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MOUNTAIN ASH COMMENTS. [BY "SPECTATOR. "J At a meeting held at the Mountain Ash Con- stitutional Club, I am informed it was decided to have an outing this year. -K- Preparations are being made for celebrating Empire Day on Monday next, for on Wednes- day morning I observed Mr. W. T. Morris and Mr. E. R. Rees busy fixing a new copper wire to the flag staff in the grounds of St.. Margar- et's Church, in order to hoist the Union Jack. -J(. .1 If there were any new theologians present at Nazareth English Baptist Church on Sunday, they would feel by no means comfortable, for the preacher devoted a good deal of his time to prove that the new movement that led to tho:: degradation Chris|$and to a of his.^i^.p%n^ ^lai^i. The members of the Established Church are showing their love for the Church in a practi- cal way. Those who have noticed the grounds around St. Margaret's Church will have ob- served the changes that have taken plate dur- ing the last few months. A large number of shrubs have been planted, and a new path made around the church. This work has been done by a number of communicants of St. Margaret's during their spare time. The members of St. Teilo's Church, Miskin, are going to imitate the example set by the Churchmen at Mountain Ash. they intend to put the g-round in order, and to erect the- fence aroujrid the ijaw church, St, Johh the Baptist, and started Oti;' the work .'tlii&j we6k. V A correspondent from the-.aristocratic quarter known as Harpourt-road, wr5fes to S4.y that the ladies in that road have stated: their summer pastime, and are to- be seen sitting oh chairs outside their dwellings. He ■•■suggests, however, that the ladies in question ;iipight retire to their houses when people are t'o..the services p on



Mountain Ash County Court.

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