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. Rechabitism at Merthyr Vale.


Rechabitism at Merthyr Vale. A public tea. was held on Thursday last in connection with the celebration of the coming of age of the Gobaith Yr Ynys' Tent, No. 1825, Merthyr Vale. The tent room (Lesser Assembly Rooms) had been decorated by the members of the female tent, assisted by the members of the adult tent. Everything possible had been done to secure the presence of the members, and a special invitation had been to all old mem- bers. There was a large attendance. The fol- lowing ladies presided at the tables or assisted in other ways-—Miss Jones (Dan y Bryn), Mrs. R. 0. Thrower, Mrs. J. Hughes (Caraiff-road), Mrs. T. Edwards Mias M. Morgan, Miss J. Morgan, Miss Edith Jayno. Miss T. Evans, Miss M. J. Jones, Miss Williams. Miss Manuel, and Mrs. O. C. Thomas, Mrs. W. Evans, Mrs. Jones. Assistance was also rendered by Messrs. W. J. Hughes, Mr. Fred Wakely, Stephen Evans, and Fred Evans, T Eva.ns and G Evajis. Mr. Jolm Evans was thd superintendent, and he was supported by Mr. n. M. Thomas, R. Owen, 0, C Thomas. E. Hockey, T. Manuel, Puffett, Mrs. R. Evans and Miss Jones. At i the meeting after tea Mr. W. T. Morgan pre- sided, and was supported by Mr. Ii", W. Brett, Cardiff; Mr. D. D. Williams, Merthyr; and Aid. Rowland Evans. Apologies for absence were received from the Revs. W. E. Andrews, H. P. Jones, E. A man Jones, and D. P. Evans, and Mr. C. C. David, Llaneliy. The Chairman expressed his satisfaction with the number pre- sent, the hall being practically fuli, and said it did one good to see so many interested in the noble cause of temperance. He expressed his thanks to those responsible for having placed him in the chair, as he deemed it an honour to occupy the position on an occasion of that kind —the coming of age—as it only happened once in a lifetime. He felt the honour all the more when there were others present equally quali- fied for, and more able io fill the chair. The temperance movement, he believed, through such a noble worker as Mr. Brett and others, had reached the heart of the nation, and in fact had got to Downing-street, a.nd would be the moans of stirring up the national conscience to sense of its responsibility Mr. Brett, add-cssing the gathering, said the Order of R<c.habite=! had been preaching feetotalism for many years, and he was pleased to find that things were iooking brighter. Yet there was room for a good deal of improvement. Their opponents might, however, i-esi, p^sured that they would continue to preach it until they got the people to their way of thinking When they looked around a.nd saw the loss of life, health, strength, and intellect, when saw men brutalised by the curse of drink, be hoped they would, like him, continue to have teetotalism on the brain. They were told that their ca.use was hopeless. They had God on their side, and if they were faithful to Him. He would bless them with a victory that would be one of the greatest witnessed in the cause of relicion, humanity, and social progress.—Mr. D. D Williams followed Wth a very interesting address on t, ste-fistica] amI financial position of the district, and also complimented the Chief Constable (Aid Wilson) and the Bench of Mag- istrates, on their efforts to oope with intem- perance in the borough.—Mr. M. J. Pughe mov- ed a vote of thanks to the speakers, and Mr. T. Emmanuel seconded, and the Rev. J. Tho- mas (Mount Hermon) supported.—Mr. Edwards moved a hearty vote of thanks to the soloists and accompanists, namely, Mr. Ash ton, Mr. J. O. Jones, the Misses Hughes, and Miss Edith Jane.—Aid. Rowland Evans moved, and Mr. Gwdym Evam seconded, a. hearty vote of thanks to Chairroaa. A solo by Mr. John 0. Jones b'c-n.sht a. enjoyable evening to a. close.









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