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"L- Gwernllwyn Church, Dowlais. DEPARTURE OF REV. EDWARD JONES, M.A., B.D. VALEDICTORY SERVICES. Outside the immediate circle of his direct spiritual influence as pastor of Gwernllwyn Welsh Congregational Church, Dowlais, many sincere and heartfelt regrets will be shared at the departure of the Kev. Edward Jones, M.A., B.D., from the town for another sphere of Christian labour. Just a month has elapsed since the rev. gentleman intimated to the offi- cers and members his acceptance of the invita- tion he had received to the charge of Christ Church, Rhyl, in succession to the late Rev. J. Pandy Williams. During his four years' residence in the place Mr. Jones has won for himself the deep regard and respect of the community generally He came to Gwcrn. II wyn-his first pastorate—with a brilliant aca- demic record, and an enviable reputation as a gifted and cultured preacher, which he has more than enhanced. Indeed, it is felt that the rev. gentleman is destined to achieve still greater distinction. and attain to the coveted eminences of the denomination of which he is so worthy a representative. The rev gentleman's career has been one long uninterrupted run of successes. Whilst a youth at Dinas Cross, Pem., whither he had removed from his native place, Nantines, Car- diganshire, at an early age with his parents, he won a county scholarship. Subsequently he spent twelve months at Carmarthen Presby- terian College. Being awarded a bursary, he was enabled to enjoy a course at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, where he re- mained for nearly five years. During this pe- riod he not only gained the degress B.A., with honours, and 13. D. (Wales), but the M.A. de- gree of the University of London, with hon- ourj. At the University of Oxford, where he afterwards pursued his studies at Mansfield Col- lege, of which Dr. Fairburn was principal, he also'graduated as B.A. It was during this' pe- riod that Mr. Jones was approached by Gwern. llwyn CSiurch with a view of filling the vacant pastorate. Whilst accepting the call he was unable to enter upon his duties until the com- pletion of his tenure, he.rly twelve months afterwards. On the occasion of the rev. gen- tleman's pastoral oversight, Dr. Fairburn paid a signal honour to his brilliant student by spec- ially attending the service, and himself deliv- ering the charge. On -the happy event of his marriage since coming to Dowlais, the rev. gentleman was made the recipient of a hand- 6ome testimonial from the Gwernllwyn friends, who manifested their esteem and appreciation by the presentation of a roll-top desk and a purse of gold. whilst to Mrs. Jones, who has also gained a wide-spread good feeling, was given b a chaster-designed silver tea and coffee service. In the work of the Free Church move- ment the Rev. Mr. Jones has been actively iden- tified not only in the town and district, but as a speaker at the county and national confer- ences, whilst in other ways his service was ever ready in the interests and well-being of the public. The termination of the Rev. Edward Jones's association with Gwernllwyn Church took place on Surniiv, when the rev. gentle- man preached :i..3 valedictory sermons to very largo congregations, both morning and even- ''l. fiis discourse in the morning was based on the 12th v., i. chap., 2 Cor., "For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in simplicity and godly sincerity, not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we have had our conversation in the world, and more abun- dantly to you-wards." After a masterly and lucid introduction, he exhorted the congrega- tion to submit, or put to the test, their lives under threo great searchlights: The testimony of conscience, the testimony of public opinion, the testimony of the Day of Judgment; or, in other words, personal, social, and Divine judg- ments. One striking phrase was that "if con- science had power, as it had authority, it would I rule the world." The sermon throughout was listened to with rapt attention. The evening's sermon was based on Mat., 24th chap., and 44th verse: "Therefore, be ve also ready; for in such an hour as you think not, the Son of Man cometh." Not for many years has such gloom been cast over the church owing to the passing hence of so many of its oldest and most prominent elders and members, and a more appropriate sermon oould not have been given. Ernest, intense, full of pathos and suc- cor, and truly can it be said the message de. livered in so worthy a manner, was of the Lord. This brought to a crose a memorable Sunday, and a successful pastorate of over four years' duration. In the after meeting a large num- ber of speakers, with much warmth and tender- ness, referred to the excellent work done during Mr. Jones's ministry, and the beautiful char- acter borne by him—self-abnegation, candour, earnestness and sincerity being traits apparent to all. In response, Mr. Jones feelingly return- ed thanks for the excellent hearing given him Sunday after Sunday, and for the kind senti- ments expressed both with regard to himself and family, and Gwernllwyn Church would al- ways have a warm corner in his heart. In conclusion, he wished the church heaven's richest blessings, and God's guidance in the future. During the day Mr. Jones was the recipient of several choice mementoes as tokens of the esteem and admiration of his many-sided quali- ties, and on behalf of the staff of the Gwern- llwyn Junior School, Miss Annie P. Davies, the superintenden4 presented him with a gold scarf pin. The scholars and teachers were deeply touched by the words of thanks express- ed by their pastor. Later another interesting presentation took place at the Gellifaelog branch school. The scholars and teachers had come together in large numbers to bid farewell to the rev. gentleman, and could not let the op- portunity go by without expressing in a tangi- ble form tbeir appreciation of his work among them. On behalf of the school, Mr. David Richards, the superintendent, having referred in kindly terms to the impending departure of Mr. Jones, called upon Mr. David Thomas, the oldest member, to present Eluned, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, with a hand- somely bound volume of Tennyson's poems. Another of the founders of the ecnool, Mr. Mor- gan Williams, in a short and pithy speech, handed Mrs. Jones a choice copy of the English Congregational Hymnal, and lastly Mr. D. R. Davies, in presenting Mr. Jones with a beau- tiful silver mounted walking stick, suitably in- scribed, wished him God-speed in his new sphere of activity. During the meeting touch- ing references were made both by Mr. Jones and others to the loss sustained by the school by the tragic death of Mr. William Davies, Gell- ifaelog House, a most devoted teacher and ex- superintendent ,who was buried on the Satur. day previous. In returning thanks on behalf of himself, wife, and daughter. Mr. Jones was deeply moved, and expressed much satisfaction at the loyalty and kindness extended him at all times. He bade the little children and elder scholars farewell, and the scene was a tuoching one. Mr. Jones was also thanked by Messrs. D. S. Davies and Tom Williams for his excellent gift of books to form the nucleus of a circulating library in connection with the school. The meeting was brought to a close by sinking, "Thy Blessing, Heavenly Father." Mr. and Mrs. Jones have also received numer- ous and valuable present from members of the r hurch, and they both carry with them cordial good wishes for the future. The rev. gentle- man begins his ministry at Rhyl on Whit-Sun- day.

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