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Rhymney Valley Echoes



--,---._--His Blood to Blame.


His Blood to Blame. Blood-Poisoning from a trivial wound. Cured by the New, Good Blood supplied by Dr. Williams' Pick Pills. It was the most trifljjrjej incident—just a scratch on the hand-that disclosed to Mr. T. A. Roberts, of 15, Grosvenor Street, Birkenhead, the fact that from impure Mood the most serious dangers may develop. From that scratch Blood-Poisoning arose, and various treatments applied failed to arrest its progress— indeed, they seemed but to fan the fire of the inflammation. When a wire nail scratched my hand I re- garded it as a simple accident." said Mr. Roberts, but a few days later I felt throbbing sensations in my hand, with inflammation like a fire. I then bathed and poulticed the wound, but in a few days my hand swelled and the pain increased until I thought I should lose my reason. Then I applied lotions and ointments, but night after night I paced the room frantic with agony. A clever doctor who was consulted told me that I was suffering from Blood-Poisoning and should have to give up my employment and rest for some time. He gave me medicine, and oint- ments to apply, but the torture became so aggravating that I could have torn the flesh off my arm. The poison circulating in my system set up Acute Indigestion, followed later by Nervous Disorders. Sleep was out of the question. Except for an occasional doze I had no sound sleep for three months. Then the mischief reached such a stage that the advisability of amputating my arm was discussed. When I happened to read in a newspaper of a woman who had been cured of Blood-Poisoning by .Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, I decided to try these pills. I sent for a supply and after I had taken a few boxes I gained quiet sleep at nights: z, I was also able to take solid food and relish it. Gradually, as I persevered with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, the inflammation in my hand and arm diminished. I put on flesh. Pain entirely left me and I was able to use my hand again without any inconvenience. I returned to work and have had no return of any of the symptoms." THE NEED FOR NEW BLOOD. Bad blood is the direct cause of most diseases, and because Dr. Williams' Pink Pills feed the veins with Rich, New Blood they have achieved the most remarkable cures, including cases of Anajmia, Indigestion, Eczema, St. Vitus' Dance, Nervous Disorders, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatiac, Neuralgia, After-Effects of Influenza; also the ailments of women. Obtainable of dealers, or direct from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company. 46, Holborn Viaduct, London, post free, 2s. 9d.'f or one box, or 13s. 9d. for six boxes. Substitutes do not cure the genuine pills bear the full name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. ✓ j _r



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