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THE SIGN OF THE SEVEN DEVILS. .Not Jong ago a noted physician wrot& to a professional friend, saying: I would rather see a patient with almost any other disease enter my consulting room, than one afflicted with the seven devils of indigestion and dyspepsia." That doctor knew what a sly, destructive disease Indigestion is; how it poisons the blood, starves the nerves, takes the vitality out of man or woman when once it seizes on them. He did not seem to know that Mother Seigel's Syrup cures Indigestion. Yet we have testi- mony in writing from tens of thousands who have prove that it does cure. Read this recent ci^se Having used Mother Seigel's Syrup to cure and prevent Indigestion for something over 20 years, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending it. At the outset I had to fight persistent, obstinate attacks, the result of neglect, that took a little time to cure. But, ever since, I have had no trouble what- ever." The letter is from Mr. Walter De Welford, the well-known manufacturer of photographic materials, at Ilford, Essex. Going further he says The main thing is to, take the Syrup immediately indigestion is suspected. One dose is then ample, and there is no pain. If un- checked, more doses are required, and if neglected too long, the first dose tempor-1 arily increases the pain. At least this is my experience. Indigestion now has no terrors e for me." That is the true theory. Mr. De Welford acts promptly and prevents Indigestion by using Mother Seigel's Syrup. It is a purely, herbal preparation. It tones and strengthens the digestive system-helps the organs to do their natural work-prevents the formation of the poisons which taint the blood and which bring on headaches, constipation, dizziness, loss of sleep and appetite and other miseries that dyspeptics know so well. The 2a. 6d. bottle contains three times as much as the Is. I id. size. Prepared also in Tablet form as Mother Seigel's k Syrup Tablets.Price 2s. 9d.

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