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I " Merthyr Express " Diary.

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.Theatre Royal, Merthyr.


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THEATRE Mife ROYAL, MERTHYR. Lesees THE SOUTH WALES ENTERTAINMENTS Co. MONDAY, MAY 31st, and during the Week, And MATINEE WHIT-MONDAY. Miss IDA MOLESWORTH & Mr. MARK BLOW'S COMPANY, including MIAA AGNES VERITY and Mr. JOSEPH MILLANE, In New Domestic Drama of Great Heart Interest, 9% n p The Luck of Roaring Camp. A Gold Mining Camp in Western America, made famous by BRET HARTE. SPECIAL ATTRACTION! FRIDAY NIGHT ONLY, THE CELEBRATED FRANCO BRITISH PLAY- UNDER TWO FLAGS, By OUIDA. floors Open 7.15. Commence 7 45. Circle, 2s. Stalls, Is. 6d. Pit, I s., Gallery, 6d. PENYDARREN PARK, & MERTHYR TYDFIL WHIT-MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, May 31st, June 1st and 2nd, 1909. THE FIRST ANNUAL MONSTRE FETE AND GALA, SPORTS AND HORSE SHOW The following Artistes have been engaged at great expense: I DON PEDRO, The Modern Biondin, THE ALEXANDRE TRIO-The sensational Flying Trapeze Act. Lieut. CHARD'S DOG CIRCUS. Prof. MANLEYS ROYAL PUNCH & JUDY. The CARLSENS. The MEZZETTiS. The RICHARD S TRIO COMEDY ACROBATS. The THREE CYCLING CYCLISTS. The AMIO TRIO. Whit Monday & Tuesday-PROFESSIONAL ATHLETIC SPORTS Including a £50 Sprint open to the World. Galloway and Trotting Events- Nearly 9200 in Cash Prizes. Whit-Wednesday-HORSE SHOW E200in Cash Prizes and Championship Classes. Single and Double Harness. Riding and Jumping Classes. Gallaway and Trotting Events. The following celebrated Bands have been engaged—Whit-Monrlay, The Battalion Band of the Breck- nock Territorial Reet., Conductor, Mr. K Cunnington Whit-Tuesday, Aberdare Town Prize Band, Conductor Mr. J. Manley; Whit-Wednesday, Cyfarthfa and Merthyr Municipal Band, Conductor, Mr. George Livsey also an Orchestral Band. A Grand Display of Fireworks by Messrs. W. & J. Wilder, will conclude each evening. ADMISSION, I s. For particulars of cheap excursions see Railway Company's Bills. Gates open at 11. Commence at 12. Schedules and Entry Forms now ready. Tenders invited for Refreshment Tents, Sweet and Fruit Stalls, etc. For spaces apply ISRAEL PRICE, Secretary, Temperance Hall, Merthyr. Look out for DRILL HALL ATTRACTIONS. Entries close for Sports and Horse Show MONDAY, MAY 24th. The New Park, Pontypool. ,1JHIT MONDAY & TUESDAY, May 31st & June 1st, 1909. Monstre FETE. Cn \if Ann I DirnniQU Great Continental Aerial Cyclist and High Diver. The most LU W AnU J« fiuU U Ion, Sensational Act of its kind in the World. Marvffious Kauffman Troupe ch,?L„E Lady Cyclists,6 l[n„NmTebSa,,?Sn&fK8lr in his SensatioDal Performaii BRIN,N, entitled ce, Pasti mes on a Battleship. GRAND BALLOON ASCENT n&ggSFg™ CAPTAIN SPENCER. HERR PONCHERY and LA BELLE ROSE, Monarchs of the High Wire. WOOLFORD'S CIRCUS, with their Wonderful Performing Ponies, Dogs, and Donkeys. The BOB HANLON TROUPE, in their Graceful Performance on the Aerial Bars. The CHANDON TRIO, Aerial Slack Rope and Teeth Performers. CAPALDl BROTHERS, Laughable, Comical, Musical Clowns. < The LES VALDOS. the Great Eccentric Comedy Knockabouts. The BROTHERS MARLANDS, with their world-renowned Punch and Judy, and Dog Toby. fE OLD ENGLISH FAIR, comprising Round-abouts, Cokernut Shies, Up-to-Date Cinematograph Show, &c., by arrangement with Mr. Marshall Hill, Bristol. Amateur ATHLETIC SPORTS, Donkey and Sack Races. Over :650 in Prizes. Horse Competitions, Whit-Tuesday, £ 150 in Prizes anLft1HQrrs^n1,tehTIhou^.for DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. WHIT-MONDAY-SPORTS, t20 Yards Flat Handicap (Open) Prizes Value LS 5 0 620 Yards .oo 5 5 0 (40 3^ttxds *• ••• 11 550 220 Yards Boys' Flat Handicap (open to Boys within a radius of 3 Miles) „ 10 0 Half-Mile Flat lie-disi|> (Open) .oo 5 0 0 One Mile Walking Race (Open) .oo „ 4 4 0 Sack Race (Open to Boys under 14 years of age) „ 0 15 0 Must be 4 Starters, Runners to find their own Saks. Entrance Fee, 6d. Donkey Race (Open). No Entrance Fee. 1 0 0 Also Second and Third Prizes. 1 9 QUARTER MILE AND ONE MILE I SOUTH WALES £ f Amateur Cycling Championships i CARSNARTHEN PARK I ON WHIT-MONDAY. I • f i ]! CAPTIVE BALLOON ASCENTS during the Afternoon. CYCLE AND FOOT RACE8. f < 'I AERIAN & OSTARA, Flying Trapeze Performers. jj II 3 HODGINIS 3, Gymnastic Wonders. 1) • RIGHT-AWAY BALLOON ^and* Thrilling^' Parachute Descent. • _—— j f. Secretary-J. C. H. PORTNELL, Carmarthen. i I SWANSEA HORSE SHOW IN VICTORIA PARK, Thuvsday( July 1st, 1909. SHOW OPEN at 11 o'clock. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. Carriages and Motor Cars 51-; each occupant 1 extra, driver excepted. IN PRIZES. 260 IN PRIZES. OPEN AND LOCAL CLASSES for Hackneys, Harness, Tandem, Trotting, Jumping, Tradesmen's Classes, and Cart Horses. SWANSEA POLICE and COUNTY COUNCIL BAND in attendance. rhean Tickets from Stations on the Great Western, London & Western, Midland, and Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railways. See Railway Co.'s Bills. Electric Trams from all Stations to Show Grounds. Eutries close June 17th Schedules to be had of Secretary, FRET). J. PARKER, Plymouth-street. Swansea. ATTRACTIVE PROCRAMME. BIC ENTRIES. DOWLAIS EISTEDDFOD WHIT MONDAY, MAY 31st, 1909. MALE VOICE CHOIR, £45. CONGREGATIONAL, j325. JUVENILE CHOIR, £10. CHOIR 22. OVER goicoals IN PRIZES. Penillion Sieging-B2 2s. All Vocal Solos £2 2s. Pianoforte & Violin Solos £ 2 2s. Ambulance Com- petitions £ 3 3s. Timbering £ 310s. Programmes and Order of Day 2d., Post Free, of Gen. Sec. Mr. D. Reee, Ormonde House, Dowlais. BEDLINOG EISTEDDFOD ON —— Whit Tuesday, June 1st, 1909. GOOD PROSPECTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL GATHERING. niwli Entries Ir most of the compotitigns. NOTE XJtlE DAX £ ECrLW Y8fTjAIV SPORTS, SATURDAY, JUNE 26th, 1909. TROTTING FOOT-EVENTS AMBULANCE ok TIMBERING COMPETITIONS. for particulars see Posters. Secretary: 25, Tridwr-road, Abertridwr LLANDILO. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD EISTEDDFOD Will be held on the Renowned PENLAN PARK (One of the most delightful Resorts in Wales) on MONDAY, JULY 5th, 1909 Programmes and full particulars from the Secretary- C. G. PHILLIPS. PONTLOTTYN FOURTH ANNUAL Chair "EISTEDDFOD MONDAY, JULY 19th, 1909. MIXRD CHOIBS, "Efe a ddaw" (T. Price), 220, and Baton to successful Conductor, 10/6 to each unsuccessful Conductor. MALE VOICFS, "Valiant Warriors," 1st Prize £ 10, 2nd Prize L5. CHAMPION SOLO, Awake and Arise" (Eleen Dene), handsome Sit "M Cup value E2 2s. Competitions for Ladies' and Juvenile Choirs, Solos, Recitations, Essays, &c., prize 21 Is. each. Pryddest, Y Wawr" Prize JB2 2s. and Chair. Ambulancc, Musical Drill, &c. Full particulars in Programmes, Id. (post lid.), from Secretaries, JOHN EVANS, Dresden House, Pontlottyn. DAVID W. JONES, School House, Pontlottyn. SENGHENYDD Chair EISTEDDFOD SH"IR«BeB 29th, 1909. MALE VOICE — "Destruction of Gaza" (L. de Rille), L15 MIXED CHOIR — Ar lan Iorddonon ddofn" (Gabriel), £ 10. JuvEnLE CHO, it-" Sweet and Low" (Barnby), £5. BRASS BAND—"Gems of illozart" (Wright and Round), L16. CHAMPION SOLO—Open, £ 3 33. And various other Competitions. ISAAC THOMAS, Secretary, OAKFIELD. SENGHENYDD. National Pageant of Wales. At the request of the Pageant Committee I have roucb pleasure in convening: a MKETING to V held at the Memorial Hall, Aberdare, on Thursday, June 3rd, 1909, at 7.30 p.m. to hear an address by OWEN RHOSCOMYL, the Historian of the Pageant, on the objects and value of the Pageant from a historical tandpoint. This will be a rare treat. Owen Rhosoomyl being an acknowledged authority on the history cf the Principality. Admission Free. All are invited. WILLIAM THOMAS. High Constable of Miskin Bigher. NATIONAL PAGEANT OF WALES. CARDIFF, JULY 26 to AUGUST 7,1909. Performances—July 26-31, at 2.30 p.m. „ August 2—7, at 7.30 p.m. Two Performances Saturdays and Bank Holiday. RHWYSG HANES CYMRU! THRILLING EPISODES!! HISTORIC COSTUMES! GREAT NATIONAL SPECTACLE! Storming of the Castle by 200 Distinguished Footballers, including all the Great Welsh Internationals. Magnificent Fireworks Displays. Booking Office Now Open. Reserved Seats-2/6, 5/ 7/6, and 10/6. Ordinary Admission Is. A. W. SWASH, Hon. Sec., Pageant House, Cardiff. SEASON 1909. "TROTTING RAILWAY 2nd," A Dark Bay Cob, 14-hands 1-in,, 5 years old, WILL SERVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF MARES at the ANTELOPE HOTEL DOWLAIS. Terms Moderate. SACKFUL OF RATS. MR. OARLETON, Chemist, Larne, writes A cus- tomer got a sackful of Rats after using RODINE RAT POISON. Slaughters millions. No. escape. Ex- termination sure. Prices—6d., Is., 2s., 3s., 5s. Post 2d.-T. HARLEY, Chemist, Perth. Agent: T. JENKINS, Chemist, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. FRANK JELLEYMAN, TUNING EXPERT. The Arcade, MERTHYR. JE». JEWELLER, Pontmorlais, Merthyr. GITEAT Sale of Jewellery Entire Stock must be Cleared at Once, and will be SOLD at Ureatly Reduced Prices. GIVING-UP BUSINESS! COME AND VIEW WINDOWS, AND COMPARE PRICES WITH OTHjSJIS. IGOMMTUBHSI a HgCiSTEHC-P Eg^ vg Em Facsimile oj One-Ounce Packet. Archer's Golden Returns I Th. Perfection of Pipe TobacOO. 8"u, u"71IT. 1 PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, THE WALK, MERTHYR. PJUACIIER NEXT SCKDAT— REV. J. DAVIES, Carmel, Cefn. Services at 11 a.m. and G p.m. Spiritualist Council of Wales opened permanently at TREVETHICK HALL, MERTHYR, SUNDAY NEXT, MAY 30tb, 1909. Afternoon 3 and Evening 6.30. Mr. E. G. SAD-LE-,R :(tar-diff), Mrs. NIEL (Barry), Clairvoyant. MONDAY, AT 8 O'CLOCK, TREVETHICK HALL, Mrs. NIEL (Barry). NOW OPEN, 50, GLEBELAND STREET (next door to "Express*" Office), a High-grade CONFECTIONERY ESTABLISHMENT. Five London and other awards for Confectionerv. HOME-MADE CHOCOLATE. Agent for Tobler's famous Swiss Milk Chocolate. CATERING DONE. ESTIMATES GIVEN. I Nat. Telephone. ADAMS & BELLHAM, 50, Glebeland Street, Merthyr. Merthyr Spiritualist Society, ABERMORLAIS SCHOOLS, WHIT-SUNDAY, Mr. WALTER HOWELL, Birmingham, will occupy the Platform at 11 o'clock and 6.30. SUBJECTS: i "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good." The Spiritual World and where to find it." J. W. RICHARDS, I Hon. See.