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Mountain Ash County Court.

.j Mountain Ash Education{…


Mountain Ash Education Committee. IS THE COUNTY SCHOOL EFFICIENT? The meeting of the Mountain Ash Education Committee was held on Tuesday at the Town Hall. The following members were present:— Rev. E. V. Tidman (chairman), Mrs. W. J. Williams, Mrs. Owen Jones, Messrs. William Lamburn, G: H. Hall, Evan Morris, T. W. Jones, J. Charles, Griffith Evans, Bruce Jones, Capt. F. N. Gray, Capt. G. A. Evana, and Dr. R. D. Morgan, together with the Director (Mr. A. Morgan) and the Architect (Mr. W. H. Williams). The Director asked for instructions as to the time for breaking up the schools for the holi- days-—It was decided to close the schools for a week. The Director also wished to be instructed as to th(3 closing of schools for fair days, as this would secure uniformity and save trouble.—Dr. Morgan: Give them the afternoon; it is good enough for them.-The Director: It has been customary from time immemorial to grant a day.—Mr. J. Charles moved that Mountain Ash, Penrhiwceiber, and Ynysyboeth have a day's holiday for Mountain Ash Fair. and this was agreed to.—On Mr. T. W. Jones's sugges- tion, it was agreed that Abercynon Schools, should be treated in the same way when Aber- cynon Fair was held. The Director reported that, at Mr. Linton's suggestion, he had written to Messrs. William Lawrence and Co., the coal contractors, asking for a receipt "in full discharge."—In reply, Messrs. Lawrence wrote that they were not likely to trouble the Committee again, as they bad had "enough of the unbusinesslike methods of bumbledom to Last us for some time" (loud laughter). In accordance with the instructions of the Committee, the Director reported the receipt of a report from the Headmaster of the County School on three scholarship students whose terms expired this year.—Mr. Wm. Lamburn moved that the Headmaster's recommendation be acted upon, and that Eliz. G. Erasmus be granted a further two yaars' tenure at the County School. He thought, however, that if the system of changing the teachers at that school every quarter continued, they could not expect the probationers to get on as well as they might. Continuing, Mr. Lamburn said: "We have a right to expect proper teaching. I have had serious complaints from parents that ,.à!i.j¡u\.A-S2g ty School have fallen away very much after leaving the Aberdare County School." — Mrs. Jones: It has not been so much the changing of the staff, but changing the teachers of the var- ious forms. Different teachers have different methods.—Mr J. Charles: We have to bear in mind that this is a new school, and additions have been made to the school since it was first erected. A headmaster, of course, has to make constant changes, and it is not fair to make a comparison between Mountain Ash and Aber- dare or other schools.—After further discussion, Capt. Evans seconded Mr. Lamburn's motion, and it was adopted. The Director reported on the applications re- ceived for appointments as bursars and pupil teachers. There were 34 applicants, he said, and about 24 vacancies. Owing to the fact that the bulk of the applicants were applying sub- ject to their passing the qualifying examina- tions this year, there would be considerable difficulty in making ttee appointments.—Capt. Gray: But why not let the mater stand over until: < Up exaihiri^tj<>ns?^—T}|e^ Director: De. cause the Board of Education require a return of appointments at once.—Mr. J. Charles moved that all the applicants be appointed pro- visionally, and the 24 highest passes be per- manently appointed.—The Director: There will be a difficulty if less than 24 pa-ss.—Captain Evans moved that the matter be referred to the P.T. Centre Committee, and this was agreed t<> The attendance returns showed a much im- proved percentage in respect of the R.C. School, viz., 96 per cent., a.nd on the motion of Mr. J. Charles, secpnded by Mr. Lamburh, it was agreed to send a letter of congratula- tion to the head teacher of thatechcol.

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