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ABERDARE VALLEY NOTES. [By Muu DAIL] I The Glamorgan Water Bill, in spite of the great opposition, has passed through the House af Commons Committee. The most objection- able clause, as far as Aberdare is concerned, has been somewhat modifed. but even in its present form it is highly objectionable as it allows the Water Board, when constituted, to apply to the Local Government Board to include Aber- dare, or any other District Council in the fcheme. It is well known that Aberdare has already provided an abundant supply of water, sufficient for many years to come, and in some fifteen years the last penny of the loans will have been repaid. Under the Bill, as it now stands, the Water Board will be permitted to sell to Aberdare what is really its own water, at 4W. a thousand gallons, which will mean the throwing of a cost of from 2d. to 2M. per thousand gallons on the rate. The only point pained, apparently, is that the Water Board, If they get the consent of the Local Government Board to buy, will not be permitted to buy as they hoped to under the original clause in the Bill, at their own terms. What Aberdare objects to, however, is to be compelled to sell its valuable a5set at all, and, acting on the advice of the learned Clerk to the Council, the members of the Council in London, on Tuesday, declined to take any part in the discussion of clauses, in order to be free to fight the Bill again in the Lords. No doubt this will be done, and costly as these actions are, it will be far wiser for the District Council to do that than to allow the Bill, even in its present form, to go through. This is another strong argument in favour of incorporation, and I hope the H*gh Constable vail not lose sight of it when he takes up the project on which he is so keen, viz., that of securing a Charter for the town. If that could be secured, and Aberdare once made a borough, it would not be long before it would become a county borough, and thus able to. meet the County Council on equal terms. « Speaking of the High Constable reminds me that he is taking a very keen interest in the Welsh National Pageant, and has arranged to preside at a meeting next week to be addressed by that gallant Welsh soldier, Captain Vaughan (Owen Rhoscomyl), the historian of the Pageant, who will speak on Welsh history, and the bearing of the forthcoming Pageant on that subject. < Mr. D. A. Thomas, the senior member for the borough, has returned from the Continent much benefited by his holiday. On Monday he made iiie appearance in the House of Commons, tvhere he was warmly welcomed by his fellow- Liejibers, and congratulated by constituents trom Aberdare, Mountain Ash and Merthyr, who wore up in connection with the various Parliamentary Bills. Readers will join in wishing the hon. member a speedy restoration to complete health. f I was delighted with the way the Llwydcoed children went through their exercises on Empire Day. No one will charge me with being a Jingo, but I believe that Empire Day can be used to teach real patriotism to the young, and I should like all the schoels taking this up..


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