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Merthyr Police Benevolent Fund. CONCERT AND ASSAULT AT-ARMS. The Drill Hall wa3 crowded on Thurso, night, money having to be refused at th" on the occasion of t i .first annual cone I amault-at-a,rms in aid of the Merthyr Police Benevolent Fund. This interest can- not be wondered at, for the entertainment, besides being unique in its character, gave the ;iudi.?nce an opportunity of hearing some of the finest soloists on the stage. The rules of the Benevolent Fund state that all members of the foroe shall join. and on the death of a member, the sum of £ 100 wiD bo paid to his norninee-to the widow in (A8I) of a married man-and on the death of a as??ember's wife, the sum of j650 will be paid out of the funds. Since last October, ono officer and an officer's wifei have died, and though the fund had only iust b^en started, the money v.-os paid over to the ivjdpw in one case, and the h-st»and in th? other ca'.ve. At that time, tbore was not £ 20 in hand, and to meet the deficiency the police detorminod (by kind permission of the Watch Committee) to organize this canwrt. a.:1d help to make up the deficit. After paying- all ex- penscs, it is expected fhat there will ba a balance 'eft of about £100. This is most grati- fy Lng. Chief Constable Wilson was president and chairman of the Concert Committee, and Inspector A. J. Phillips was treasurer. The committee consisted of Inspectors J. G. Lamb nd D. Roberts, Sergeants A E. Dove, R. Bull. E. Jones, and Polioe-constabloe S. J. Fisher and Moses Williams. Sergt. D. M. Davie«, the hon. secretary, with P.C. WiUiam Williams as assistant hon. secretary, did a tre- mendous amount of work, and carried out the arrangements with crcdIt, to th^mrelves and to the satisfaction of everyone. First-class artistes had been engaged; a woro National prize-winners. The soprano was Miss Elizabeth Hall, a pupil of Madam Clara Novello Davies, who possesses a sweet voice which charmed her auditors. The same may D2! said of Miss Rachel Thomas, the contralto (also a pupil of Madam Davies). Mr. Tom BonneII (tenor) holds a goo'd reputation, while :\1; Geo. T. Llewelyn (bes) has carried off National prizes pinee 1B99, and he i" also a rreat favourito at tho Queen's Hall concerts. The committee w,e fortunate in eoer-ing the -ervioes of the .fr.mous cornet so'oist, Mr. Cores Jackson, for this -was his only vacant dato until May 17th next year. Th0 stage was niccJy decorated with plants lent by Mr. V,il- iiams The Workhonce. Tho first item on the programmo was an overture. "The Bohemian Girl," by the Mer- thyr Territorial Band, unu-er tho conductorc-hip of Mr. Hanney. Mi.-s Elizabeth Hall charmed her hearers with "The Wa.itz Dream" (Ger- man), and Mr. Geo. T. Llnwelyn sang "The Soldier's Dream" (Maschoroni). Poli Sergl. Bolting, lAte sergeant in the 9th Lancers, who looked exceedingly smart in his military uni- form. next gave sword and lance exercises, using OO;.h -weapons with wonderful dexterity. Miss Rachel Thomas .sang "Love the Pcdiar" very sweetly, and Mr. Tom Bonnell was heard to advantage in "The Sailor's Grave" (Sulli- van). Mr. Cares Jackson made a great hit, and his execution upon the cornet was a revela- tion. Ho plays a smooth tone, and in scales and triple-tonguing he was perfect. His items wero "La Neige" and "Fee-des-Eaux," and the audience fully appreciated his abilities. Twelve men of the Borough Police Force, un- der the command of Inspector Phillips, then went through cutlass review exercises, with music accompaniment, and were loudly ap- plauded. The movements o" the men were performed very smartly. and Inspector Phillips and his men were loudly cheered. A pretty duott, "Echoes" (Moir) was next contributed Miss Hall and Miss Thomas, and this was fol- lowed by a dual with swords between Policr- Sergt. Botting, Merthyr, and P.C. Moses Wii- liam-j"(Dowlais), the best four hits out of seven to be the. winner. The Chief Constable acted as judge. The honours went to Sergt. Bot- ting, who won by one hit, both officers being loudly applauded for their interesting enter- tainment. One of the most interesting events of the night was the wrestling contest between Coun- cUlor Peter Wright, of Newport, the middle- weight champion wrestler of Great Britain, and several constables. The Chief Constable intro- duoed Mr. Wright. and said that that gentle- man was ever ready to give his services in the cause of charity. In the first- competition, Mr. Wright's opponent was Mr. W. Klein. one of the champion wrestlers of England; and the next. P.C.'s William-? and Jenkins of New- port Borough Police. Mr. Wright undertook to throw three of his colleagues within ten minutes. For the first four minutes some good, cloesn wrestling was witnessed, and it was difficult to tell who would be on the win- ning side. At one time Councillor Wright formed' a oomplete arch with his body, his head and heels being the only portions of his body on thA stage. Just when everything looked as if Klein would be the victor, the latter was tossed over the Councillor's end the audience cheored this clever bit of strategy. Mr. Wright threw over the three men in 8 minutes. He afterwards gave de- monstrations of the "Ju-jitsu" style of wre-rt. ling, which proved immensely interesting to fhe audience, especially as the champion ex- plained that if oven ladies knew this system ihey would be able to throw anyone who mo- ■ested them, be he burglar or highway robber. Mr. Wright has very generously offered to in- "truct members of the Borough Police Force in the art of "ju-jitsu." The Band opened th second part of the programme with "Harry Lauder's Songs" (Ord Hume) after which Mr. Tom Bonnell sang "Thora" (Stephen Adams). An equally pleafl- ing item was the song, "Gwiad y Delya" (Henry), by Miss Rachel Thomas. Councillor Wright and P.C. Williams then indulged in further wrestling bouts in catches catch-can style. Mr. George T. Llewelyn's "I'm a Roamor" was tastefully rendered, and Miss Hall won vociferous applause for her song "Good-bye" (Tosti). One of the chief items of the evening was the bayonet exercise. by 18 men of the local Police Foroe. under Inspec- tor Phillips. All the men wore their full uniform, each man was over 6-ft. in height, and nearly all wore war medals. To musical accompaniment, Inspector Phillips put the squad through some very fine movements, both in slow and quick time, and here again the men worked with clock-like precision. The Inspector and the men came in for round after round of applause. An interesting quartett-a was "A Regular Royal Queen" (Sullivan), by Misses Hall and Thomas and Messrs. Bonnell ajid Llewelyn. Owing to the length of the orogramme, a dupl with sword and bayonet by P.S. Botting and P.C. Williams had to be abandoned, r This was undoubtedly one of the beat con- certs ever held in the town, both from the point of view of attendance and entertainment, and those whore pleasure it was to be prssent will not soon forget the occasion. The accom pansists were Messrs. Gwilvm Lewis and Dd. Davies. Pianos were lent by Messrs. Thomp ,con and Shackell. and chairs by Mr. Freed- man Dowlai-: Mr. Marshall. Central Hotel; Mr Gomer Thomas. Angel Buildings; the local Branch of the I.L.P.; and the Rector of Dowlais. The police are to be complimented upon the success of their first annual concert.


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