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Rhymney Valley Echoes



--,---._--His Blood to Blame.




GELLYGAER DISTRICT COUNCIL PROPOSED RECREATION GROUNDS. MR. L. EDWARDS WOULD LIKE TO BAPTIZE CAERPHILLY COUNCILLORS. A meeting of the Gellygaer District Coun- ■ oil was held at Hengoed on Monday There were present:—Mr. W. B. Lloyd (in the chair), Rev. T. J. Jones, Rev. T. Rees, Dr J. Rich ards, Messrs. L. P. Edwards, D S. Jones J. Morgan. W Hammonds, B. Hughes, G I\1. Evans. J. Jones, L. Edwards, W. Lewis with the deputy clcrk (Mr. Ernest McLeodj, the surveyor (Mr. J. P. Jone-s), and the medical officer of health (Dr. W. W. Jones). The Finance Committee recommended the payment of accounts amounting to about £352; £150 of this was for wages, J652 for salaries and professional attendance, and £15 for fire- men's boots. The remainder was for sundry accounte.—The Public Works Committee re- commended that the owners of Mount Pl<»n«Mnf Cottages, Twyn Houses, Pond Cottages ?nd Gate House, Butetown, be served with notices requiring them to provide the houses with a supply of water The question of the hour of meeting again came before-the Council, Mr. B. Hughes mov- ing, in accordance with notice of motion, that the ordinary meetings of the Council be held monthly, on the first Monday of each month, Mr. Hughes said he thought this might meet the difficulty which some of the members ex- perienced in consequence of the hour having been altered from 4.30 to 1 o'clock, as it pro- vided for only one meeting a month instead of two.—Mr. Lewis Edwards seconded. The Rev. T. J. Jones suggested that, in view of the serious complaints which had been made as to the inconvenience of the hour at which they now met, permission be given to bring for- ward a motion to arrange a compromise be tween 1 o'clock and the old 5 o'clock. It seemed to him a serious thing to disfranchise certain members who could not be present at 1 o'clock. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they had certain capable members who were en- gaged at school and could not be present at 1 o'clock. There were also certain representa- tives of working men. Whether they were paid or not, he could not say, but there were some representatives who did not get paid at all, and thus the present hour disfranchised very estimable and useful members of the Council. Half-past four o'clock was, in his opinion, too te, and caused the work to be rushed through, and he felt that some com- promise ought to be arranged, and the differ- ence split to, say. half-past three.—The Chair man (Mr. Lloyd) said he quite agreed with the Rector, and would move the suspension of standing orders to discuss the matter. This having been seconded and agreed to, Mr. Lloyd proposed as a rider to Mr. B Hughes's motion that the Council meetings be held once a. njonth at 3.30 p.m., and Mr. John Jones seconded.—Mr. Walter Lewis urged that they they should try to get the most convenient time.—Mr. Lewis Edwards and Mr. G. M. Evans said the most convenient time for them was 1 o'clock, as there was no train service from Bedlinog from 12 o'clock until 5.—The Chairman. It seems to me you do not under- stand what you want.—Mr. W. Lewis: Yes, we do. I know my mind, but I don't want to disfranchise anybody if it can be avoided; but the case of the members for Bedlinog is not so difficult as ours.—It was finally decided to hold the meetings once a month at half-past three. only Messrs. L. Edwards and G. M Evans voting against it. I The state of the Caiach Brook at Nelson came before the Council, the Caerphilly Coun- cil asking that the time to enable them to put this matter right should be further extended.— Mr. Lewis Edwards and the Rv. T. Rees urged that the matter had now been allowed to go on for nearly two years, and nothing had been done, and that the matter should no longer be allowed to remain in this unsatisfac- tory state.—Mr. B. Hughes moved that fur- ther time bo given tho Caerphilly Council as to proceed against them would be like cutting off their nose to spite their face. If members knew the true state of their own parish, thov would not concern themselves with others.— Mr. Hammonds said that if their parish was so bad, it was time they were informed about it.—Mr. Lewis Edwards said there had been enough correspondence about the state of the brook. It was disgraceful, and he would like to dip the Caerphilly councillors and baptize them in it (laughter). He moved that the attention of the County Medical Officer of Health be called to it..—This was agreed to. An application of Mr. W. T. Watkins was considered in respect to a licence for a slaugh- ter-hou-se by the Cylla brook at Ystrad Myn- ach. The Medical Officer of Health opposed the granting of the licence until the public water supply was connected.—The Chairman said the Council had put the applicant to con- siderable expense by passing the plans for the slaughter-house, and ther directly the house had been put up, refused him a licence.—Mr. W. Lewis said he presumed that all they had to do was to tell him to apply to the Rhymney and Aber Water Company and give him the licence. The Rector intimated that the trustee of cer- tain lands at Gilfach (Mr. A. C. Thomas) had been good enough to inform him that he was prepared to let tho Council have a piece of land very convenient for a recreation ground at a very nominal rent. The trustees could not give the land absolutely, but would let it for a nominal sum.—Mr. Hammonds moved that the Clerk write for terms. — This was seconded and agreed to. The Rector drew attention to the fact that the footpath from the Cylla to Hengoed was still impassable, and desired to know what was being done in regard to the diversion of the path arranged for at a previous meeting.—Tho I Surveyor stated that plans had been referred to the owners of each plot of land, and three refusals had been made.—Tbe Rector then moved that the Clerk b? instructed to write to the Powell Duffryn Company, requesting thsm to nt once carry out thair undertaking in re- gard to cleaning this path.—Mr. Walter Lewis seconded, and the resolution was parsed. The estimate of J64 for the Sanitary Inspec- tor's uniform by Mr. L. Edwards, of Bargocd. was accepted, and- also for mackintoshes at £2 5s. each. Mr. Walter Lewis gave notice of motIon. that the Council consider the advisability of i improving the Bargoed Recreation Ground in such a way as will enable the public to enjoy it. He said that he thought some means could be found to do this, and yet get their money back. A letter was read from Mr. Samuel Davies offering a plot of ground for the proposed new Toad between Pengam and Ystrad Mynach for offering a plot of ground for the proposed new Toad between Pengam and Ystrad Mynach for £ 520.—The Rector of Gellygaer said his vote would not go for that road if they put ob- stacles in the way like that.—On the motion 'I' of Mr. W. Lewis, seconded by Mr. L. P. Ed- wards, it was decided not to accept the offer. The Rector drew Attention to the insuffic- iency of detail in the estimates, which merely gave a comparison of the estimated expendi- ture for last year and this. He wanted a third column, showing the actual amount spent last year on each of the different items. —The Clerk was instructed to prepare this.

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