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IAccidental Death. : I

_"'. Glamorgan Water Bill.

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. Heaven and Hades.

Emotion and the Eyes. -



. Fatal Accident at Hirwain.

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HIRWAIN. BAPTISM.—On Sunday evening, at Ramcftj Baptist Chapel, five persons declared their de- sire to be baptized by immersion The sacred rite was performed by the Rev George Hague. BURGLARY.—In the small hours of Saturday morning burglars visited the Rhigos Post-office, and took away all the money that had been left in a drawer in the shop, and also all money and all M.O.'s and PO's in the Post-office, which is attached to the grocery shop. The amount of money raken was not large. OBITUARY.-We have to record the death of Mr. Daniel Edmunds, deacon for many years at the Baptist Church, Penderyn, in his 80th year. For a lengthy period he was ono of the most prominent men in the locality. The funeral took place at Pontbren Chapel graveyard 0[' Friday evening. The officiating ministers were the Rev. Hopkins (Aberdare) and Rev. Piico (C.M., Penderyn), and the Rev. Price (pastor, Baptist, Penderyn). The deceased leaves a son and daughter. W7e have also to record the death of Mrs. Sarah Powell, Henclrewyddel Farm, I), native of Rhigos, in her 88th year. She was much respected at Glynneati) district. The funeral took place on Thursday, aij Pen- deryn Cemetery, the Sev. Harris, Glyn Neath, officiating. Tlie death also took place of Mrs. Williams, Brecon-road, in her 69th year Ti-- funeral took place on Friday at Aberdare ù- mCfery,.Rcv. Geo. Hague officiating. PRESENTATION*. At the Aubrey I-xnow, R.A.O.B., on Monday night, a presentation o! a pocket communion service was made lov the Brothers of the Lodge to Primo Arthur (the Lodge's Chaplain), on the occasion of hia marriage. Bro. Howard Morgan made thn presentation, and extolled the qualities cf th* rev. gentleman. Bro. Arthur, who ww visibly moved, said he appreciated greatly the kind- ness of his Brother Buffs, and especially as then allowed him to chose what be cared to. ThtS longer he was a Buffalo the prouder he be, came of being a member of the Order, not only for the privileges the Order bestowed on him, but also for the sake of meeting his fellow townsmen under such convivial conditions. II was a privilege he greatly enjoyed of being able, as it were, to throw asiclc his purely offi- cial calling and come and enjoy the company ot his fellow members—men of all kinds of politi- cal and religious creeds. Would that more men of Hirwain could see their way to join the Or- der, for although he would not claim that Buffa- loes wore better than other men, he really thought it did much to mitigate the evils of selfishness, because every true Brother knew that philanthropy was, after all, the main plank of their order. He thanked the members for their kindness, and he hoped the communion service would be the means of proving a happi- ness to some poor sufferer who was unable to leave his or her house, or even perhaps bed, in the hour of trial and suffering Bro W. R. Edwards next spoke, and said he was pleased to have known the City Chaplain personally for a long time, longer even than he had known Buffa!oism. He felt certain he was voicing th-i feelings of all when he said that however high up the [adder of his profession the Rev Arthur attained, he would be thoroughly deserving of it, and would carry all the good wishes of his Brother Buffs. Bro. Lucas Aubrey also spoke, and wished the Rev and Mrs. Arthur long lif,) and happiness. Bros. T Edwards, D Rees, G Williams, and Commander also spoke. A very pleasant evening was spent. Brothers D. John (City Minstrel) and R. Boynes presided aL the piano.

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