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j Rhymney Valley Group of Schools- I SYMPATHY WITH MR. J. A. THOMAS. 1 GIRL TEACHER WITH EIGHTY-ONE SCHOLARS. The ordinary meeting of the managers of the Rhymney Valley Group of Schools was held at New Tredegar on Monday afternoon. Mr. Rhymney Valley Group of Schools was held at New Tredegar on Monday afternoon. Mr. John Edwards presided, and there were pre-' sent :—Messrs. J7 Jones, William Williams, L. Watikns, W. Nash, W. Price, Rees Harris, N. Phillips, J. "Evans, with Mr. Price (the deputy clerks At the commencement of the proceedings, tho (Chairman referred in sympathetio terIn3 to the absence of Mr. J .A. Thomas by reason of his sudden illness, and moved a resolution ex- pressing the sympathy of the managers with him in his affliction. He was sure all the m«m- bsrs were deeply concerned to hear of his illness, both for personal and public reasons. < He (the Chairman) knew well what good ser) vice he had rendered to Rhymney and the I district for many years, particularly in the cause of education. He hoped that Mr. Tho- mas would soon be restored to health, although. At the tamo time, he understood that his illness 1 was a very serious one.—Mr. W, Nash said he would like to associate himself with the resolu- tion by seconding it. He had known Mr. Tho- mas many years, and had always felt that one of the serious troubles in the passing of the Education Act, under which they were working was that it bad removed such able men as Mr. Thomas, and taken them out of harness by limiting the powers of the managers under the County Education Authority. Mr. J. A. Tho- nim had been a very long time in the valley. and what he had done in the cause of education he felt would never would be as fully appreci- ated as it deserved to be.—Mr. Lewis Watkins said he had the pleasure of being associated with Mr. Thomas on the Bed well ty School Board, and was always struck by the ability he displayed in connection with the cause of edu- cation in the district. They could always get through a great deal of business in a very short time when Mr. Thomas was in the chair, as he I had such a ready and keen grasp of business matters. He had a most kind and sympathetic way with him, and he (the speaker) einoerely hoped that he would recover sufficiently to re- sume his place amongst them. The district could ill afford to lose the services of such a man.—Mr. J. Jones said he had always looked upon Mr. Thomas as a pattern busines.3 man, and the good be had done in Bedwellty, the Rbymney VaJley, and, indeed, the whole of Monmouthshire, was inestiumble.-Tlie motion was unanimously agreed to, and the Clerk in- structed to communicate the vote of sympathy to Mr. Thomas. In consequence of the resignation of Miss Blodwen Lewis, which takes effect at the end of the month, Miss Beatrice Jones, Ab«rbar- goed, was appointed to the Fleur-de-lis School js uncertificated asvisfcant. on the motion of Mr. L. Watkins, seconded by Mr. W. Nash. A letter was read from the Pcngam and Fleur-de-lis Chamber of Trade, calling attention to the need of increased echool accommodation Rt Pen gam, Md pointing out that numbem of children were now exposed to danger by having to cross the Brecon and Merthyr Railway.— -After gome discussion, it was decided to cont- aider the subject of giving up the present chapel vestry, and see what steps shpuld be taken with regard to further accommodation after the holidays- 1. -A.r lU. i 1 1_ J-ne uietrK reported tnat plans had been Passed by the Education Committee for making proper approach to the Cwmsyfiog Infante' School.-—-The Clerk submitted a tatter by the Medical Officer of Health for the coanty, com- plaining of the filthy state in which be found the school conveniences, etc. The CSerk also stated that a letf- had been written to the head teacher informing her that she must re- side in the immediate neighbourhood of the school.—This gave rise to a spirited discussion. —Mr. I. Jones said he did not oompl&in of a regulation by which all teachers should be made to Jive near their schools, but he objected to such applying to one teacher only. There were .several who lived quite as far away from the school a; this particular teacher; indeed, some were living outside the district altorrether.- Mr. John Evans thought that a letter should be sent to the polioe-oonstable requesting him to direct his attention to seeing that the pre- mises were not mischievously injured would have met the case.—Mr. W. Nash moved that the managers should express disapproval of the letter sent to this teacher unless the County Conjmifctee made it apply to all head teachers, He also said that the caretaker should have been communicated with.—Mr. W. Price concurred. —Mr. J. Evans thought that possibly the ab- sence of the teacher was the cause of the evil.— Ald. N. Phillips asked what was the general character of the cleaner.—This enquiry led to a motion being passed, pronosed bv Mr. Rees Harris, and seconded by Ald. Phillips, that the caretaker be given two months further trial.- Mr. W. Price then moved that the managers express their agreement with the principle of te.achers residing near their echook, but were not satisfied that one teacher in particular should be singled out for this.—Mr. I. Jones second- ed, .and it was agreed to. Mr. r. Jones draw attention to the over- crowded state of one of the classes in the Lower Rhymney Mixed School, where he bad found a girl of twenty teaching a class of 81 children. whilst another certificated teacher had a class of only 16. The question as to whether the school was adequately staffed aro?e out of this, but the Clerk explained that the school had seven teachers for an average attendance of 261. It was resolved that certain, of the managers including Mr. r. Jones, should visit the school to inspect the arrangement of the classes. The application of the caretaker of Elliot Town School for an increase of wages was granted, viz., from 92 15s. to £ 3 a month. An application by the New Tredegar Hebrew congregation for the use of the New Tredegar School for teaching Hebrew to children three times a week, was granted on the usual term?, j viz., Sunday mornings from 10.50 to 1.30, and 1 'r-eed*ys «nd Thurgd»y« frqna 6.3Q to 8.30 p.m On the motion of Mr. J. Price, seconded by Ald. N. Phillips, it was decided to close the R.hymney Schools on the day of the National Eisteddfod, thirteen teachers having applied for leave of absence on that day.

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