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Mountain Ash County Court.

.j Mountain Ash Education{…

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.. Settlement at Oulias, Llwydcoed.

Death in a Scratch.


Death in a Scratch. SIMPLE INJURIES THAT OFTEN HAVE SERIOUS RESULTS. Blood-poisoning, set up by a. simple scratch, recently led to the death of a night wa.tchma.n at Bolton, who scratched his hand with a. nail when breaking up an orange box. Such inci- dents as these, and they are by no means infre- quent, ought to make people realise the danger that ma.y lie even in the smallest flesh wound. Take a. simple illustration. When a dirty knife, a rusty needle, a splinter, or a thorn scratches the finger, the latter is inoculated with germs, of which the air about us is full. Directly these germa are introduced through the breach in the skin, a battle royal ensues between them and certain living crea- tures dwelling in our blood. Usually the invading germs are too strong for Nature's defences, and in a. few hours the fin- ger will become hot and throbbing. A little later the wound may exhibit a whitish appear- ance in the middle of the swelling, and we have what is known as a festering or poisoned finger. The inflammation set up by the poison may spread until the whole hand and arm are ren- dered useless. The only way to avoid such serious results is to cleanse the wound, however slight, and then apply Zam-Buk, which is a powerful antiseptic and germ-killer. Zam-Buk is a purely herbal preparation, and when applied to the broken skin is absorbed into the tissue, whence it ejects the germs that spread disease and inflam- mation. The flesh is thus soothed and purified, the wound made perfectly healthy, and all poison and cause of festering removed. Having done this, Zam-Buk then proceeds to heal the wound or sore with new healthy 6kin in quick, pain- less, and perfect manner. Zam-Buk must not be confused with mere ointments with which it has nothing in com- j' mon. Zam-Buk is a unique preparation, possess- ing. antIsaptie, soothing, and healing qualities j that are not to be found together in any ci- dinary preparation. It will repay you tenfold to] keej> a box gf Zam-BwJs ahvajr! naiwiv 1



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