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Juvenile Sports at Aberdare.


Juvenile Sports at Aberdare. On Whit-Tuesday, at the Athletic Grounds, Aberdare, thi first athletic sports promoted by the members of the Bands of Hope connected with the Aberdare Deanery Church of Eng- land Temperance Society's Juvenile Union wore held. The attendance was very satisfac- tory. From the outset of the proceedings, there was evidence of great and careful pre- parations, and for this thanks are due to the secretary, Mr. A. E. Kimpton, and to the clergy and others in the Deanery. The judges were: Revs, John Morgan, Vicar of Hirwain; J. Sinnctt Jones, Vicar of Mountain A;h: J. S. Longdon, Vicar of Cadoxton, Bairy; Dewi Williams and W. H. Jones, Aberdare. Mr. Jack Sheen acted as starter. Appended is a list of winners :—Girls, Skipping Race. G-—12: 1, Sarah Saunders; 2. Maggie Lewis; 3, Sarah Lewis. 12—15: 1, Lily Panniers; 2, Maud Canter; 3, — John.—Three-legged Race: 1, Boynes and Goorgo; 2, Evans and Gwi]ym; 3, Parker and Phillips.—Bovs' Potato Race: 1, T. Wright; 2, H. Lewis; 0, William Paxford. —Girl: Potato Race: 1, Lena Lewis; 2. Edith Mubaey; 3. Mary Price.—Bovs' Err- and Spoon Race: 1. D. T. Davies; 2, E. R. Hill; 3, Gil, bert Jeffreys.—Girls' Eg and Spoon Race: 1. G. Hammond: 2, Mav Sheppa.rd; 3, Doris Evans.—Sack Race: 1, Thomas A. Parker; 2, William John Hill; 3, Trevor Boynes.—Sack Race: Girls 7—9: 1, Sarah A- Sketting, 2, H. M. Heath; 3, Alice Masters. 9—12: 1, Bettie Mcquire; 2. Dorothy John; 3. Maggie Maud Lewis. 12—15: 1. Maud Canter; 2, Lilian Lee; 3, Marion Neale. 15—18: 1, Lena Lewis; 2, Ethel John. Boys: 1, Edwin Ingram; 2, T. Wright; 3, Thomas Evan-?.—Tug-of-War: Juniors, Cwmdare Church Team; Seniois, Cwmbach Church.—Boys' Race: 1, W. J. Hill; 2, W. J. Paul; 3, Vincent George. At the close, Mrs. W. F. Parry de Winton distributed the prizes to the successful competi- tors. The Vicar of Hirwain (Rev. Joseph Morgan) proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. de Winton, tho same being carried with enthusi- asm. Mr. do Winton responded to the vote, and referred to the excellent arrangements made by the secretary and stewards. In the evening a. concert was given by a choir, numbering over 500 voices, drawn from the various churches in the Deanery, and there was a large audience. The choir wa* conduc- ted by Mr. A. E. Kimpton. the missioner, who had them well trained. The Bishop of Llan. daff occupied the chair, and the opening hymn, "Onwaird, Christian Soldiers," was sung with fervour, the large choir being joined by the congregation. The accompanists were Miss E. Edwards and Mr. George Templeman. Prayer was offered by the Rev. C. A. H. Green, Vicar of Aberdaro and Rural Dean- The Bishop, in the course of his address, dealt with the duty of self-sacrifice and self- control. Referring to the incident of the Hebrew soldiers under Gideon, who were test- ed at the brook by the manner in which they drank the water when they wera thirsty, he said that those who were selected to go for- ward were those who were not greedy—men of self-control. That was the lesson he wished to impress on those present. There were other things besides drink they should exercise self- control in reference to. Unless we learnt fJelf. control, England as a nation was doomed. Every nation that had made itself a name amon" the nations of the earth had learnt self- control. That was wonderfully exemplified by a nation which come to the front with such rapid strides during recent years—Japan. That nation, finding tbAt their younger men were becoming deteriorated by cigarette smoking, prohibited smoking by anyone under 21 years of age; and by thus compelling self control, became one of the leading nations of the world. He urged those present to be not their own, but God's. The programme contained a number of ex- cellent choruses, songs, etc.. including "Festal Day," "Fight the Drink," "A Beautiful Land," "Come, Merjv Comrades," "The Hills Resound." "Baby's Asleep," "We must work and pray." and the action "ong. "The Fly." During the evening. Mrs. C. A. H. Green. The Vicarage. Aberdare, presented the Dioces- an Challenge Banner to the Pontypridd branch.

Aberdare Timberman's Death.


Air Rifle Match. !

Eisteddfod at Cwmaman. j