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Mountain Ash County Court.


Mountain Ash County Court. WEDNESDAY.—Before his Honour Judge J. Bryn Roberts. JUDGMENT SUSIMONSES.—There were about 180 judgment summonses entered, in .the majority of which his Honour made the usual order of committal for 14 days, suspendêd for 14 days. In a number of cases-judgdent summonses were issued aganist persons who had obtained administration orders, and in these cases, orders or committal were made and the debtors told if they did not pay the order would be rescinded.. ADMINISTRATION ORDER,-Charles Olden, who owed £ 48, said he was a collier, 43 years of age, earning 3Cs. a week. He had been ill for some time. He became a bankrupt about six years ago, and the application was adjourned to enable him to give the exact date of his bank- ruptcy, and a certificate of his wages. Mr, S. Shipton applied for an administration order in the case of David Owen, High-street Mountain Ash, a lamp cleaner, under the District Council, who earned 22s. a week. He had a wife and six children under 14 years of age. The eldest daughter, aged 14, suffered from fits. He owed £23 11s. 5d., which he offered to pay at the rate of 10s. in the pound, by instalments of 6s. a month. This was granted..—Evan Davies made a like application. He owed £ 46, and was 49 years of age. He had no certificate of his earnings, and the application was adjourned for a month.—Mr. Mansell Bowen, grocer, Abercynon, applied for an administration order against Joseph Jenkins to be rescinded, on the around that he had incurred a debt of t2 and 0 upwards, without informing him that he had an administration order. Evidence being given to that effect, the order was rescinded. CLAIM FOR MILK SL-PpLrED. -Thomas Howells, who was represented by Mr. Gwilym Jones, sued Mr. Williams, the executor of the late Mrs. Jones, for £3 16s. 4d., for milk supplied.—Mr. S. Shipton defended.—Mr. Howell Howells produced the account, and said it had been allowed to run so long as Mrs. Jones wanted to pay* off the mortgage on the house.—For the defence, Miss Catherine Jones said she lived with her mother until her death. She used to take in the milk and pay for it as she got it. Sometimes it would run three days, and she then used to pay three days at a time.—Judg- ment was given for the defendant, with costs. COMPENSATION CASES.—Garrett Sullivan, who was represented by Mr. A. T. James (Messrs. W. Morgan, Bruce and Nicholas, Pontypridd), applied forcompensationfrom the Penrhiwceiber Colliery Co., for whom Mr. C. Kenshole ap- peared.—The applicant claimed for 18 days, and compensation for 5 days had been paid into court. The applicant said he was a timberman at Penrhiwceiber colliery, on the 31st of Decem- ber last, when a stone fell on his arm. On the 13th January the last three stitches were taken out of his arm by Dr. Shoesmith. The following day the company's doctor, Dr. Wallace, saw him and examined his arm, and told him to start work at once. Dr. Shoesmith, whom he saw the same day, told him not to do so until Monday, and, acting on his advice, he did not do so. He went to work on Monday, and he now claimed up to that day.—Dr. Lewis Stephen Shoesmith corroborated, and said that he advised the man on the 14th, not to resume work until the 18th, to allow the scar tissue to perfectly heal.—Mr. Kenshole said that if the man had gone back to work on the 14th of January he would not have been entitled to compensation for the first week, and, unfortunately, under the Act, there was an inducement for a man to hang over a fort- night, and thus get paid for the first week. He commented on the fact that the doctor who stitched the wound was not called.—Mr. Nicholas urged that the applicant was justified in following the advice of his medical adviser, and was, therefore, entitled to compensation. —His Honour held that the man was not 'incapacitated from work on the 14th, and gave judgment for the respondent, with costs. GIVING CREDIT.—James Hawkins sued Lewis Jones for £ 2 13s., for goods supplied to a third party.-Mary Hawkins said defendant came to her shop with a man nawed Parcell and asked her to give him credit. Shedeclined, tfcnd defendant then said Put it down on my book, and she did so. The goods were booked to Lewis Jones, and when she saw defendant he said you ought not to give him more than a fortnight. -Margaret Thomas, who was present, corro- borated.—The defendant said he only gave the plaintiff permission to give a fortnight's credit, and his Honour held that was so, and gave judgment for the defendant with costs.

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