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¡Aberaman Horse Show and Parade


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MERTHYR MAY SHOW. FINE WEATHER, LARGE ATTENDANCE, RECORD ENTRIES. COMPLETE PRIZE LIST. The sixteenth annual Merthyr and District May Horse Show and Parade took place on Thursday in beautiful weather. The president (Mr. W. W. Meredith), vice-presidents, and committee are to bo congratulated upon the fact that they were favoured with King's weather, and in consequence there was a large attendance of spectators, and everything passed off successfully Mr. Henry Owen proved an ideal chairman of the committee, and the same may be said of Mr John Evans as vice-chairman. The committee was composed of Messrs. Thos. Powell, George, Hansard, J. D. Lloyd, Alf. (Davies, Jas. James, Wyndham Thomas, G. V. Jenkins, Percy Jones (The Chase), W. Trailor (Thomas and Evans), G. H. Evans (hay mer- chant), W. J Williams, Harry Warlow, Richard Winstone, \V Davies (coachbuilder), Tom Ro- gers, Stephen Leyshon, T L. Hopkins, A. Rey- nolds, W. R. Lewis, T. Gunter, J. Collins, J. Thomas (saddler), Tom Davies (cattle dealer), W. Millward, Harry Millward, Tom Harris, J. T. Davies, W. Holltun, and Hy Green. Mr. W. T. Jones was the secretary, and carried out his duties most efficiently. As in previous years there was a, procession in the morning, and local tradesmen deserve commendation for the appearance of their stock. All the animals looked exceedingly fit and well groomed, the trade vehicles were gaily decor- ated, and the drivers were suitably attired for the occasion. Headed by the Cefn Territorial Band, under the conductorship of Mr. E. Clin- ninrton, the procession started from the Ca- tholic Church, \-7n down Vulcan-road to Be- thesda-street, and Penry-street to Victoria- street, through Wellington-street, Picton-street, past the Turkish Baths, up through High-street, Pontmorlajs, and Park-place to Penydarren Park, The streets were crowded with specta- tors, tradesmen and others exhibited plenty of hunting, and the town presented a, holiday ap- pearance. During the afternoon the Cefn Ter- ritorial Band played a splendid programme of music. There was a record entry, there being no fewer than 262 competitions, and the judges declared that the animals were among the finest they had seen. The judges were Mr. D. M Storrar, F.R.C.V.S., Abergavenny; Mr. H. Yorath, Talybont; Mr. W. Porter, Ebbw Vale; trotting and galloping, Mr. Geo. Rogers, Cy- farthfa. Great interest was evinced in the jumping and the judges had no hesitation in awarding the first and second prizes to horses from Frome. Somerset. THE AWARDS. Pair oi Cart Horse;, and Trolley or Wagon, open to Brewers, Merchant:, Contractors, etc.. engaged for tradü purposes (1003.1),-1, 2, and groominp Giles and Harrap, Merthyr. Horie and Tipping Cart, general hauliers, builders, and coal dealers.—1, John Williams and Sens, Merthyr 2, James James, Eagle Inn, Merthyr; h c. John Jenkins, Canal Wharf, Merthyr; g, Rogers and Sons, Taff Cottage, Merthyr. llor-e and Cart, Wagon or Trolley, suitable for trade purposes (heavy), within the Corpora- tion area and Cefn (locai),-1 and g., Giles and Harrap, Merthyr; 2, Owen and George, Mer- thyr. Horse and Cart, Van or Trolley, suitable for general trade purpose0. hght (local); double prizes.—1 and g., John Royal Stores, Merthyr; la, Dl. Daviee, '.Vellington Bakery, Merthyr; 2 William Harris, Merthyr: 2a, T. K. Jerman, Dowlais; h c. M. Evan-, Son*, hay merchants; h c ii). T. E. Jones, ?ontmor- lais; g a., John Jenkirs, Canal WhaT. Horse ana Cart, hay, corn, flour, and potato merchants horse to be under 15 handi lIocal); double prizes; 1st given by Mr. W. ?farris; prize for grooming and general appoarancc given by Mr. Owen Watkins, manager of Messrs. W Harris, Merthyr; 2, John Evans, Royal Stores; h c, G. M. and R. Gunson; la" H. V. Reeves, Goitre; 2a., Heard and Sons, Penydarren; h c (a.), Jack Collins, Merthyr; g.a.. Henry Griffiths, Treharris; g., .7. H, John, Merthyr. rft.rso and Cart, or Wagon, tvine and spirit meToh-mts, bottiers, and asratcd water manu- facturers (heavy); local.—1, 2, and h c, Giles and Harrap: g., Thomas and Evan:, Merthyr. Horse and Cart, or Wagon, wine and spirit mcrchanrs. bottlers, and Berated water manu- facturers (light); local.—1, Owen and George; 2 and g., Hansard and Sons, Merthyr. Horse and Cart, or Van (any height); bakers and grocers; local.—1, Daniel Davies and Son, Wellington Bakery, Merthyr; 2, W. Harris, Merthyr; g.. John Evans, Royal Stores. Horse and Van, bakers and confectioners only; grocers not eligible; local; 1st prize, sil- ver cup. given by Aid. J. M. Berry; 2nd, given by Mr. T. Fisher, Newport.—1, T. E. Jones, Pontmorlais; 2, Daniel Davies and Sons; h c, W. Paulett, Merthyr. Horse and Cart, butchers omy; horses to be the property of exhibitor before the 1st of April, 1909; open to Corporation area and Cefn local. 2nd prize given by Mr. A. B. Bull; grooming and general appearance prize given by Mes:»r?. Hodges and &)0.-1. T. E. Jerman, Dowlais: 2, James Havard. Troedyrhiw; h c, Josoph Williams. Waterloo-street, Merthyr: h c, Mrs. E. Morgan. Dynevor-street. Horse and cart, fishmongers and greengrocers, horse to be 14 hands and ever; locaL-I. Jack Collins, Merthyr; 2. James Bryant, Dowlais; h c. A. E. Fisher, Merthyr; g., Morgan Ley- shon, Merthyr. Mare or Gelding, suitable for Agricultural purposes, the property of a tenant firmer en- gaged in farming pursuits only, and residing within a radius of ten miles of the Town Hall, Merthyr; Is prize, silver cup, given bv Mr. J. T. Harrap. -1 and 2, David Williams, Cyfarthfa Farm, Merthyr; h c and g, John Davies, Ynys- gored Farm, Aberfan. Horse and Cart or Van, for drapers, furnish- ers, and ironmongers; local-I, Thomas and Co., furnishers, Merthyr; 2, George Weblev, Merthyr: g.. John Jenkins. Canal Wharf. Mare or Gelding, 14.2 hands and under, most table for underground work; open; 1st prize given by Mr. James Price, Deri.—1, William Harris, Cefn, 2, H. W. Harris, Vaynor; h Co, Henry Griffiths, Treharris. Mare or Gelding, not over 15 hands, most suitable for underground work; open.—1, Wm. Harris, Cefn; 2, W. H. Price, Llwynyreos, Pontsarn. Horse and Cart, fishmongers and gTeen grocers, under 14 hands; local.—1, Geo. Web- ley, Merthyr; 2. Jeremiah Coneliy, Merthyr; h 0, Jack Collins, Merthyr; Ih Stephen Ley- shon, Merthyr. For Horses under 14.2 hands; to be driven; open,-1, T. E. Jerman, Dowlais; 2, D. Rees Jones. Aberdare; 3, Miss G. Millward, Pont- morlais, Merthyr. For Horses, 14.2 hands and over, to be oriven; open.—1, David Richards, Pontypridd 2. OJ. Davies and Son-, Merthyr; 3, Dr. S. Cromwell Jones, Merthyr. Horse and Cart, Van, Trolley or Wagon, for general or special purposes, and not having previously won a prize: local: prizes given by the Chairman (Mr. Henry Owen) 1, Henry Griffiths, Treharris; g., Probert Bros., Court Bakery, Merthyr. Horse and Cart, Van, Trolley, or Wagon, for general or special purposes, and not having previously won a prize local; prizes given by Mr. Henry Owen.—1, W. P. Powell and Co., G.W.R.. Dowlais; g.. E. Davies, Dowlais. For the best Horse and Cab, regularly plying for hire within the Corporation area.—1, R. Winstone, Merthyr; 2, Stephen yshon, Mer- thyr. One Mile Galloway Handicap, for Ponies, 14 hands and under; open.—1, George Williams, B!aenavon, "Little Eva"; 2. G. Richards. Heolgerrig, "Cwmglo Nancy"; 3, Jonathan Mathews, Dowlais Top, "Little Bessie." Horse and Trap not entered in any other classes; local; 1st prize, silver cup, given by Mr. C. H. Flooks.—1, Stanley Evans, Brynteg: 2, John Plews, Merthyr; 3, Dr. S. Cromwell Jones, Merthyr. Horse and Cart, milk vendors who sell milk regularly from door to door; Corporation area only, Cefn, Cwmtaff Fawr, and Vaynor; local. --1, Tom Jones, Galon Uchaf Farm, Merthyr; 2 and g., W, J. Williams, Glyndvrus, Merthyr. Cob, any height, to be ridden properly saddled.—1, D. Rees Jones, Aberdare; 2. D. Richards, Pontypridd; 3, T. E. Jerman, Dow- lais. For the best Saddle Horse, any height, to be ridden properly saddled local.—1, John Evans, Royal Stores; 2. James Havard, Troedyrhiw; 3, M. Warlow. Merthyr. Pony, 13.2 hands and under, used for general trade purposes, and worked regula rly; to be shown in harness (local); 1st prize, given by Mr J. Evans. Roval Stores; 2nd prize, given by Mr. G. H. Evans, hay merchant.—1, W. J. Williams, Glyndy-rus, Merthyr; 2, E. A. Jones Balaclava Stores, Dowlais. Pony, 12.2 hands and under, to be shown in saddle or harness: local.—1. Tom N. Lewis. Pontmorlais, W. Merthyr; 2. W. E. David, The Grange, Ab?rdare: 3. Mrs. E. Morgan, Dynevor-street, Merthyr. One Mile and a Quarter Trotting Handicap: saddle (open). -1, Jack Collins, Merthyr, "Irish Melly" 2, Jack Collins, Merthyr, "Little Willie." One Mile and a Quarter Trotting Handicap; harness (open),-nl. T. H. Davlcq, Aberdare, "Mn.ggie C": 2, Jack Collins, Mertbvr "Irish Molly." Horse to be driven in harness: 13-2 hands and under (open).—1, T. E. Jerman. Dowlais; 2, Miss G. Millward, Merthyr, "Forest Queen" 3, W. J. Williams, Glyndyrus,, Merthyr. Best Jumper over fences, to be decided by the committee (open).—1, Thomas Glencross, Garth, Frome, Somerset, "Blink Bonny"; 2, James Glencross, North End Stables, Frome, Somerset. "Kitty"; 3, Walter Grundy, Wor- cester, "Nomination." THE DINNER. The annual dinner was held at the Castle Ho- tel at night. Mr. W. W. Meredith presided, and he was supported on the cross-table by Mr. W. T. Jones, secretary: Mr. Geo. Rogers, vet., Cyfarthfa; Mr. Hy. Owen, chairman of Com- mittee; Mr. W. Lewis, decorator, Pontmorlais; Mr. E. Jones, treasurer; Mr. J. D. Lloyd" grocer, Brecon-road, and others. After the usual loyal toasts, the Chairman said that Mr. Lloyd George had put an extra, duty on tobacco, but being on the other side of the hedgfe polit- ical'y, he would declare duty "o" (loud laughter and applause). 1 j






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