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IAccidental Death. : I

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-- P-Empire Day at Llwydcoed.


P- Empire Day at Llwydcoed. GENEROSITY OF MR. WINDSOR LEWIS. For the third year in succession the children at the Llwydcoed Council School, Aberdare, had a red-letter day on Monday—Empire Day—I thanks to the generosity of Mr. Windsor Lewis. the son of the lato Mr. James Lewis, of Plasdraw the owner of the estate. At two o'clock th'i children, all prettily and tastefully dressed foi the occasion, had met at the school-room, and were then marched by Mr. Griffiths, the head. master, Miss Jones, the headmistress, and the assistants, to the school playground, where the magnificent flag, presented to the School by Mr. Windsor Lewis on the occasion of the first celebration, lay furled. In the presence of the guests, who included the Rev. Richard Jones, Vicar of St. Fagan's, Aberdare; Councillor T. Walter Williams. ex-Chairman of the Aberdare Education Committee Mr. John Morris, Oartref, Clerk fo the Aberdare Education Committee Mr. J. Comley, agent to Mr. Windsor Lewis, etc., the "Song of the Empire" was rendered by the children, all of whom had been presented with flags which they waved loyally. The flag was then unfurled, and Miss Annie Thomas sang the Welsh National Anthem, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." Councillor T. Walter Williams spoke to tho children on the meaning of the ceremony they had been engaged in, and what Empire Day was intended to commemorate. He pointed out how the children of Germany were, from their very earliest days, taught that it was their duty to become patriots, and they were taught much of what Empire meant and what con- stituted true patriotism. In spite of the fact that Mr. Williams admitted that he had not been used to addressing children, he made the speech very interesting to them, as well as to those of more mature growth. The children then returned to the school-room, where Mr. Windsor Lewis had very kindly arranged that they should be regaled with a plentiful supply of tea and cake, the catering being entrusted to Mr. F. W. Caunt. and it was done well. The little ones were then photo- graphed by Mr. J. W. Fyfe, of Aberdare, Mr. Windsor Lewis having expressed a desire to obtain a copy thereof. Afterwards the visitors and children sat to tea, and hearty votes of thanks were accorded to Mr. Windsor Lewis, who so worthily represents the well-known generosity of the family, and to Mr. Comley, the agent to the estate, who briefly replied on his own behalf and on that of Mr. Lewis. The staff at the school deserves commendation for the manner in which they had decorated the school-room, etc., and the villagers, who had set up flags, etc., throughout the villaes,