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Will you please BUY A BRICK? I P STRSONAL.—Aldcrucaxi D. \V. Jones lias gono to B arrogate, the fa oarite Yorkshire watering- pla e, for a rest, and will remain there for about, a month. MEBTKYK TYDFIL COUNTY SCHOOL.—We^are t&< cested to state that the entrance scholarship examination will at I 45 o'clock j\m-»>o?i Friday, 4th June, instead of at 2 o'clook. as previorsly notitied. THUNDERSTORM, -On. Morday night, com- mencing aboi-t eleven o'clock, a violent thunder- storm broke over the town and neighbourhood., the vivid flast'es of libtninv. and lotid peals of thunder being accompanied by a heavy and very wekome downponr of rain, whkh continued at intervals for several ho;:ra. MAY SHow.-In the milk .sellers class at Merthyr May show ob?option was taken to the first prize being awarded aid. exhibitor, on the ground that the horse was not regularly em- ployed on a milk round. The committee up- held the objection, and awarded the irrst prize to Mr. Williams, Glyndyras Farm, and t; e second prize to Mr.. H. A.-Smith, of Merthyr. MAY DAY SHOW.f-The third prize for the jumping contest was taken by. Mr. Percy Jones, The. Chase," Nlerthyr, and not by Mr. Walter Gunn, as stated in our last issue. The silver cup given by Mr. J. M. Berry was won by Messrs. Daniel Davies and Son, with Dandy Dimont." Mr. T. E. Jones, Pont- morlais, was awarded the second prize, and not the first as stated in our issue. R.A. O.B.-Fiie candidates were nominated by the Merthyr District for two vacancies of life governors for the Orphanage in connection th the Order, and the following were elected —Bro. J. N- Zotterstrom, K.O.M., and Bro. D. J. Davies, K.O.H. This election r-arrra3 with it the privilege of a life vote, and the contest (by ballot) created a reat amount of excitement, the two successipl candidates securing a large majority over the other candidates. SALVATION ABMY.— The local branch of ti e Salvation Army had some very encouragii meetings at Salem Ghapel, Heolgerrig, on Wednesday, in connection with the Building of the Cross," a character sketch, in which the following took part:—Faith, Miss Hole; Hope, Miss Osbornei; Charity, Miss Brill; Virtue, Miss Griffiths: Knowledge. Miss Thomas; Temperance, Miss May Brill; Patience, Miss Doris Hole, Godliness, Miss Ashfield; Brotherly- kindness, Miss E. Hawkins; Love, Miss Roberts. Mr. Williams presided. The band rendered selections. Ensign Mrs. Moss and M. James rendered valuable assistance. RESCUE ROME.-We are asked to draw attention to the street collection which is to be made to-morrow (Saturday), towards the support of the Rescue Home. The home was much liecied in this town, and is doing good work. Miss Jeffreys, who has recently been appointed matron of the Home, has had considerable experience in the work. The committee appeal with confidence to the public in support, of tlds work. The president of the committee is the Rev. John Thomas hon. secretary, Miss Maggie Hughes; and the committee consists of repre- sentatives of nearly all the Churches and Merched y De. The Homo is conducted en non-sectarian lines, and f u nds to carry on the work. We tt the i^br^fr collection wiH be a. success. NEW" SHOP IN Thurs- day night, Messrs. Adams and Bdham opened a first-class confectioner's and pastry cook^s business at 50, Glebeland-^trest, Morthyr. The shop has been beautifully fitted by a first-class firm of fitters to the trade. The proprietors are well up in their business, and have had oonsiderabJe London and Provincial experience. Mr. Adams secured three first prizes last year at the Confectioners' Exhibition in London. He has also won several other diplomas in the provinces, which proves he has a thorough • Knowledge of the praotical of the baBinew. 7'- They will supply all goods in connection with a h git-c'a,s confectioner's and baker's busi- ness. and will 'also'; undertake catering. THE LATE illit. DL). DAVJES, BRECON ROAD. -At the meeting of the "Hope to Prosper" Division (No. 529) of the "Order of the Sons of Temperance," held at Salem Vestry on Monday evening, a vot6 of condolence was passed with the widow and adopted son of the late Bro. David Davies. Several brothers testified to the splendid work rendered to the cause of Temperance in and around Merthyr by the deceased, from the time of the estab- lishing of the Merthyr branch in 1879, up to the time of his death. Bro Davies had al- ways been an officer of the branch during that period, and never been found wanting. Bro. David Davies was a Past Worthy Patriarch of the division, and was also one of tho Past Grand Worthy Patriarchs of the Grand Divi- sion. His loss is deeply felt by the "Sons." How TO COOK.-At a meeting of the School Management Committee of the Corporation, on Wednesday, Councillor Isaac Edwards questioned the advisability of appointing a cookery mistress in place of a lady who had resigned, because complaints had been made that the children were not taught to cook plain food, which they oupht to be taught, as that would be serviceable to them.—The Clerk (Mr. E. Stephens) said the lessons were according to the syllabus issued by the Board of Education,—Councillor Edwards said that the needs of a particular district should Le considered in this matter.—Councillor Lloyd said that girls should be taught to cook food, substantial food, and not light, pufiy pastry.—A committee, including Mrs. Edmunds was appointed to consider the syllabus, and make recommendations. DEATH OF MRS, GWENLLUN WILLIAMS.—It is with regret that we have to announce the death of Mrs. GN-,el-dlian Williams, which took place at the Gwynne's Arms, Cefn, on Wednesday. Mrs. Williams, for many years, kept the Globe Hotel, High-street, Merthyr, and during her residence there proved herself a model hostess and caterer, and won for herself the respect and esteem of a large circle of friends. Afterwards Mrs. Williams purchased the Gwynne's Arms, and had the interior of the house entirely re- constructed. Of late her health failed, but no one anticipated that death was so near. She as tenderly niirsed by her daughters, with v hom, and also with the rest of the family, e greatest sympathy is expressed. The uneral vill take place on Saturday, starting from the house at half-past three. BAND OF HorE.-T-The annual entertainment of St. Mary's Band of Hope was held on Monday in the Penydarren Mission Hall. The chair was taken by Rev. D. D. Richards. Miss Edith Jones W gave the opening address. A pianoforte solo was nicely played by Mr. E. P. Harry. A recitation, Temperance Kitchen" by several members was highly appreciated. Two excellent solos were given by Miss Cressy Harry and Miss A. 3L Davies, and recitations by Mr. D. Morris, Penydarren, and S. Hill, Dov.-iais; duetts, Misses Dorothy Rutty and Olive Tasker; dialogue, The Nrrses," by six young pirls was remarkably well performed, and accorded loud applause. A cantata, entitled For Harry's Sake," was then per- formed by the Baaid of Hope. The reader was Mr. C. F. Cable. The solos by Master Archie Hicks were sweetly sung. Master Daniel Karman closed by thanking the people for their attention and applause. Credit is due to the conductor, Mr. R. J. Kent, and accom- panist, Mr. E. P. Harry, also Mr. Cable, Mr. Blewitt, Mr. Foulkes and Mi. T. Kent, for training the children to sing and perform so ell MERTHYR RURAL DEANERY.—A meeting of lay representatives of the Rural Deanery of Merthyr was held on Tuesday night at the Town Hall. The Rural, Dean (the Rev. Llewelyn M. Y Hiiams, rector of Dovhis) pre- sided. Fourteen lay representatives were appointed to, attend the Llandaff Diocesan Conference. The Rural Dean advocated the formation of a Ruridecanal Council, and he L said the time was coifing when the Inity- would Jt-ave a greater voice in the Government of the Circrch. They were at the beginning of a Treat campaign in connection with the Dis- establishment and Disendowment of tire Church, and their duty as Churchmen was perfectly clear. He had no hesitation in saying that the cry for ^Disestablishment would become very soon a thing of the past, as the workmen of the cocntry had become wonderfully more intelli- gent since the great conflict of 25 years ago. On the motion of Mr. JoFjl Pleu-s. J.P.. seconded Mr. Dunn, Dovlais, it was resolved that a ruridecanal council be formed. Mr. David iJa-ies was appointed secretary, and a com- mittee was elected to draw, up a constitution for the courcil and a programme of work. A resolution to resist- the Disestablishment Bill was passed. ST. MARY"I; GIRLS' CLTXB, BETHESDA-STBEET HALL.—It is not always that we know what is passing in our midst. At the Exhibition of Welsh Industries held on th«i 20th of May and follov.i'u days at Hyde Park Horse in London, the Princess of Wales, Lady Bute, and others remarked upon the excellence of the"exhibits, -af which increase in variety and quality at every succeeding show. To the surprise of many, among the-exhibitors, were noticed the members of St. Mary's Clul), E-e ig a school of knitting work, of Maltese and other lace, as also of niillinery, and embroidered network. It was pleasing to read, also, of the high praise bestowed on the work, which attracted par- ticular attention, one paper dwelling upon the marked success of the Glamorganshire stall, on which were displayed beautiful lace and knitting from St. Mary's Club, the members of which are also adepts in silk embroidered network. Last year, at the Grafton Galleries, a similar tribute was paid to the workers, and an order from a Court dressmaker for one of the panels worked at the Club gives evideMe of the merit of the pro- ducts. A depot for the sale of knitting and other manufactures of the Club has recently Loou opened at 37, Pontmorlais, which should receive the patronage of the public.

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