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TACTICAL EXERCISE. RAIDING FORCE ADVANCE UP THE ABERDARE VALLEY. GOOD WORK BY THE RECRUITS. STEADY AND RELIABLE. On Saturday last Aberdare mountain was the scene of an interesting mimic battle between a "Red" and "Blue" force, in which 500 Terri- torials of the 5th Batt. Welsh Regiment took part, the operations taking place on the top of tho hills between Cefn Pennar Gate, on the road from Mountain Ash, and Mount Pleasant, at the junction of the road from Aberdare to Merthyr. The general idea. was that a. raiding force (Blue) had landed near Cardiff, and were ad- vancing up the Aberdare Valley. The British Army were concentrated at Brefcon, with a view to bring about the surrender or re-embarkatipo of the raiders The raiders were represented by five Companies, drawn from Pontypridd, Mountain Ash, and Treharris, under the com- mand of Major Morgan. Mountain Ash, with whom were Cant. Dowdeswell, Capt. Evans, and Capt. Gray, of Mountain Ash, and Capt. Evans, Pontypridd, and several subalterns. The de- fending force (Red), representing the British Force, was made up of E Company (Aberdare) and G and H Companies, drawn from Merthyr and Dowlais. Major F. T. James was in com- mand of the Red Force, the other officers at- tached to the defenders being Major Phillips, Aberdare; Capt. Harris and Lieut. H. Southey, Merthyr. Amongst the staff present were, Brigadier-General Banfield, C.B., Col.-Com- mandant Arthur James, Major Celery, and Capt. and Adjutant Richards. The defenders disposed of their small force as follows:—Hav- in,g received information that the raiders were advancing. Major Phillips moved hia force to take up a position on the high ground near Mount Pleasant. A section wa3 left here en- trenched to cover the road from Cwmbach a.nd Aberdare, the main force advancing to some higher ground near the site of the old Roman Camp. A section was advanced to a corner of the plantation, and another section thrown for- ward to draw the enemy's fire, and, if possible, to allow part of his force to deliver a counter attack on their left flank. G and H Companies ware told off to occupy the ground near the gate commanding the road from Mountain Ash. Scouts were sent out well in advance, and the advance guard of the force was sent out under Lieut. Souths: They proceeded to Hendre- fawr Farm, and from there climbed the steep slope, and occupied a well-sheltered position be- hind some wall's commanding the approach from Mountain Ash. Major James and Capt. Harris, with the remainder of the force, followed, and the position was strengthened, part of the force being sent round the extreme left to cover the Sank of their position, and to bring an enfilade fire to bear upon the attackers, attempting to gain possession of the gateway and clear the ground along which their main body had to ad- vance. The attackers were exposed to a se- vere fire. The defenders reserved their fire until the enemy got close up.' The presence of the defenders was discovered by some civilian Boy Scouts, and the raiders thereby avoided falling into the trap prepared for them. by de- ploying early, extending, and taking advantage of all available cover. Having regard to Brigadier-General Ban- field's instructions that it was to be a training exercise for the men in skirmishing duties, more than a tactical exercise for officers, the defenders after opening fire, and demonstrating their dis- positions, retired gradually from the wall, and when over the slope and under cover, retired by half companies and sections, each covering the retirement of the other. A half Company of recruits, under Col.-Sergt.-Inst. Gregory, were lying in reserve in a hollow, and when the retiring of G and H Companies was being ef- fected, they pushed forward, and delivered an attack, which further delayed the enemy's ad- vance. As these recruits wera not sufficiently advanced in musketry to be entrusted' with blank cartridges, 'the Instructor and a few old hands fired several rounds to give the position to the umpires, "and carry out the idea. As the attackers advanced they came under the fire of Major Phillips's force, which held them in check until G and H Companies were in position on the slope near Mount Pleasant. Major Phillips' force were able to get their counter attack well home, and gradually with- drew, covered by G and H Companies. The whole programme of the operations was to demonstrate how to delay and harass an attacking force, and this was done very effec- tively. A praiseworthy feature of the day's warfare was the keenness of all ranks, and the steady manner in which the recruits acted. The majority were out on a. field day for the first time, and earned a very good name for them- selves. The discipline preserved was most com- mendable. Brigadier-General Banneld express- ed himself highly pleased with the day's work. He complimented the recruits upon their steadi- ness, and was very gratified at the splendid mus- ter of 500 men. The various Detachments then marched off to their respective headquarters. The men returning through the streets of Mer- thyr, headed by their splendid band, made a very favourable impression by their soldierly bearing, the day out on the mountains in the keen, fresh air having braced everybody up to splendid form.

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