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Mountain Ash County Court.

.j Mountain Ash Education{…

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HIRWAIN. FEMALE SMOKER.—In the doorway of a clothing shop on Sunday evening last a young lady was seen enjoying a cigarette. t PERSONAL.—The Rey. JR. Derfel Roberts, Pastor of Tabernacle Welsh Congregational | Church, was one of the special preachers at Groeswen Church's anniversary,- on Sunday and Monday.. PULPITS. — On Sunday the Rev. W. J. Williams, pastor of Bethel C. M., exchanged pulpits with the Her. E. Wern Williams, Kebo Welsh Congregational Church, and the change was very acceptable by both Churches. SUDDEN DEATH.—The sudden death of Mrs. Bannister took place at her residence, the Old Colliers' Anns, on Tuesday morning. Deceased leaves a husband and nine children, the youngest being only eleven months old. General sym- pathy is felt for the family. SINGING REHEARSAL.—The United Congre- gational Churches of the district held a singing rehearsal on Thursday evening at the Tabernacle ChapeL The choirs of Tabernacle and Nebo (Hirwain), Soar (Penderyn), Calvaria (Rhigos), were present, ar.d were conducted by Mr. T. Glyndwr Richards, Mountain Ash. DOG SHOW.—There was a large and repre-, sentative gathering at the dog show, at the Lamb Hotel ground, on Monday. The prizes were awarded as follows:—Class 1 (collies), 1, J. Rogers; class 2 (toys), 1, Miss Blodwen Davies; 2, Mr. Deere. class 3 (fox terriers), 1, Mr. W. Morgan 2, Mr. W. Jones,; 3, Mr. W. Home. Class 4 (bulldogs), 1 and 2, Mr. D. Jenkins, Gadlys, Aberdare. Class 5 (Airedales), 1, Mr. D. Williams. Class 6 (spaniels), 1, Sergt. Hokpins 2, Mr. R. Morgan 3, Mr. T. Williams Class 7 (sporting), 1, Mr. D. Williams; 2, Serg Hokpins; 3, Mr. G. Jenkins. Class 8 (puppies, sporting), 1, Miss Blodwen Davies; 2, Mrs. Deere; 3, Mr. J. Rogers. Class 10 (any variety), 1, Mr. D. Williams; 2, Miss Blodwen Davies; 3, Mrs. Deere. The judges were Messrs. G. Williams and J. Elsmore.

.. Settlement at Oulias, Llwydcoed.

Death in a Scratch.



Brecon Chair Eisteddfod. -.