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ABERDARE SPORTS. J Favoured with ideal weather, the Aberdare sports, on Monday, were well patronised, and the spectators were rewarded with excellent snorts, the committee having made every effort to secure good entries, the prizes, especially in the trotting and Galloway events, being un- usually large, In consequence there was an exceptionally heavy entry, most of the crack trotters in Glamorgan, Carmarthenshire and Monmouthshire having entered. The handi- cappers were:—Cycle races, Mr. lit. J. Brind, N.C.U., Cardiff; footraces, Mr. Ted Lewis, Pontypridd; horse races, Mr. T. Williams, W.R.F.U., of Llwynpia. Mr. Fred D. E. George, Aberdare, acted as starter, and the judges were Geo. J. Tuckficld (Metro- politan Bank), A. W. Oxenham, M. R. David, D. Parker, J. D. Hughes (Boot Hotel), and Dr. W. L1. Rhys. Mr. fred J. Caldicott, (Tudor- terrace) proved a most efficient secretary, and the arrangements throughout were hignly creditable to the committee. The following were the prize winners in the various events :—100 yards race for boys not over 1-1 years, 1, S. Morris, Treforest; 2, W Knight, Aberdare; 3, J. E. Davies, Abemant. Half-mile cycle race (for boys not over 10 years), 1st, L. Thomas, Aberaman; 2, F. R. Lloyd, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr; 3, J. Jones, Aberaman. One-mile novice cycle handicap (three heats)— First head, 1, G. Thomas, Rcsolven; 2, W. Griffiths, Lower Cwmbach.—Second heat, 5, A. Tanner, Amanford 2, W. Stride, Mountain Ash Third heat, 1, W. Crockett, Quakers' Yard 2, B. B. Thomas, Amanford.—Final, 1, W. Crockett; 2. W. Griffiths; 3, G. Thomas. 120 yards novice handicap (first in each heat to run in final).—Heat winners. D. J- Davies, Treforest, IDi yards J. E. Thomas, Mountain Ash, 20 yards S. L. Jones, Porth, 15 yards; J. Thomas, Abcrnant, 4 yards A. Williams, Merthyr, 18 yards R. F. Jones, Merthyr, 24 yards E. Lewis, Porth, 24 yards.—Final, 1, S. J. Thomas; 2, E. Lewis 3, J. E. Thomats. Half-mile (open) cycle race.—First heat, I, A. J. Wilkins, Aberdare; 2, W. Strida, Mountain Ash.—2nd heat, 1, W. H. Hinder, Abertiiiety 2, \V J. Bickham, Nelson.—Third heat, 1, J. Hodges. Cwmtillery 2, W. Griffiths, Lower Cwmtwroh.—Final, 1st, W. H. Thomas; 2, 2, W. Griffiths; 3, A. J. Wilkins. 120 yards (open) handicap (lst in each heat, to run in final).—Winners ot heats, H. P. Pike, Mountain Ash, 13 yards; J. S. Isaac, Mountain Ash, ISA yards S. J. Thomas, Aberaman, 20 varus; J. E. Thomas. Mountain Ash, 1S £ yards; D. Davies, TrdJrest, lGi yards; M. Evans, Treforest, 15J yards; f. Adams, Swindon, ¡ 13 yards, —final," 1, H. P. Pike 2, J. E. Thomas; 3, J. S. Isaac. One-mile (open) cycle race.— First heat, I, C. Thomas, Resolven; 2, A. Phillips, Aberdare.—Second heat, 1, W. Grif- fiths, Lower Cwmtwreh 2, J. Hodges, Cwm- tillery.—Third heat, 1, W. H. Hinder, Ahr- tillery 2, W. Stride, Mountain Ash.—Fourth heat," W. Crockett, Quakers' Yard; 2, A. Tucker. Pontypool.—Final, 1, W. Crockett, Quakers' Yard; 2, J. Hodges, Cwmtillery 3, W. Griffiths, Lower Cwmtwroh. 300 yards (open) handicap.—First heat, W. G. Bryant, Aberaman Second heat, H. P. Pike. Mountain Ash Third heat, J. S. Isaac, Mountain Ash Fourth heat, W Bick, Porth lifth heat, B. Morgan, PenrhiwceiLer; Sixth heat, E. Vaughan, Pontypridd.—final, 1, H. P. Pike, 2, E. Vauahan, 3, W. Bick. One mile trotting handicap (in saddle).—First heat, B. Davies, Mardy. Rose of Tralee," 20 Second heat. J. Williams, Pontnewydd, "Honest Tom," ser. Third heat, D. Phillips, Pontardav.e, Butcher Lad," 80 Fourth heat, 0. Hodder, Abersychan, "Our Jack," 10r.Final, 1, D. Phillips, 2, 0. Hodder, 3, J. Williams. One mile trotting handicap (in harness).—First heat, T. Williams, Aberdare, "Margaret," 240 Second heat, 0. "Hodder, Abersychan, Our Jacko." 100 Third heat, T. H. Davies, Aber- dare, Maggie C," 35 Third heat. T. W illiams, Aberdare, "St. Fagan's Boy." 15.-Final, 1, 0. Hodder. 2, T. H. Davies, 3, T. Williams ("St. Fagan's Boy"). 1, mile Galloway handicap for ponies not exceeding 14.2.—first E. Rees, Caerphilly, Little Rose," 70 Second, T. Cornelius, Glynneath, Ruby," 390 Third, E. P. Morgan, Pontypridd, Ladas," 185. I

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