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-------Sudden Death at Merthyr

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----_..._--FREE TO LADIES.


------LOST IN A FOG.


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I Dowlais Whit-Monday -Eisteddfod.


[ No Fire Guard-i




—————'j CORRESPONDENCE. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Corpl. Evans, South Wales Borderers.—Tre- vethick's engine ran in 1803 from Merthyr to Abercynon (then Navigation), along an old tramroad crossing Thomastown This was not, however, the first railway in the United King- dom for which an Act of Parliament wa.s ob- tained. The first railway was between Liver- pool and Manchester. THE AUDITOR'S REPORT. SIR,—In your issue of last week therawore two items of personal interest, which, with your permission, I will briefly notice. In tho Auditor's Report, dealing with the payments to certain gentlemen in connection with the incorporation movement, my name is men- tioned, and the Auditor notes that I did not appear to have attended, although a sum was set down as having been paid to me. This entry was afterwards withdrawn from the accounts, but I think some confusion has arisen in regard to it. The facts are that I did not send in any claim, nor was anything at all paid to me. There has, therefore, been no question of my refunding that which I never had.. The other matter is-connected with the sur- charge on the Overseers, and here a short recapi- tulation of the position seems necessary and desriable. Early last year, in consequence of tho action of the Assessment Committee in making special allowance on small properties, it was imperative that a new valuation list should be prepared, and it was discovered that if the list was to be ready in time for the next rate a. great deal of overtime would have to be worked by all the staff in the Assistant Over- seer's department. An application was, con- sequently, made by the Overseers to the Council for sanction to incur the additional expense. This was granted, but a sum quite inadequate was. fixed as the limit. At their next meeting the Overseers again went into the matter, and found, after careful calculation, that the amount allowed would not suffice by a long way, if the needful overtime was reasonably paid for, and also that extreme urgency was imparted to the case from the fact that the new valuation would be lower than the old by approximately £17,000. As the contribution to the Glamorgan County Council would be based upon the valuation in force, it would mean that the Borough would pay about £250 more to the County than it would if the new valuation list were ready. These factors in the case were duly presented to the Council, who gave the Over- seers authority to expend the necessary sum for overtime, so that the list should be ready in time, and thus a, sum of £150. or thereabouts, over and above these special payments, was I actually saved to the ratepayers by the Over- seers, and now some members of the Council are shabby enough to throw the Overseers over, and allow them to be surcharged. A pretty reward this, for faithful stewardship. I shall be told that it is a part of the duty of I the Assistant Overseer to prepare the valuation lists, without extra remuneration- My reply is threefold:—First, that similar payments had previously been made to a larger extent, to which those now objecting wero parties, or some of them; second, that if this view of the matter were correct, there were special features in this case which prevented the work being done in time to secure the advantage of a lower valuation on the payment to the County Council; third, that the Council, with full knowledge of its past practice, its agreement with the Assis- tant Overseer, and the Overseers' views of the urgency of the matter, sanctioned an even larger expenditure than was incurred. Yours faithfully, ARTHUR DANIEL.




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Plans for Houses at Giffach.

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