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-- --------.-. CHURCH DEFENCE.

--II The Territorials" and…


j Rhymney Valley Group of…

=■ ?r New Tredegar Police…


=■ ? r New Tredegar Police Court. FRIDAY.—Before Mr. E. Jones Williams, Mr. J. J. Hale, and NIT D. W. Evans. IDEA COAL.—Maud Lewis (13), Pontlottyn, was summoned for stealing coal, value 4d., the property of the Rhymney Iron Company, on April 21at, and Ann Lewis (53), her mother, was summoned for abetting.-fhe mother was, fined 10a., the case against the girl being dis- missed. Ellen Davies (54), Julia Carroll (16), Charlotte Reardon (21). William Carroll (12), and Thomaa Cushion (9), all of Pbnttottytt, were summoned for stealing coal, value 2s. 8d., the property of the Rhymney Iron .Company. on April 29th. Elizabeth Carroll (38) and Ellen Cushion (40), the mothers of the children, were summoned for abetting the offence.—Julia Carroll and Reardon did not appear.—Mrs. Da- vies, who had been previously convicted, was fined 20s., and Mrs. earr(>Ij lo&-Warrants..were issued for the defendants who did not appear. WILLING TO ApoLoo isz. -James Howells (27) and Charles Hall (21), coiliers, of Aberbargoed, were summoned for assaulting Gwilym Hughes. haulier, Aberbargoed, on April 25th.—Mr. T. Phillips, Pengam, appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. W. D. R. Lewis, Bargoed, represented the defendants, who expressed their willingness to for anything they had done.—The case was dismissed on this condition, without costs. DBTTNK AND DISORDERLY. A sinker from Aberbargoed, named Charles Hone (36), was fined 10- for being drunk and disorderly on April 24th.- For riotous conduct, the follow- ing fines were imposed: James Evans (38), 001- lier, Aberbargoed, 10s.; Edward Butler (21), collier, Rhymney, 10. BAD LANGUAGE.—Fines of 40s. for the use of obscene language were imposed upon the follow- ing:—John Davies (39), collier, Rhymney; C. Baldwin (40), married, Rhymney, 14 days—J. Gwilym (30), collier, and Gilbert R. Williams, haulier, Aberbargoed. DOG LICENCES.—Margaret Perry (48), widow, New Tredegar, was summoned for keeping a dog without a licence on May 4th, and was fined 7s. 6d. and costs. Fines of 2s. 6d. and costs were imposed upon the following: Idris John Bevan (22). collier, New Tredegar; Tbos. Barrett (30), oollier; John Lewis (46), timber- man, New Tredegar, each of whom had taken out licences 8incethe summonses were ismied.. FIGHTING. Ernest Fisher (20) and Elijah Plummer (21). colliers. New Tredegar, were summoned for committing a breach of the Mines Act by fighting at the pit. head on May 4th.-P.C. Pobinson said he was near theTamp- room when he saw the defendants fighting. He stopped them, and then had no farther trouble with them. There had been me previous dis- pute underground.—Each of the defendants ad- mitted the offence, and were fined 10s. each. TOCtK THE BOLT.—Alfred WynaJt (39), labour- er. BrithdLr, was summoned for stealing an iron bolt. value Is., the property of the Powell Duffryn Company, on May lst.-P.O. Robinson said he saw the defendant leave the colliery with the bolt in his possession.—Defendant was .fined 10s. BREACHES OF FACTORY AcT.John Henry Retford, draper. New Tredegar, was summoned for three breaches of the Factory Act. in em- ploying a woman after hours.—Mr. T. 0. Ed- wards. H.M. Inspector of Factories, prosecuted, and said that it was incumbent upon the trades men to give notice if overtime was worked. In the dress-rnaking room, the assistant inspector found a woman and two girls under the age of 18, at work at 8.30 p.m.; while in the millinery room there was a woman, at work. and no notice Had been given.—In reply to Mr. R. EL Spen- oer, who da&mded, Mr. Davies said that Mr. Retford thought the age limit was 16 years of age. He admitted that notice had been given with regard to the young lady in the dress- making department working after hours.—Mr. Spencer said that Mr. Retford had acted in ignorance with regard to two of the young per- sons, while in respect to the other, it was an urgent case, and the young lady was putting feathers on a hat.-Detendant was fined 10s. in each case.

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