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BAD BREATH. THE TONGUE IS THE INDEX. Your Breath is Foul. You do not per- teive it yourself. You are like a person who is always among the oils and varnishes— you get used to what is to many people a most obnoxious smell. It is most disagree- able to those with whom you come in contact. A slight Headache, a Bad Breath, and a Coated Tongue are the first symptoms of Stomachic Disease. Take time by the forelock and intercept its germination arrest the germs ere they develop into disease. I am delighted," writes Mr. V. Gordon, 77, Colwick Vale, Colwick, Notts, with the benefit I have derived from Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills and am perfectly satisfied with the result. They are a fine medicine, and I can confidently recommend them to anyone suffering from .Constipation, Indi- gestion, and all stomach troubles. I have ahvays advised my friends to take them, ati-I the most gratifying results have been obtait'od." A Pill in time may save days of suffering, Look at your tongue in the looking-glass every night an I morning, and if it is at."all discolnmed, take a couple of Dr. Morse's Inii iau Root Pills. They will remove the objectionable nalter from the stomach, regulate the system, and sweeten the breatli. One or two of these Pills taken once or twice a week will ensure a well- reg:iJaied system, fortified against all disease. Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills get at the cause by cleangin the stomach, purifying the blood, and aiding the digestion and assimilation of food, and a re a positive and permanent cure for Indigestion, Biliousness, Constipation, Impure Blood, and Female Ailments. a Sold by Chemists and Stores, price 1/1$ per bottle, or The W. H. Comstock Co., j*td., 21, Farrijwrdon Avenue, kondon, EX,

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Brecon Bankrupt's Discharge.