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Mountain Ash District Council.…


Mountain Ash District Council. ACTIVITY OF THE A'BERCYNON CHAMBER OF TRADE. A LETTER TO THE "MOUNTAIN ASH COURT OF CHANCERY. 'I The ordinary Meeting of the Mountain Ash District Council W;,8 held on Tuesday, Mr. W. Millar in the chair, where were also present j Messrs-. G. A. Evans, Thomas Jones, Griffiths Evans, J. Charles, E. Morris, G. E< Hall, Fred X. Gray J. M. Linton (deputy clerk), H. Stock (accountant). On the consideration of the report of the Committee on Street Watering, Mr. John Charles moved that Bailey-street above Glyngwyn- streefc should be watered.—Mr. G. H. Hall also urged that other streets bo watered and that the streets be watered on Sunday mornings.— The matter was referred back to the commit Lea ] for re-consideration. A letter was read from Mr. J. 1. Jones, ¡, Robert Town Estate, in reference to the lnsim; of a stay in connection with the electric lighting works, at Ynysybwl, and:it was decided to ask for some modification of the terms.—The Seal: of the Council was attached to the agreement entered into between the Great Western Railwuy i Company and the Council, in reference to the uses cf the level crossing at Duffryn.—A letter was read from the G.W.R. Co., intimating that they had objected to the valuation list for the Parish of Llanwonno. They, however, offered to pay the district rate on an undertaking being given by the Council to adjust the accounts in accordance with any amendments duly made in the valuation list. A letter was read from Mr. John Davies, secretary of the Abercynon Chamber of Trade, asking the Council to give the ratepayers an OpP) tunity of discussing the Glamo gan Water Bin. before the Council came to a final decision to join the Water Board.—Mr. T. Jones said he complimented the Chamber on the action they were taking. It was, however, at present, somewhat too late in the day to deal with the matter.—It was agreed that a letter to this, effect be sent to the Chamber. A letter was read from the secretary of the Abercynon Chamber of Trade, asking the Council to provide Abercynon with an efficient watering cart.—This was referred to the Street Watering Committee.—Mr. G. A. Evans said that evidently they were much more alive at Abercynon to the needs of the district than they were in Mountain Ash. At Abercynon they were having their scavenging carts covered over, but not at Mountain Ash. A letter was read from the Medical Officer of the Glamorgan County Council, asking for information in reference to the Small Pox Hospital. It was referred to the Hospital Committee.—The secretary of the Abercynon Chamber of Trade wrote asking for the result, of the interview the Council had with Mr. Beasley, in reference to the subway at Abercynon —It was stated that the report of the deputation had not yet been received, and a reply to that effect was ordered to be sent .—A letter was read, from Mr. Cooper, 6, Strand-street, re the pavement, kerb and channel in front of his house.—Mr. G. A. Evans moved that the Surveyor report upon all the pavements, etc., in Newtown. Nothing had been done to the streets in Newtown for years.—The Chairman seconded the resolution, and said the streets and pavements in Newtown were in a disgraceful state. Now that their street roller could get to Newtown he thought the matter should be put right forthwith.—The Abercynon Chamber of Trade wrote that the covering of the scavenging carts was not satisfactory, and that the scaveng- ing in that district was not properly done.—On the motion of Mr. G, A. Evans, the inspector was instructed to report on the covering of scavenging carts throughout the district. A Mr. John B. Harding, of Illinois, wrote, saking whether the Council could give him any information respecting the will of his uncle, one Joseph Harding, who was supposed to have been killed in a colliery accident in Mountain Ash some ten years ago. The letter was addressed to the Court of Chancery, Mountain Ash, the writer stating that some time ago an agent enquired for his father, Mr. Thomas Harding, now deceased.—It was resolved to re-address the letter to the authorities at Somerset House. A letter was read from the secretary of the Welsh Pageant Committee, asking the Council to do all in their power to assist the Committee. The letter further suggested that the Council might become guarantors.—The Clerk said that the Council could not, as such, become guaran- tors, but tho chairman intimated that he intended becoming a guarantor, and invited the members also, personally, to become guarantors. Ho pointed out that the Pageant was a national one, and would prove of great value to Wales. A letter was read from a gentleman whose trousers had been ripped by one of the baskets put up by the Council to deposit orange peel, etc., therein, and which had been broken. He also pointed out that a large number of these baskets had been damaged, and thus became dangerous to pedestrians. He thought an appeal should be made to the ratepayers to do what was possible to put a stop to the damaging of these baskets.—The Clerk held that the Council was not liable for the damage done to the Wliter's garment, but several of the members expressed the opinion that the suggestion made as to the wilful damage of these baskets was well worthy of consideration.—Mr. T. Jones said he thought a different type of basket might be more serviceable.—The Clerk was instructed to communicate the Council's regret for the accident and to repudiate any liability. The Sanitary Inspector reported several cases of nuisances, acd the statutory notices were ordered to be sent to the owners and occupiers in each case. The Surveyor reported that both the reservoirs were below overflowing. The previous night 1.0 inches of rain fell. The Medical Officer reported five cases of scaxlet fever, three of diphtheria, two of enteric fever and three of erysipelas. He reported that Paris House, Penrhiwceiber, and Paris Cottage were overcrowded, and the usual notices to abate the overcrowding were ordered to be served.

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