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Theatre Royal, Merthyr.


Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.


Death of the Rev. Joseph Evans.

Brecon-road Soup Kitchen.!

I Tabernacle, Merthyr.I

Wterihyr May Show.

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Following Me all over Dowlais.




DOWLAIS. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—On the occasion of the anniversary of Ivor English Congrega- tional Chmvh, tho congregations, largely ei, augmented from other places of worship, en- joyed excellent sermons from the Rev. Ion a M. "Williams, of Llanelly, whoce visit created a deep impression. Mr. Williams preached thrice on Sunday, and again on Monday evening. The •collections towards the Church funds were very satisfactory. PREPARATIONS FOR WHITSUN.—Tha supreme effort of Messrs. J. S. Davies and Co., drapers, milliners, etc., High street, are being concen- trated in preparation for their great Whitsua Show. Whilst every branch in their several and combined establishments is furnished with a euperb and lavish stock of this season's pro- ductions, special attention has been paid to tha millinery department. Never before has the firm brought together from the leading centres of fashion such a wonderful accumulation of beautiful headwear. It is veritably, and in the fullest application of. the term, "a crowning success." WAEN* F .HR.-There was a large attendance- at the first Waen fair of the year, held yesterday (Thursday), on the mountain eminence at Twynywaen but, from a dealer's point of view, the event was disappointing, and consequently business was slow and little money changed handa Five-year-old cols, yearlings, and lwelsh mountain ponies had the readiest sale, large numbers of the latter being afterwards trucked to Shrewsbury and Bristol. There was no call for heavy carters" and colliery horses. The stock of cattle was poor, being limited to a moderate show of cows and calves; but a good lot of pigs fetched substantial prices. SUNDAY SCHOOL REFORM.—The third con. ference in connection with this movement was held on Tuesday evening at Beulah Chapel, Mr. D. Moriel (Beulah) presiding. On behalf 01 the local branch of the Sunday School Union, Mr. W. L. Daniel, Merthyr, explained to the representatives of the Welsh Sunday Schools in' particular, the advantages which would be obtained through affiliation with the parent Union. Several questions were put to Mr. Daniel and answered favourably. Ultimately a resolution was passed that it would be advan- tageous in many respects to the Welsh Sunday Schools to affiliate, and to further ask them tc consider the question within the next few weeks, when a further conference will be held to receive replies.—Councillor Isaac Edwards wrote, ex- pressing regret at his .unavoidable absence.

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