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¡- e i i |! CRICKET. | 1 I TO CRICKET CLUB SECRETARIES. Reports of cricket matches played on Saturday should be sent to Die "Merthyr Express" office as early in the week as possiblo. Those received later than vvcancsday morning cannot be inserted. MATCHES. 1 CARDIFF V. HILL'S PLYMOUTH. Cardiff v. Hill's Plymouth (Merthyr) met at Car- diif on Saturday. The visitor, who brought a strong team, including five counlv men, E. Watts (Ber&s) W. Barker (Berks), Dodson (Notts), S. Ifack("r (Gloucester), and Ford (London CoiVity and Wills), batted first. pat ou-182 and <lcclared having onlx lost, four wickets, Nash.took two wicV ets lor 50 riin4 I'rccdv one for 64, and Charles one for 24. Cardiff opened badly, but Cording- and Evàns managed to make a stand, the former, before -being smartly stumped by Penfold, contributing a well played innings of 43, and the latter'36. Towards the close the Situation became rather exciting, two of the Cardiff men being run out in succession. Time favoured the homesters, however, and they finished 52 behind with one wrcket in hand. and the game resulted -in a draw. Scores:- Hill's Plymouth. j J. Stapleton, c Cording, b Precdy 45 W. Penfold, h Nash 2 C. S. Ford. &t Lock, b i\ash 17 Watts, c Lock, b Charles 28 S. Hacker, not out 53 Barker, not out 2\ L'XtTas 13 Innings declared. Dodson, J. Williams, S Handy, K. Harris, anll" V, JIankcy did not bat." Cardiff. N. V. K iches, c Penfold 2 O. E. Cording, st Penfold. b Handy 48 L Evans, c tyankev 36 H. G. Symonds, b Barker 8, -T. P Cadogan, b Hacker 12 A. Gibson, b Hacker I) N'asli. b Barker i H. M Watkins, run out -f I Preedy, run out :V 1 T. M. Charles," not out :0 T.H.Lock. not out I Extras -130 HILL'S PLYMOUTH (MERTHYR) SECONDS Y. CARDIFF SECONDS. Played at Pentrebach. Scores Hill's Plymouth Seconds. I J. Mulvey, b Puddicoi-abe 12 D. Jones, c Ferguson, b Puddicombe 17 C. Treinlin, not out 33 .1. Jones, c Sheppcrd, b Puddicome 0 T. Hordley, c Gaccon. b Colley 3 D. H. Jones, c Puddicombe, b Colley 0: T. Jones, c Sutherland, b Colley 0 H. Cross, lbw b Puddicombe 3 W. Thorne, b Colley 1 W. George, lbw, b Colley 0 E. Owen, b Colley 12 Extras I ll-lt2 Cardiff Seconds. F. Waring, b Hordley 15 A. J. Pritchard, b Hordley 12 C. Colley, lbw, b Cross 6 Gaccon, c W. George, b Hordley 10 T. Evans, b llordiev 13 A. Sheppard. b W. George 41 W. Pritchard. b Hordley 23 Ferguson, b Hordle-5 Sutherland, b Owen 4 Puddicombe, not out 0 Sub., b Hordley 0 Extras 5—\i4 MOUNTAIN ASH V. FERNDALE. Played at Ferndale. Scores m Mountain Ash. W. Stuckley run out 6 W. Evans, lbw b Proctor 0 T. Thomas, b Davies .1 J. Havard. b and b Proctor 20 T. Williams, e J. I). Morgan, b Proctor Z> 8. Lethcrway, b Proctor 0 P. Phillips, retired hurt S. bhipton, b Proctor 0 F. James, b Gower 1 k" J.uP'py'' b Proctor 4 D. Richards, not out •• 1 Extras 8"82 • t, ». Ferndale. A. R. Morgan, b Shipton -— 35 G. Gower, b Sliipton .0 W. Davies, b Shipton 4 T. Jarman, c Jones, b Shipton 4 H. Proctor, b Jones Jabez Richards, b Sliipton 2L D. Morgan, c Havard, b Shipton 8 G. Chiids, not out 7 J. D. Morgans, not out 'r 8 Extras — 24—115 TREDEGAR V. BEAUFORT. flayed at Tredegar this being the home team's first fixture of the season. Malty batted excel- lently for 75, only giving one difficult chance throughout a very fine innings. W. Bull also played stylish cricket, making 41 (not out) with scarcely, a c blemish. The game ended in a draw. Scores-;— Tredegar. J. W. Butcher, b R. Watkins 5 A. M. Mai thy, c Norris. b Watkins 7fJ D. W. Widdison, run out 14 ^1 H. G. Brown, run out < A. Price, not out 2,.4" C. Relf, b G. Williams l1 oxtras -■ «-• -limiRgs declared. Beaufort. D. Devonallt, b W. Williams 1 W. Bull, not out 41 T. Day, c Jlaltby, b W. F- Jones 9 -H. IioOerts,* b \V." P""7ones 5; »•». on G. Williams, b Widdison H. Norris, 0 Williams, b Widdisgul. a L. Palmer, b Williams 0 J. Cox, b Williams P J. Rakes, b Williams 0. J. Bull, not out 0 Extras -'4—91- EBBW VALE V. CAERPHILLY. Played at Ebbw Vale, Scores:- Caerphilly- W. Matthews, b Maxted 1 J. Davies, b Maxted .0 H. Williams, 1) Maxted 5 A. H. Holdroyd, b Maxted 3 D. Williams, st Cavanagh, b Maxted 4 J. Fisher, run out 23 H. Dyer, b Maxtcd J 0 W. Matthews c Williamson, b Maxted 16 I). Williams, b Davies 12 !i" b Davie3 ~— 4 B. Crew, not out •- 0 Extras 8-!i Ebbw Vale. Dai Davies, c Fisher, b Williams — 0 H. J. Wright, b Williams 12 J. Cavanagh c Dyer, b Matthews 1 65 T. II. Irish, b Matthews -t 15. A. W. Maxted. b Matthews .»« la W. Robins, c'Williams, b Dovey 22 R. Price, c Fisher, b Williams 1 D. J. Richards, not out 45 J. Williamson, b Dovey .» & R. Bull, b H. Williams ;12 W. Churchill b II. Williams 15 Ext,-as -x- ABERTILLERY V BRYNMAWR. ilayed at Abertillery Scores:- Brynm^iwr. W. Mees, b Evan Watkins .a Turner, not out 14 J. Dunn, b Evan Watkins 0 J. L. Davies, b England 0 L. Lewis, b England i.* 0 E. Salisbury, b Evan Watkins 1 B- Roberts, b Evan Watkins 0 W. Prosser, b Evan Watkins 1 E. C. Minton, b England 1 J. Walters, c Evan Watkins, h England 0 B. Jones, c Jenkins, b England .0 0 Extras i—20 Abertillery. W. Tlutton, b Prosser 7 W. England, c and b Turner 2 M. Robins, b Turner 6 M. Price, b Pressor 0 S. Eynon. b Turner 0'- <). Winmill, 1» Turner 7 J- Wilson, b Prosser; 4 W. Powell, b Prosser .I A. Jenkins, c Minton, b Turner 21, G. Baghurst. b Prosit- 29 Evan Watkins (capt.), not out 5 Extras 3-f3. *A- DOWLAIS C.C. V. BEBLINOG C:C. Played at Dowlais on Saturday. The honwsters; were successful, thus gaining their fourth consecu- tive win. For Dowlais the four players who went to the wickets batted very well. Tiro bowling ÖJ ,Newton, who took five wickets for 8 runs was-really good. For Bedlinog J. Lang batted nicely. Scofes: Dowlais C.C. Wm. Davies, Ibw, b Phillips 23 J. T Williams, lbw. b Davies 33 J. Newton, c and b Humphries 29 J. Davies, not- out 41 Extras £ —151 H. Lewis, J. Lewis, W. B. Surridge, T. JJ. Davies, Wat Jones, p, Barrell, and D. J. Johira- than did not bat. Bedlinog C.O. J. Lewis, st T. R. Davies. b Wat Jones 18 J. llowells, c and b Wat Jones 3 D. Davies, b J. Newton 5 J. Humphreys, b Wat Jones V J. Lang, b J. Davies 31 E. T. Owen, b J. Davies 2 L Phillips, c J T Williams, b J Newton 3 V Walters, c J T Williams, b J Newton 1 II Price, c P. Barrell, b J Newton 0 C. Stockham. b J. Newton 0 B. Humphreys, not cut 8 Extras E—W Penydarren Lilywhites v. Hirwain.-Played at Hirwain on Saturday. Hirwain were at full strength while Penydarren lacked tho services of .G. W. Evans, Tom IIayes, Stan Evans, and C. Tucker, but capable substitutes were found in Lochio Oneno% W. J. Evans, D. T. Edmunds, and Tom B. Evans. Penydarren won by three wickets and four run?. Scores :—Hirwain Tom Young (capt*), lbw, b L. Duenos, 6; Sandford b L. Dnenos, 5; L. Anbrev, b L. Duenos, 2; Bert Davies, c E. Powell, b I,. Duenos, 0; T. Powell, obstruction, b J. Lewis, 2; R. Hennesey, b L. Duenos, 9; W. Jones, T) J.-Lewis, 5; D. R. Morgan, c M- Griffiths, b L. Dnenop, 3; J. Jenkins, b Jos. Lewis. 4; T..T. Thomas, c W. J. Lav/rence, b L. Duenos, 2; J. J. Smale, not out, 0: extras, 7; total, 45. Penydarren.- G. Grif- fiths (capt.). b Anbrey, 2; Lochio Dnenos, c Tho- mas. b B. Davies, 6- W. J. Lawrence, run out, 3; D. T. Evans, c and'b B. Davies, 4; M. oirtffiths. c Young, b Aubrey, 7; E. Powell, b B. Davfcs, 0; W. J. Evans, b T. Powell, 6; T. B. Evans, net ont, 9; Jos. Lewis, not out, 3; extras, 4; total (fot seven wickets), 49. Abercanaid Primroses r. Abercanaid LWics.-Play- ed at the Rjver Field on Saturday. For the Prim- roses Collard took five wickelts for 3 runs, J. Davies one for 6 rnnS, Willie Beach three wickets for 3 runs, and D Davies one wicket for 5 runs. ScoresPrimroses W. Beach, b D. J. Morgan, 4; Tom Rees, b D. J. Morgan, l: T. R. Roder- ick, c and b W. R Morgan, S; E. Roderick, b D. J. Morgan, 2; D. Davies. b D. J. Morgan, 2; C. Collard, b E. Griffiths, 4; Lewis Davies, b W. R. Morgan, 0: T. J. Davies, c B. Williams, b Grif- fiths, 3; M. Thomas, b W. R. Morgan a- Tom Barlow, not out, 2; Tom Davies, b W. R. Morgan, 0; extras, 12.; total, 39. Lilies: ,H. Thomas, b W. Beach, 0; W R. Morgan, ran oat. 2; E. Griffiths, c Beach, b Collard, 9; R. Bodger, b ticach. 1; A. Morgan, b Beach, 0; D. J. Morgan, hit wicket, 0; S. Morgans, b Collard, 0; T. J.; Morgans, b T. J. Davies, 3; E. Rees. not out, 3; B. Williams, b Collard. 0; J. Williams.-« P. I DayiSli b GifUaid# 9;, vifmt 4- L. A-a..IfU-USr. '4_- Dowlais Works v. Abergavenny Y.M.C.A.—Play- ed at Abergavenny 011 Saturday, For tho Y.M.C.A. A. Green and W Rosser batted well, and S. Ham- blyn, and A. Greon bowled well, each taking two wickets for 12. For the Works, J Morgan, J. Evans and D. Jones bowled and batted well, taking live for 11, two for 10, and three for 3 respectively. Scores:—Abergavenny • W. Hill, b J. Morgan, 2; B. II. Evans, b J Evans, 0; A. Green, c Donovan, b .]. Evans, 6: J. A. Morley, st J Jones, b J. Morgan, 0; W. llosser, c Ogleby, b D Jones, 5; S. Hamblyn, b J. Morgan, 0, F. Simpson, c 0, c Price, b j. Morgan, 3: J. Emery, c Miles, b D. i Jones, C; R. Clayson, b J. Morgan, 2; Cousens, b D. Jones, 0; G. Evans, not out, 0; extras, 6; total, 24. Dowlais- W. J Bowen, b Green, 5; W. Miles, b Green, 0, J. Morgan, b Cousens, 33, J. Donovan, b Hill, 2; J. Evans, b Simpson. 18; Owen Price, c Green, b Hamblyn, 1; D. Jones, not out, 11; J. Jones, b Hamblyn, 1, T. Da- vies, not out, 1; extras, 5; total (seven wickets), 77. Aberdarc Church C.C. v. Cwmaman.—Played on the Aherdarc Athletic Grounds on Saturday. Aber- dare Church: il,, Parfter,• !tmvb Addiseotty 16; H. j C,R(je,"c erumh, b J. Jones, 10: W Tb J. Row lands,-b?\T-Gvorge, P. • llake. b George, 18: A. Jones, c Jones, b Crumb, 0; T. Jones, b T. Georjre, 0; E. Meade, b Crumb, 6: A. E. Kimpton, c Crumb, b J. Jones, 9; ] L Knibbs, not out, 2; J Eynon. b T. George. 0: ex- tras, 13; total, 92. Cwmaman: J. Jones, b Parker, 14, Tooirood. b Parker, 14; Barson, h Jones, 19; Porter, b Parker, 6; T. George, not out, 31; Thomas, b Parker, 2; Hacker. b Elias. 8; Ad- discott. b Elias, 3; Crumb, not out, 3; extras, I 11: total, 111. Beaufort, Seconds v. Trcdegar Seenpds.-Plai-ed at Beaufort before a large crowd and resulted in an easy win for tho home team. Jack Morgan, Graham Davies. and S. Reynolds gave fine batting dis- plays, but the visitors g'ave a poor exhibit-ion, aid were'all dismissed for 31. Scores Beaufort Sc- cosds. 11. Speake, b W T. Williams, 0; Graham Davies. c Maxted. b E. Jones. 15, A. Norris. b Maxted, 1- W. Probert, c Maxted, b Williams, 1; Jack Morgan, c ]\iaxled, b Williams, 1, Jack Mor- gan, e Maxted, b Williams, 18; D. L. Reynolds, c Maxted b Williams, 18, D. L. Reynolds, c Maxted I)' .Tones 28, W. G. Thomas, b E. Jones, 0 E' Watkins, b Williams, 1. H. Shepard, c Maxted, b E. Jones, 0; Albeit Roberts, c Bullock, b E. Jones, 6: J Bull, not out, 7; extras, 4. to- tal, 81. Tredegar'Seconds B. Maxted. c A. Ro- berts b W. G. Thomas, 4; Bullcck, b W. G. Tho- mas 9; W. Maxted, c G. Davies, b J. Bull, 0; J-. Williams, run out, b W. G Thomas, 1, G Dando, b W. G. Thomas. 0, D. II, Jones, b Morgan, 7;, Edward Jones, c A. Norris, b W. G. Thomas, 0; Wiimot, lbw, b W. G. Thomas. 3, '• Williams, c J. Morgan, b A. Roberts, 5, W. K, Hopkins, run out b; extras, 4; total, ol. Darranlas v. Abercanaid.—Played at Mountain Ash on Saturday. Scores :-ALercatiaid T. Hun- icr, c Mortimer, 5; T. Thomas, b Brook, 3; fc. Callard, b Stebbings, 7, W. T. Williams, b Mor- timer 0- B. Saunders, b Brooks, 2, 4?. Rees, c Hebb'ings, b Brooks, 5; W. Lewis, not out, 0; J. Hunter, lbw b Stebbings. 3; J. Lewis, c Brooks, Hunter, lbw b Stebbings. 3; J. Lewis, c Brooks, b MortImer, I, H,. Roderick, b Mortimer 0; ex- tras, 2; total, 40. Darranlas: W. W illiams, b Williams, 4; Stebbings. c and b Williams 2; D. A. Brooks, b Lewis, 0; W. Titfnu, b Williams, 0; G. Brooks, c Callard, btLewis 2: I). Mortimer b. Williams, 5; W, Brooks, c Roderick, b Williams, 5, W, C. Evans, b Lewis, 1, D. A. Brooks, b Lewis, 0; C. Braggs, b Lewis, 0; T. Mortimer, not out, 0; extras, 1; total, 20. St. Margaret's (Aberaman) v. St. Teiio's (Moun- tain Ash).—Played at Mountain Ash on Saturday. The match should have counted a a League fix- ture but owing to unforsecn circumstances it was played out as a friendly. Scorcs :—St..Margaret s W Alalc b T. Humphries, 0: J. Cummmgs, c 5 Phillips, 'b Humphries, 10; E. Lewis, b Savage, 46- J. Cunnick. b Humphries, 2; J. Brown, t> Howells, 0; R. Williams, c Humphries, 5: W. J. J. Smith, c Howells, b Humphreys, 2; J- Jones. b Savage 3; W. Evans, c Barlow, b Humphries, 0 p. Smith, lbw, b Humphries, 0; W. Parker, • nut out, 10, extras, 10; total, 86. St. Tedo' p..l. Humphreys, c Cunnings, b Cunnick, 2; b H Williams 3; B. Howells, b R. Williams, 0, G. Barlow, b R. Williams, 0; J. Morgan, c Smith. b Cunnick, 0; T. Savage, b R Williams, 2; 1. Morgan, b Cunnick, 2. W. Morgan, b Cunmck, C; W Barlow, c Smith, b Cunnick, 0; A. Jen- kins, b Williams. 1, L. Bevan, not out, 1; ex- tras.' 2; total, 13. .Waui,,Iwyd V. Blaiiia.Taunlwyd and Victoria opened their new ground on Saturday last, to Illaina Town team. S,or,.s :-Waunlwyd and Victoria. D. Rees 2- W Williams, 5; J. Brown, 1; x; Wafers'0- J. Greenland, 21; D. Miles, 1; C. Edwards, 4; J. Thatcher, 3; T. Jones, 14j J. Jenkins, 0: Wm. Law, 10; extras, 4; total, 64. Blaina: D. Williams, 0; H. Jones, 10; B. Hughes, 5; J. Jones, 10; 1.. Davies 0; i. Taylor, 0. D. Luff. 0; C. Hilher 0; N. Chaff>, 0- F liiuger. 11- C. Leach, 4; extras, 4; total, 44. The bowling'of Brown and Thatcher was the chief feature of the match. Brown took five wrcKets for 16, Thatcher four for 22. Miles delighted the spectators keeping wicket. Penydarren C.E.M.S. v. New Wredegar Lilics,- At the College Field, Merthyr, on Saturday, bcores: -C.E.M.S.. 51; New Tredegar Lilies, 13. Dukestown v. Sirhowy.-At Duke-stown on Satur- day Scores .—Sirhowy, 90; Dukestown. 23. Saron Cricket Club, Tredegar. v. Mr. Harold Da- vies's Eleven.—At Tredegar on Saturday. Scores Saron Cricket Club, 58; Mr. Harold Daviess XI., 68 for seven wickets, Mountain Ash Higher Standard School v. St. Mar- garet's Junior Choristers.—Scores: Choristers. 62; School, 78. ABERDARE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE Cwmbach v. Aberdarc School of Commerce.—Play- ed at Aberdare on Saturday. Scores :-Cwmbach E. Jenkins, hit wicket, 2; J. Matthews. b King, 2; T. Meredith, b King, 0; n. J. Thomas, b Mason, 6; J. Ellery. b King, 4; F. C. Jones, b Mason, 2; D. Meredith, st Parry, b Mason, 0; J. M -S. James, b Mason. 0; K. Evans, b Mason, 3; D. Morris, b Mason.. 0; D. J.' Davies, not ont. 2; extras, 3; total, 24. School of Commerce C. Ivina, I) Thomas. 13; D. Morgan, b Ellery, 0: W. J. Mason, c Jenkins. b Thomas. 2; D. H. Parry b Ellerv, 0; L. Williams, c. Jones, b Ellery, 0; T. Rees' not out 12: J. Howells, lbw, h Thomas, 0, B.J'. Jongs, b Jittery, 1; Wid U, Eilcrv 3; I. Davies, b Elle.y, 0: GJ J. Jones, tbw, b Ellerv, 0; extras, 6; total, 37. WESTERN VALLEY CRICKET LEAGUE. Rcsnit of matches in the above competition on Saturday — Ebbw Va^e 21- Winchestown, 77 for 7 wickets. Blaina United. 42; Abertillery, 45 for 9 wickets. Nantyglo, 62 for 6 wickets; Aberbeeg, 52. The following players have been selected to play at Aberbeeg on NVhit-Wednesday, June 2nd, 19-09:- North. Henrv Bann, captain, Nantyglo- J. Wchb (vice-captain), W. Price. G. Davies and F. K. Wil- liams Winches: J. Fawke, W. Jenkins and 1-1. Powell, Nantyglo, T. Tbomas and W. Edwards, Garn; J. Redwood. Ebbw Vale; reserves. J. Evans, Winches, and Whatley, Ebbw Yale, nmpire, J. Phillips, Winches. South J. Lowery, Blaina U., captain; A. Little, Abertillery, vice-captain; Chidgey, W Carter and W. Powell, Aberbeeg; J. Rees, S. Jones, J. Davies and W. Gore, Blaina U.; W. Little, Abertillery; J. Williams, Blaina S.pre- serves, D. Jelly and Vaughau. Blaina S.; umpire, G. Good, Abertillery. This Week's Crfcket Fixture*. Dowlais Seconds v. Penydarren Lllywhites, at Dowlais. „ „. IJedwellty v. Dowlais Firsts, at Bedwellty.

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