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ABERCANAtD. STRAIN, DISEASE AND DRINK. — Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, held 3Jl inquest at the Richards Arm Inn, Abercanaid, on Monday upon the body of Evan Bovan, aged 30, a ha,ulier, of 4, Lewis-square, Abercanaid. Whilst at work in Cwm Pit the deceased strained himself in push- ing a tram on the 13th inst., a.nd he died on Friday. Dr. Ryce made a post-mortem examin- ation, and he found indications showing- that death was due to pneumonia and pleurisy, there being signs also of excessive drinking. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony. THE LIBRARY.—A meeting wa.s held in the reading room of the free library to hear the re- port of the book purchasing committee on their work in procuring books to suit the tastes of the readers in tho district from the grant allotted to them by the Free Libraries Committee of the Merthyr Borough Council. Many of the leading gentlemen of the district were present, including Dr Ryce, Coun. D. J- Lewis ajid L. M. including Dr Ryce, Coun. D. J. Lewis and L. M. Jones. Coun. iD. J. Lewis presided. A letter was read from Mr. T. T. Jenkins regretting his inability to be present. Coun. Lewis gave a brief review of the work of the Free Libraries Committee since he was elected chairman in November, 1903. He explained that the Coun- cil had granted to the committee money for re- novating and restocking all the libraries in the Borough. He was confident that the book pur- chasing committee had catered well for the homogenous tastes of book lovers in the three hundred new volumes of literature which now filled the book cases in the room. In saying this he was reminded that during the week one of the greatest English writers of the nineteenth century, George Meredith, had passed away. He hoped most of those present would read the books of Meredith. — Dr. Ryce gave the report of the purchasing committee. The committee, he said, had brought a varied collection of i volumes on science, philosophy, and general lit- erature. These books would appeal differently to the many types of minds. Some would sim- ply read them without much application of the thought. Some, again, would peruse and digest them with commendable assiduity, while others would have no pleasure from them at all, think- ing it a tedious occupation. However, he hop- ed they would be made use of by both young and old, male and female of the district.—Mr. David Davies expressed great pleasuro that such good facilities had been provided for the people for advancement. The time would come, he opined, when they should go to the Council and say, "Wo have read and printed indelibly on our brains the knowledge contained in these books. We want, to change the old stock for a. new one." —Mr. Wm. Davies addressed the meeting in Welsh. He pointed out that thirst for know- ledge did not solely mean that a person should advance his position in respect of employment. A man could still remain a collie-, yet possess the merit and crecteiiiials of a manager The i i rssl. fcgra&aK .tevJgdie.T\: [ Coun. L. M. Jones said he was looking forward to the time when one would be able to go out to the grounds with a book in the summer and enjoy oneself in pure air and good reading. The Council had planted some shrubs already and he hoped more would be done in this direction soon.