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EVENTS OF THE WEEK. Mr. Joseph Chamberlain has arrived in Lon- don from the Continent. A charter has been granted by the King in Council for a university at Bristol. Mr. Swinburne's will was proved in London, the estate being valued at £ 24,282 gross. Naval establishments at Portsmouth were in-. spected by the Lords of the Admiralty on Mon-, day. Next week 11,000 Territorials from Lancashire will commence their training on Salisbury Plain. Whilst regulating traffic at Isleworth, a police constable was knocked down and injured by a motor-car. When arrested at Brentwood, a young man tripped up the policeman and bolted. He was re-arrested. According to the quarterly report of the Shipwrights' Association, the trade outlook is not reassuring. Richard Mould, a griledigger, fell dead whilst preparing a grave in1 Camberwell Ceme- tery on Monday. The Gentlemen-at-Arms were on Monday in- spectèd by the King, the occasion being their 400th anniversary. „ Wfcije playing in a loft at^Lesieham, a .child, ag«cf- two, feH> through a hole iftto a ffour-bin and was suffocated. and wa& suffocated. An elderly labourer named Lethbridge was gored to death by a bullock on Monday at Kingsbridge, Devon. Music may be transmitted through the air to immense distances by means of a new invention in wireless telegraphy. A visit was paid on Saturday by the Aus- tralian cricketers to the Golden West Exhi- bition at Earl's Court. King Edward has sent his annual subscription of a hundred guineas to the Marine Society's training ship Warspite. At the age of 69, Mr. John Lewis, a well- known Montgomery shire-horse breeder, has died of double pneumonia. The King has consented to use, at the levee on June 22nd, a Henry VII. chair, belonging to Mr. Dudley, of Bognor. Sunday afternoon meetings to protest against infidelity have been renewed in Brockwell Park by the Rev. A. J. Waldron. On the complaint of the Scottish Automobile. Club, a chauffeur has been fined E5 at Dum- barton for excessive driving. A lad named Jackman fell over the cliffs near Swanage on Monday, while searching for sea birds' eggs, and was killed. A fine of £ 3 has been inflicted on a woman at Enfield for refusing to permit an inspector of nuisances to enter her workshop. With his wife a butler, named Lillford, has been remanded at Newport (Mon.) on a charge of stealing J3900 worth of silver goods. Georgq Marston Gubby, a telegraphist, has been remanded at Portsmouth on a charge of conspiring to defraud a bookmaker of £24. While rowing off Berwick on Saturday two men let their boat get broadside on to the surf. It was capsized by a. wave," and both were drowned. For making false representations in connec- tion with the old age pensions, a woman of 74, named Hastey, has been sent to prison at Pres- ton for two itiozithi. Lord and Lady Roberts celebrated their gold- en wedding at Englsrnere, Ascot, on Monday, and were the recipients of many congratula- tions and presentations. An official inspection of Dover Naval Har- bour was made on Saturday by Mr. McKenna (First Lord) and a party .of Naval and Civil Lords of the Admiralty. Lord Tredegar has undertaken to assume the part of Owain Glyndwr at the Welsh Na- tional Pageant. Many other names in connec- tion with the caste are published. A party of representatives of the munici- palitiesof Manchester and S'alford, numbering, with ladies, about thirty, left Charing Cross on Saturday on a ten days' visit to Germany As the result of the march; of/the Territorials throughout the City on Saturday, the strength of the five battalions of the City of London Regiment has. been considerably; ^augmented. Owing- to the refusal of the Rev F. Theo- bald (the rector) to open Little Wigborough Church, situated about a milo from the rectory, the annual vestry meeting was held in the churchyard. hur h At a banquet in Constantinople, Mr. H. F. B. Lynch, M.P., was assured of the desire of the Government and the Young Turkish Com- mittee to restore order in Asia Minor and to prevent outrages for the future. In the opinion of the Select Committee on the Police Force Weekly Rest Day, the case for London, should be taken by itself. It is re- commended that one day's rest in seven be given to every member of the Metropolitan Force. The Income Tax Resolution was dealt with in the Commons on Monday, the Premier de- livering an important speech in reply to the statement of the City bankers relating to the Budget. The resolution was carried by 299 votes to 96. In the House of Lords on Monday, Earl Wemyss raised the question of the efficiency of the Territorial Forces, and read a letter from Lord Roberts, who wrote that our land forces are in a "deplorable condition." The motion of Lord Wemyss was defeated, by 28 votes to 24. The village of Conisborough, about 12 miles from Sheffield, was the scene of a. shocking- tragedy early on Saturday morning. A miner named George Brown, aged 46, was discovered lying dead in bed with his throat cut. and it was evident that before committing suicide he bad turned the gas on all over the house, his sight children coming within an ace of death. Early on Saturday Mr. Thomas Harris, licen- of the Commercial Inn, Abertillery, was found by P-C.'s Rowlands and Barwell lying on the pavement under his bedroom window. Sergt. Rowlands sent for Dr. Mclnerney, and Mr Harris was carried to the house, where ho died within three minute3. It appears that iecoased had been ailing for some weeks, and at midnight he was seen by his wife in bed. Opening the Children a Infirmary at Carshal- ton on Saturday, Mr. John Burns was inter- rupted by a couple of suffragettes, to whom he replied in severe terms. He stated thkt some lotion had already been taken on the reports 3f tho Poor Law Commission, and something further would, and must, be done. If he was in office long enough and continued in his pre- lent hopeful and determined- spirit, there would lot be much left for the next Government to 1 lo.



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