, and the Silver Band turned out and marched to the outskirts of the village to meet the victors, and brought them homo in fine style. Besides winning the cup, the Cwmaman team have defeated the champions of Bridgend, Barry and Leagues. TRey are now in the final for the championship of South Wa'es and Monmouth- shire, and arc to shoot against the Victorias (Cardiff) on June 7th. This match, however, may not como off, as the Welsh Association lias decided that Cwmaman must shoot at Cardiff, and the Cwmaman Committee arc determined that their team shall not travel more than half- way. It is hoped that if they get the Victorias on a neutral range, they may give them a warm time. j ————————— j

Eisteddfod at Cwmaman. j