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Dowlais Sunday School Union.


Dowlais Sunday School Union. ANNUAL MEETING AND DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. On Sunday the annual meeting of the Dow- lais Auxiliary of the London Sunday School Union was held at Elizabeth-street Presbyter- ian Church, and there was a crowded aud- ience. The service was introduced by ,the Rev. T. (S. i/Avies, Ifor ChapeJ, and after the Children s Choir had sung one of their pieces, the new president. Mr. W H. Oliver, English YVesleyan Chapel, gave the opening address. He said that he was pleased to find such a splendid attendance at the annual meeting, and proceeding to review the work of the Sun- day Schools for the past year, he stated that although good and lasting results had been achieved, yet it was a matter for regret that fewer scholars sat at the recent examination than in previous years. He made a powerful appeal to aU interested in Sunday School work to join and take a hand in making it a greater success. Another chorus and the anthem, "King of Kings," were both rendered in very good style by the choir. The Rev. R: Garbett, superintendent of the Merthyr English Western Circuit, then de- livered an excellent address, and in a very able and instructive manner, spiced with apt illustrations. greatly appreciated by the mixed audience of children and elder scholars, he dwelt upon the three great weapons with which the teachers can best make the Sunday School effective, i.e., patience, tact, and love. After fuither contributions by the choir, Mrs. Prosser Davies, of Beulah School, distributed the prizes of books and certificates to the fol- lowing successful scholars in the recent annual Scripture Examination Senior Gertrude M. Price, Beulah- l&t pnze 10s. 6d.), 1st cer- tificate, to marks (whose paper will be submit- ted for competition in tho "All England" Scrip- ture Examination); Mary A. Searles, Weslev- an, 2nd class certificate, 39 marks.—Upper Mid- dle: Isabel Cook, Wesleyan, 2nd prize (6s.), 1st class, po marks; VVilJiaro Lewis, Wesleyan, 4tb prize (3s.), 1st class, 74 marks, Ada James, Weseyan, 2nd class—Lower Middle: John A. Oriel, Beulah, 2nd prizef(4-s. 6d.), 1st class, 97 marfo; Emma Whitney, Beulah, 3rd prize (3s. 6d.), 1st class, 96 marks; W. Gordon Evans, Beulah, 1st cla^s, 94 marks; Rosie Williams, Elizabeth-street, 1st clas*, 90 marks; John Vic- tor Cousins, Ivor, 1st class, 30 marks; Florrie Thornas. Ivor, 1st class, 81 marks; Jane A. Lewis, AVe-leyan, 1st class 78 marks; Mabel R. Davies, Wesieyan, 1st class, 78 marks; George Luscombe, Ivor 1st class, 78 marks; Dagmar Jones, Elizabeth-street, 1st cla-ss, 76 marks; Jane Lewis. Ivor 1st class, 76 marks; Amy Lewis, Ivor, 1st class, 75 marks; Arthur Jen- kins, Elizabeth-street, ht class, 71 marks.— Junior: Edgar R. Evans, BeuJah, 1st prize I (4s. 6d.). Ist class, 97 marks (All England); Annie WhItney. Beulah, 2nd prize (3s.), 1st class. 96 marks; Frank Lucas, Beulah, 3rd prize (2:5. 1st class, 95 marks. Lizzie M. Thorne. Beulah, 4th prize (Is. 6d.), 1st class. 94 marks: Nana Harris, Beulah. 1st class. 93 marks: Alun Williams, Elizabeth-street, 1st class, 91 n-rkg; Priscilla Lewis, Ivor, 1st class, 90 maxk-s; Brinlew Williams. Beulah, 1st class, 87 marks; H. R. Whittock. Wesleyan, 1st class, 86 marks;; Willie J. Mullins, Ivor, 1st cI, I 81 marks; Henry Ewart Rees, Ivor, 1st class. 00 marks; Horace H. Sweet, Wesleyan, 2nd class, 59 marks. Mr. l>- Williams, Elizabeth-street, the hon. secretary, having read the report and made some remarks, and the Merthyr secretary added his word of. praise, another of Sankey's solos was sung, and the Benediction was pro- le nounced by the Rev. James Williams, Beulah. The singing was under the conductorship of Mr. J. Hubert Harris (precentor of Beulah), who ngt only prepared the massed choir case- fully at rehearsal, but did his work well at the festival, and Mr. Brinley Morgan (Eliza- beth-street) presided at the organ and played the accompanlInents.

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