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DOWLAIS AN INTKRRSTING DISPLAY —How K" Boots ate made, and what they- are made of We are exhibit- ing in our windows a choice selection of fine ekins o[ black and brown feather, as used in the manu- facture of "K" Boots and Shoes. Noto Address. W. R. WiixiAgs, 51a, High-street, Merthyr. J. JEREMIAH, riuaibor, Gas Fitter, AND Honse DecOMtor, 5. North-street, Dowlais. Lowest prices compatible with good workmanship and materials. A trial solicited. Also open to negotiate for the sale or purchase of property privately. Note the address, 5, North-street, Dowlais. GaRu Suow or CLOTH ISO for Spring Wear at W. MORGAN DAVIES, 115. lligh-strcet, Dowtai- Boys, Youths', and Men's Suits in gieat variety. An inspection invited. Hats, Caps, etc. in ttifc newest shapes. Yc Housemaids and Wives, why bother year lives Jn rubbing rour tables and ihairsV Your strength do not waste, use BAGLET'S "Y UOREU" paste, ouch labour and worry it spares. By rubbing all day, no wonder you say lour bodies are reeking with 'pain; Now take the advice we give without price- Don t rub without Bagley's "Y Gorcu" again. RESCUE HOMK, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Street Collection on Saturday, May 29th. Look out for the boxes. Please help in this good work. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.—Tho -'London Ga- zette" notifies the dissolution ot partnership of Da,v Id J. Griffiths and Samuel Jones, carry- ing on business as Griffiths and Jones, at Cash Stores, 3, North-street. Dowlais. IILILII to raise the fallen. Street collection for Rescue Home on Saturday, May Hudi, i9oD. OUTING.—The Dowlais Office Statf ot IVIOSRA. Guost, Keen, and Nettlefolds, Ltd., had an en- joyable outing on Wednesday, under the most auspicious circumstances. They journeyed by the London and North Western train to Aber- gavenny (special coaches being reserved by Mr. Bayns, stationmaster), thence by motor to Tin- tern Abbey, where a delightful day was spent. Altogether the party numbered about fifty ORGAN AND PIANOFORTE TUNING.—Mr. Han- del Evans (forme.iy with Mr. W. Burr) has commenced business on his own account as an organ and pianoforte tuner and repairer. Ho has had considerable experience in those capaci- ties, and that fact alone should prove an exoel- recommendation, whilst he is deserving of public patronage as being the only resident townsman so engaged. Communications may be -ddreg--d either to 29, Broad-street, or Beet- hoven House. WELSH CHURCH VESTRY.—At the annual ves. try meeting, the Rev. Ll. M Williams, R.D. .Kector) presiding.—The accounts, which had been duly audited, were presented by Mr. John j66-3' wa/d€n-—Two sidesmen had passed away during the year, and the vestry added Messrs^ William Francis and John Pope to the roll of sidesmen.—Mr. John Rees was reelected war- den, and a vote of thanks to all the Church workers for their labours during the year was passed. ASCENSIONTIDE SERVICES.—Yesterday (Thur&- day) being Ascension Day, services were held at the Parish Church and Mission Churches. The Holy Communion was administered at the Parish Church at 7 and 8 a.m. There were early celebrations also at the Welsh Church and at Pant. Matins were said at 11 a.m., and ser- mons preached by the Rector and assistant 0'«rgy. The evening services were well at- tended. and the continued improvement in the observance of this day is very encouraging. T 1 KMIMOKIAL.—The testimonial fund to Rev. .»iorice Jones is being closed at the end of i-ftjs week, and the presentation meeting will take place on Thursday, May 27th, at 8 p.m., presided over by the Rector of Dowlais (Rev. ft i ii, ^lliams). The committee wish to thank the many friends who have already sub- scribed. and would still be pleased to receive any further subscriptions which may be for- I*?" j treasurer Coun. R. P. Rees. All Vf A subscribers are cordially invited to ^ocu ? Presentation meeting. Already about i-ao nas been received. Mr. Jones is well de- serving of it a]j) an(j more. His la^ official Sun- day duties, etc., at Pant where he will be greatly missed, will be on Whit-Sunday, as he j leaves for Monmouthshire the first week in June. OUDDEN I>EATH.—A well known and familiar chMacte: in the person of Mr. Edward Powell ("Ned y Gof"), died suddenly on Tuesday even- ing at his residence at Cwmbargoed. The de- ceased, who had been employed as a shoeing smith at Long Work Pit, for nearly 30 years. came to the surface about 11 a.m., in company with a fellow-smith, Mr. Joshua Owen. 'He then complaiend of a slight abdominaJ pain. and later in the day went to bed, although exhibit- ing no symptoms of a serious nature. Shortly before 7 o'clock, however, Mrs. Powell heard a noise, and on proceeding to the bedroom, found deoeased in a state of collapse, and he expired almost immediately. The deceased was about 55 years of age, and a native of Newbridge-on- Wye. In his youth, he was a remarkably skil- ful athlete and sprinter, and won numerous prizes on the track. Even with advancing retained much of his prowess, and in old men's" was a frequent and success- ful competitor. IRISH MEETING. A meeting of the Thoe. Davis branch of the United Irish League of Great Britain was held at the Oddfellows' Hall, on Sunday, Mr. John O'Sullivan (president) in rvu n-1 r- Messrs. Joseph Caughlin, Daniel u oulJivan, and John Tueohig were elected as dele8ates to the annual convention to be held afc. Manchester on May 29th. A strong com- mittee was selected to canvass every fortnight instead of every week as before. A subscrip- j was received from Dr Brennan, and the secretary was instructed to thank the doctor in the name of the committee for the same. Mr. Daniel Hennessy. member of the executive councif., gave a very entertaining Jecture on the progress of the Irish Parliamen- tary Party in the House of Commons, and ex- horted^ the Irish people of Dowlais to join the United Irish League, for it was only by combin- ation and supporting the Irish Parliamentary y that they could ever expect to gam Home K-uie for Ireland. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the speaker. PROPERTY SALE—Mr. F. A. Phillips, auc- tioneer etc., Merthyr, held a successful sale of leasehold properties at the Royal Exchange Hotel, Brecon-street, on Tuesday evening. M.T. William Henry, Dowlais, purchased for 2300 J° ii- conslsting of three messuages or dwelling houses known as Nos. 54, 55, and 56, Francis-street, Dowlais, let at monthly rentals amounting yearly to JBol 4s., and held under a a 161,111 99 {rom August 2nd. at a combined annual ground rent of H2 2s 8d. For £ 375, Mr. D. Davies, Merthyr, secured Lots 4 to 10, which comprised two messuages or dwelling houses, known as Nos. 36 and 37, Upper North-street. Penydarren, let at monthly rentals amounting yearly to JB18 4s. and five messuages or dwelling-houses, known as Nos. 149, 150, 151, 152, and 153, Gibson-row, Penydarren, producing monthly rentals amount- ing to £ 55 18s. per annum, the whole of these lots being held under a lease for a term of 99 years from March 25th, 1840. at the yearly ground rent of £ 5 2s. 10d. The solicitors for the vendors were Mr. W. R. Edmunds. Mer- thyr, and Mr. William Thomas, Aberdare. CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY.—The quarterly meet- ing of the Society was hold in the Oddfellows' Hall on Saturday, Mr. H. Jones (president) in the chair. The report stated that the sales amounted to B4,787 63. Id.. an increase of B340 4s. 6d. on the corresponding period of last year. The membership now stood at 508. and the share capital at E2,564 Os. 9id., an increase of gVl over the corresponding quarter of 1908. The net profit after providing for all working expenses and allowing JE44 10s. for depreciation of buildings and fixtures amount- ed to £ 433 16s. Hid., which the committee pro- posed to distribute a8 follows: Dividend to members. JB358 10s.; to non-members, £ 5; to plate-glass insurance, £ 5; horse insurance fund, £ 15; erection of new ovens, £ 30; and to tne reserve fund, 220 fn ll £ d. The reserve fund now stands at £ 651 Is. lid. A donation of El Is. was granted to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and £ 1 Is. to the Orphan Fund of the Amalgam- ated Society of Railway Servants.-A resolu- tion to subscribe towards the Labour Repre- sentation Committee was ruled out of order.— Messrs. John Daviee, J. E. Davies, W. Collins, and George Humphreys were elected on the committee.



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