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MERTHYR POLICE COURT. TUESDAY.—Before Sir T. Marchant Williams (Stipendiary), Mr. W. L. Daniel. Mr. J Plews, Mr. D. C. Evans. Mr. A. Howfield. OCCASIONAL LICENCE.—Mr. F P. Charles ap- plied for an occasional licence for Penydarren Park on Whit-Monday, Tuesday, and Wednes- day, on Lile occasion of sports, etc.—The appli- 1 cation was granted, tho licence to be in foroe until eight o'clock each night. DISMISSED.—Maxgaret Evans, Pelican Inn, Dowlais was summoned for permitting drunk- enness at her house.—Mr. F. P Charles de- fended.—U'he d-efence was that the landlady was trying to get the man out when Sergt. Jones called, and the cafe was dismissed. A CAUTION.—Two m-n were fined 5s. includ- ing oasts for trespassing on the T.V.R. lino at Qu.-ikers' Yard. They aid they thought they had a right to pass over the line. His FATHER.:—Several persons were summon- ed to contribute towards the support of their man, aged 66, who said ho him- self would soon be "on the road," was told to pay Is. towards the keep of his father, who M an inmato of tho Asylum. HE "OWN UP."—John Jones was charged with stealing a mason's trowel, value 3s. u.v .tho property of George Nicholas, a mason at Plymouth Colliery, and who lives at Pentrebach. —Prosecutor said he missed the trowel, .And the defendant eaid ho had not soen it, but' the trowel was afterwards fcen in Jones's lodgings.—Defendant said he lost his trowel, and bo took this one instead of it— Defendant was fined 20s. and costs. THE FACTORY ACT.—George Britton. who keeps a sausage factory at Dowlais, was sum- moned by Mr. Edwards, Home Offioe Inspec- tor, not fixing an abstract of the Factory Act, ugpn his promises.—Defendant, who has carted", on tho business for nearly ton years, ileaded ignorance of tho law, and was fined 5s. and costs-. Albert Sweet-, Mark Goodwill, Richard Henry Davies, Thomas E. Jerman, butchers, Dowlais, were similarly summoned and fined. ALLEGED POCKET-PICKING AT DOWLAIS Simon Jones, labourer, Dowlais, was charged vith attempting to steal from person of Mary Jones, at Caeharris Station, Dowlais, on Saturday ni"ht.—Mr. F. P. Charge; defended. —Morgan Jones, a collier, said he saw the defendant put his hand in a woman's pocket, but he failed to take anything out. Defendant went to another woman, put h;s hnnd into her pocket, and pulled half of the pocket out. Witness caught hold of the man, and gave him :n charm He also to'd a porter.—Mary Jones (married, woman), of Bedlinog, said she went to Dowlais on Saturday, nrriving at Caeharris Station. A crowd of people came by the same train, and there was a crush on the platform. She saw the defendant near the booking office. Just after, she discovered that the lining of her pocket was half out, but she found her purse, and said to herself. "Thank fod. Defendant, who p!ead°d not guilty, and reserv- ed his defence, was committed for trial.—The Stipendiary commended Morgan Jonos for his conduct, and said he took a very proper course in reporting what he had seen. DOWLAIS TERRITORIALS' HOME- COMING. Edward Hurley, landlord of the Royal Oak, Dowlais. was summoned for keeping open his house for the sale of liquor at 11.40 p.m. on Monday, 17th May, and Morgan Watts and David Isaac were summoned for being found on the premises.—Mr. F. P. Charles defended. —P.C. Carter said that he and P.C. Duggan found the men in th9 house.—Cross-examined, witness said he beard that Hurley's son had come home that night from the Territorial Army training, and that the two men were his friend-.—P.C. Duggan said the men told him they were staying in the house that night, but they left at 12 o'clock. One of the men said he lived at Abercynon, but both lived at Dowlais, not far away.—The Stipendiary said it was not a. serious case, and the fine. 20¡¡. and costs, would not interfere with Hurley's ten- ncy. — The other men were fined 10s. and costs. "'3 A Russian at Dowlafat SCENE IN A TRAMCAR. Russian living at Dowlais, was summon.ed for travelling on the tram car between Peny- darren (New-road) and Dowlais without paying his fare.—Mr. F. S. Simons prosecuted for the Traction Company.—Defendant was also sum- moned for assaulting Fred Jones, the conduce tor of the car.—Defendant paid a penny at the Theatre Royal, and rode up to the New-road. He said he wanted to go to the top of the road, and witness said he would have to pay another penny. This he refused to do, and struck Tucker Evans, a passenger, and also the guard of the car, on the face.—The Sti- pendiary said he wanted tramcars to be con- ducted without any kind of disturoance, so that any woman and child could travel with- out molestation.—For not paying his fare, de- fondant was fined 5s. and costs, and for the assault 40s. and costs. Train Stopped in Abernant Tunnel., COMMUNICATION CORD PULLED. Francis W. Evans and Henry John Thomas, of Georgetown, were summoned at the instance of the G.W.R. Company for pulling the com- munication cord of a passenger train in Aber- nant Tunnel without having reason to do so.— Mr. Baker Jones appeared to prosecute.—Geo. Price, guard on the 3.32 p.m. train from Hir- wain. said that on tho 5th of May, the com- munication cord was pulled, and the train stopped in the tunnel. He found the cord slack outside the compartment where the de- fendants were. When he questioned the men, they gave him wrong names and addresses.— Defendants denied pulling the cord.—Mr. Pur- chase, station-master, said the men also gave him wrong names a.nd addresses, but admitted their identity to the police. They were very Gxcitfid.——One of the defendants said he was asleep in the tunnel.—The Stipendiary thought the case proved, and inflicted fines of 40s. and costs each. Selling Bread Without Weighing. CAUTION TO BREAD-SELLERS. John F. Bond, Castle-street, was summoned for selling bread without weighing it to Merit- Constable Williams on the 7th inst.—The officer ■ aid he bought a 2ib. loaf, which was not weighed, and Chief Constable Wilson said the loaf was 2 ounces short of 21bs.—Defendant said he had never weighed bread, and he sold it as he bought it. The baker, he thought, should be made responsible.—A fine of 5s. and costs was imposed.—The Chief Constable said he purchased eighteen loaves, and Mr. Bond's was the only case where the loaf was not weighed. HIMBOD'S CTTRE FOR ASTHMA.—Established over a quarter of a century.—Prescribed by the Medical Faculty throughout the world. It is used as an in- halation. and without any after bad effects. Testi. monials of efficacy from the late Lord Beaconsiield, Miss Emily Faithfull. Sir Morel Mackenzie, and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Trial samples free by post. In tins at 4s. 3d. British Depot, 46, Holborn Via. duct, London; and also of Newbery. Barclay. Sang ers, Edwards, May, Eoberts, Butler and Crispo; Thompson, Liverpool; and ail Wholesale Houses.

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