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'h_ ABERAMAN HORSE SHOW. SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION. RECORD ATTENDANCE. That the Aberaman Horse Show is increas- ing in popularity every year is beyond all dis- pute, and the crowd that gathered on Monday was, if anything, greater thaji ever: All the principal business establishments were closed at 2 p.m., and the chief streets wero gaily decor- ated. The weather was exceptionally fine, so that tho success of the show was assured. A procession, containing most of the exhibits, was, as usual, formed at the Aberaman Park, whence it proceeded through Cardiff-road and Lewis- street, as far as Aberdare, the same route being taken on the return journey. The only disap- pointing feature of the procession was the ab- sence of novelties (with one single exception). Yet the turn-out was quite up to the standard of previous years. Crowds of sightseers lined the roads, the lively strains of the Aberaman Original Silver Band bringing them forth from every direction. The show itself was held, as usual, at the Aberaman Park (kindly lent by Mr. E. M. Hann), and there was an adequate grand stand upon the ground, the cost of which has been entirely cloared through the financial surpluses of previous shows.. THE OFFICIALS. Too following are the officers:—President, Dr. Finney, Ty Uchaf, Aberaman; vice-presi- deuts, Messrs. E. M. Hann, D. A. Thomas, M.P., B. Jones, G. A. Treharno, J. Howell, C.C., J H. Powell, Windsor Lowis, Dr. Mur- phy, W. T. Hecs. (Maesylfynon), Dr. Thomas, Dr. Glyn Jones, Col. Phillips (Aberdare), Wil- liam Thomas, J.: D. Hughes, D. Hughes, L. N. Williams,'A. S. Pleaoe, Recs Llewelyn (Bwll- fa), B. Lewis (Aberaman), A. Ogilvie, G. T. Tuckfiold, T. E. Thomas (chemist, Aberaman), R. W. Roberts; hon. veterinary surgeons: Messrs. J. G. Temple, Aberaman, A. W. Oxen- ham, Mountain Ash; Arthur Jones, Merthyr Tydfil. General committee: Messrs. J. James, E. D. Lewis J. Martin, A. Morgan, W. Hill, J. R. Jones, J. G. Temple, J. Lewis, G. E. Harris, W. Druce, H A. Howells, J. Morgan, H. Cohen, J. Davies, T. James, Dan Jones, Thos. Thomas, J. Paratt D. C. Davies, W. T. Howell, T. Roberts, W. Twigg; Jas. Evans, J. R. Davies, J. Bedford. J. Bick. Executive committee: Chairman, Mr. W. Hill; vice- chairman. Mr. J. Morgan; Messrs. J. G Tem- ple, E. D. Lewis, J. Davies, J. Morgan, T. Roberts, J. Lewis, T. James, J. James, J. R. Jones H. Cohen, D. C. Davies W. T. Howell, W. R. Morgan, G. E. Harris, A. L. Morgan; treasurer, Mr. E. D. Lewis; bankers, The Metropolitan Bank, Ltd.; secretary. Tom Rees, Broad Oak, Aberaman. The chief steward was Mr. John James, Aberaman Farm, and the ring stewards were Messrs. J. Davies, W. Twigg, D. Jones, and T. James. Judges' stew- ard, Mr. J. Bedford. The following were the judges: Messrs. Walter Goodard, Lindon Stud Farm, Cheshire; J. R. Bache, Knighton, J. H. Yeoman, Hereford. Yeomany: Major C. Edmondes. Cowbridge, and Captain E. J. Wil- kie, Cardiff; handicapper, Tom Williams, Llwynypia; starter, A. J. Sheen, Aberdare. At intervals the following programme of music was rendered by the Aberaman Silver Band, under the conductorship of Mr. Robert L. Howells:—March, "The President" (Ord Hume); overture, "Zampa" (Arr W. Rimmer) selection, "n Travatore" (Verdi); waltz, "Wil- lowdene" (W. Rimmer); fantasia, "Reminis. cences of the Plantation" (Chambers); duo pol- ka, "Ida and Dot" (Losey); selection, "Beau- ties of Sullivan" (Arr. Ord Hume); march, "Rock Lea" (W. Rimmer); march, "Palmer House" (Pettee); overture "The Viking's Daughter" (W. Rimmer); selection, "Ten min- utes with Wa?ner" (arr. Ord Hume); cornet solo, "Les Folies" (Waldteufol), selection, "Verdi's Works" (arr. H. Round): fantasia, "A Sleigh Ride in America" (Jullien); selection, "Havana" (Leslie Stuart); selection, "Gems of Welsh Melody" (arr. Ord Hume). THE LUNCHEON. At one o'clock, a luncheon was partaken of by the judges, the officials, and a large num- ber of the exhibitors. Dr T. Finney, the president of the show, presided, and was sup- ported by Mr. W. Thomas, High Constable of Miskin Higher, who wore his chain. of office; Messrs. John Howell, C.C., Greenhill; J. H. Powell, Danygraig; T. Martin; T. Rees, Broad j Oak, secretary; and the judges on the cross tables. The toast of "The King and Royal Family" having bn duly honoured, Mr. John Howell proposed "The Powell Duffryn Company." It was, he said, his unique experience to have worked for some years underground for the company, and to have for many years con- ducted for them some of the best stock sales in South Wales (applause). The company was now the largest in the Principality, and he grave some interesting particulars of the way in which, in the early seventies, the men used to have an allowance of beer when the output exceeded 200 tons a day, adding facetiously that those days of good friendship and allow- ances of beer had passed away. The output of Aberaman Pit, however, was now over 2,000 tons a day (loud applause). The population of Aberaman had doubled since that time, and the value of the property more than doubled. At the head of the company they had the ablest general manager in South Wales, Mr. E. M. Hann—(loud applause)—and while they were all sorry he could not be present on that occasion, they were glad that be was still en. gaged in endeavouring to secure the peace of the ooalfield (loud applause). In spite of the dark cloud that now overhung the district, he hoped that before the 1st of July the silver lining would be apparent (hear, hear). Mr. Martin, chief mechanical engineer of the company, responded, and after apologising for the absence of Mr. E. M. Hann and his son, Mr. George Hann, pointed out that since the last show the company had achieved a re- cord by raising 4,020 tons of coal in one day from their pit at Bargoed (loud applause). He was not certain whether that created a record for tile world, but he was certain it was a record for the British Isles (hear, hear). The High Constable, in proposing "Success to the Show," said he was very pleased to be present. in his official capacity as the High Con- staMe of Miskin Higher, and more pleased still to be there as a supporter of the show from its first inception (applause). He was very pleased to learn that the show was still growing, and with the assistance of the Powell Duffryn Company, the co-operation of Mr. Hann and the efficient services of their inde- fatigable secretary, it was bound to continue to grow (hear, hear).. Mr. T. Rees, in responding, said he was certain the how was destined to become a very big one, but it could only do so with the assistance of all (hear, hear). Mr. Rees then proposed "The Judges," in felicitous terms. He remarked that exhibitors did not care so much whether they won or lost as long as they were satisfied that they were getting fair play (loud applause). Mr. Yeomans, in responding, said it was worth coming a long way in order to see such excellent pit horses as they had seen that day. England led in the matter of horse breeding, and that was greatly helped by exhibitions of that kind. Agriculture was the backbone of England. Captain E. J. Wilkie, of Cardiff, after regret- ting the absence of Major Edmondes, said he was very sorry to learn that owing to some difficulty with the War Office, the Committee had had to abandon the class for remounts ("Sbame"). As secretary to the County Terri- torial Association, he could assure them that such a class in that exhibition and in similar ones all over the county was greatly needed. He was, therefore, sorry to learn that it had been abandoned for want of support from the War Office. They wanted a large number of remounts in the county. The previous week he advertised for 300 for the Artillery. The terms offered were liberal, and he bad not re- ceived any replies because there were no horses suitable in the county, the result being that they had to purchase horses elsewhere He wished that Society and similar ones to place a workable scheme before the War Office, and he hoped that next year there would be a large class subsidised by the War Office —(hear, hear)—and he hoped those horses would be bred in Glamorgan. Mr. J. H. Powell, Danygraig, proposed "The President" in felicitous terms, and said he had won his way into thousands of hearts in Aber- aman and the neighbouring villages, not ex- cluding the village of Aberdare. Mr. W. R. Morgan, solicitor, Aberdare, then proposed "The Press," and the judges left once more for their arduous work. THE AWAEDS. Mare or Gelding, Harness and Vehicle. Open to Brewers, Contractors, and General Hauliers (open).— 1. W. Whiting. Industrial Farm, "Old Field Dray- man"; 2, T. Hill, Mountain Ash, "King"; 3, T. R. Lukey, Mountain Ash, "Darran Las Boy"; he. Giles and Harrap, Merthyr, "Ginger." Draught Mare or Gelding, led in Harness (open). —1, W. Whitillgi Industrial Farm, "Old Field Dray- man" 2. T. Hill, Mountain Ash, "King"; 3, T. R Lukey, Mountain Ash, "Darran Las Boy"; h c, Giles and Harrap, Merthyr, "Ginger." Draught Mare or Gelding, Harness and Vehi- cle. Merchants and General Hauliers. For horses that have not won a first prize before (open).—1, T. Hill, Mountain Ash, "King"; 2 and special, Jos. Dunstan, Aberaman, "Cornwall Lad"; 3. T. Jones, Abercynon, "Dick"; h c. W. J. Thomas and Co., Aberdare, "Handsome." Mare or Gelding, suitable for underground work, 15 hands and under (open).—1 and h c. D. Davies and Sons, Ferndale, Nondes"; 2. and 3, John Davies and Sons, Maesycwmmer, "Rival Turk" and "Mabon." Mare or Gelding working underground for three months previous to show (open).-1, 2. and 3, D. Davis and Sons, Ferndale, "Orby," "Rider," and "Dorando"; h c. Cambrian Coal Co., Clydach Vale, "Cock Robin." Pony, Harness and Vehicle, 13.2 hands and nnder .(that has not previously won a first prize in any show) to be driven. Open to Aberdare and Mountain Ash District Council areas.—1, Mrs. George Groves, Navigation Hotel. Mountain Ash, "Lady Grove"; 2, Thos. Thomas, High-street, Mountain Ash, Briton Lass; 3. D. Davies, Aberdare, "Lady"; h c. A. L. Morgan, Lewis-street, Aberaman, "Queenie." Milk Vendor's Turn-out (open).—1 and 2, David Jones, Mountain Ash, "Lady Bang" and "Lady May"; 3, Tom James, Godreaman Dairy, "Aman Lass"; h c, W. Whiting, Aberdare, "Lady Lock." Cob Mare or Gelding, Harness and Vehicle used for general trade purposes (any height) (open).-l. Jabez Gough, Mountain Ash, "Royal Guest"; 2, D. Davies and Sons, Merthyr. "Dandy Dinmont"; 3, David Jones, Mountain Ash, "Lady Bang" h c, Thos. E. Jerman, Dowiais, "Nomination." Pony, Harness and vehicle, Xo.2 hands and under. To bo driven (opcn).-I, Miss G. Burston, Taunton. "Mel Valley Spring Chicken"; 2, Thos. E. Jerman, Dowlais, "Xumination"; 3, Griffiths, Smeth- ciek, "Lady Go Bang"; h c, Jauies Jlillward, Mer- ihyr, "Forcut Queeui- j Grocer's Turn-out, Mare or Gelding, Harness and Cart (open).-l and 2, John Evans, Merthyr "Queen of the South" and "King of the South"; 3. Henry Griffiths, Treharris, "Emiyn Squire"; h c, Cwm- bach Co-operative Society, Aberaman. "Dick." Cob, Marc or Gelding, Harness and Vehicle, over 13.2 hands and under 15 hands, that has not pre- viously won a first, prize in any show. Open to the Aberdare and Mountain Ash District Council areas.- 1, R. H. Pugii, Abercynon, "Lady Wildfire"; 2, W. Whiting. Aberdare, "Lady Lock", 3, David Jones. Mountain Ash, "Lady May", h c, John Morgan, Aberaman, "Maid of Newton." Butcher's Turn-out (open).-I, Richard Evans, Penygraig, "Bravo"; 2, Thomas E. Jerman, Dowlais, "Nomination"; 3, Jno. Morgan, Aberaman, "Maid of Newton"; h c. Lewis Jones, Trecynon, "Princcss Doris." Maru or gelding harness, and vehicle, to be driven (QPen).-l, Miss G. Burston, Taunton, "Heatlifield Squire"; 2, Jabcz Gough, Mountain Ash, "Royal Guest"; 3, D. Richards, Pontypridd, "Llanover Reality"- h c. Adam Matthews, Swansea, "New Creation. Marc or gelding, harness and vehicle, 14.2 hands and under (opert).-I, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare, "Bromley Belle"; .2, Miss a.Burston, Taunton, "Masscy Dot"; 3, George GrifiiHlli, Smethwick, "Lady Go Bang" h c, Thomas E. Jerman, Dow- lais, "Nomination. fishmonger's tiirn-out (open).-I, Collins, Mer- thyr; 2, Edgar Fennell. Cardiff, "Hendre Lad"; 3, John Phillips, High-street, Mountain Ash, "Lady" h c, Robert Broaduent, Mountain Ash. "Forest Queen." l'ouy. mare, or gelding. 13.2 hands and under, to be ridden (open;.—I, Adam Matthews, Swansea, "Naughty Naiad"; 2, Miss G. Burston, Taunton, "Mel Valley Spring Chicken"; 3, George Griffiths, Smet-hwick, "Lady, Go Bang" k c, James. Mill- ward, Merthyr, "Forest Queen." Cob, to be driven, 14 hands and over; speed and action to be considered (open).—1, T. H. Davies, Aberdare, "Maggie C"; 2, Thomas Williams, Green Hill Stud Farm, Trecynon, "St. Fagan's Boy"; 3. T. H. Davies, Globe Inn, Aberdare, "Cymro." Cob or hack (riding), any height (open).-I, D. Rees Jones. Aberdare, "Bromley Bello"; 2, Adam Matthews, Cornhiil Villa, Swansea, "New Creation"; 3, Jabez Gough, Mountain-Ash, "Royal Guest"; h c. A. M. Maddocks, Pyle; Ro Horse, harness, 'brake, cab, or hansom plying for hire in the Aberdare and, Mountain Ash District Council areas. 1 and 2, Warren Williams and Sons, Aberdare, "Dick" and "Kit"; 3, Edward Allen, cab proprietor Mountain Ash, "Daisy"; h c, Harry Wiltshire, 6, Napier-street, Mountain Ash, "Prince." Best tandem; any two exhibitors may join to make np a tandem (i)pen).-I. Miss G. Burston, Taunton, "Massey Dot" and "Mel Valley Spring Chicken"; 2, Adam Matthews, Swansea, "Cornhill Creation" and "Naughty Naiad"; 3, G. Phillips. Ferndale, "Lord Gordon" and "May"; li c, S. Cromwell Jones, M.D., Merthyr, "Queen Fortune" and "Merry Duchess." Yeomanry turnout; mare or gelding, trapping and accoutrement to he taken into consideration (open). -1, Corporal D. Crandon. Mountain Ash, "Black"; 2, Trooper F. W. Mills, Mountain Ash. "Hodder"; 3, Trooper W. Rees, Pontypridd, "Sealskin II. h c, Trooper T. Ponting. Mountain Ash, "Royal." Galloping handicap, about li miles (open).—Final: 1, Evan Rees, Caerphilly, "Little Rose," 40 yards; 2, Thomas Richards, Penrheolgerrig, Merthyr, "Cwmglo Nancy," 380 yards, Tom Cornelius, Maes- y-dyffryn, Glyn Neath, "Nondes." Trotting Handicap, about 1 miles (open).—Final: 1, Hugh Powell, Aberdare. "Betsy," 160 yards; 2, W. Druce, Aberaman, "Little Tommy," 445 yards; 3, J. Eason, Tonypandy, "Dorothy," 40 yards. Jumper (opeD).-I, Glencross Brothers, Frome, "Nomination'; 2, Percy Jones,"Merthyr. "Rufus"; 3, A. H. Jones, Merthyr, "Molly (Seamore"; h c, J. H. Morris, Aberdare. "Nondes." One mile local trotting scratch race.—Final 1. T. Williams, Greenhill Stud Farm, Trecynon, "Tom- my"; 2, W. Whiting, Aberdare, "Lady Lock"; 3. D. H. Morris, Brooklyn House, "Cleopatra." HORSE WITH A BROKEN LEG. In cne of the late events, one of the buggies was broken during its career round the track. The outer wheel was completely detached, and the rider was thrown heavily to the ground. Fortunately, he escaped with nothing worse than a, severe shaking. A little later, in the final heat of the galloping handicap, it was noticed that a mare, named "Plum Ripe" (owned by a gentleman from Newbridge) was going on three legs. It could not go far, how- ever, but stopped immediately opposite the secretary's tent. It was evident that it had broken its leg, and the hoof was hanging by a narrow strip of skin. The animal suffered excruciating pain, and kicked its leg wildly in the air. It was decided to have it shot at once, and Mr. John Thomas, P.D. farrier, took it between the. hurdles and ended its life. The owner's grief at losing such a valuable animal was very great. In the same final race, a riderless horse went round the track. No damage was done in this case, and the animal slowed down at the end of the race.

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