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'I")< .r- Merthyr Education Authority. ADVANCING TEACHERS' SALARIES, j PLANS FOR GELLIFAELOG SCHOOL. I THE CLAIM OF MR. LL. SMITH. The monthly meeting of the Merthyr Edu- cation Authority was held on Wednesday night. There were present:—Aid. E. Morrell (chair- man), Ald.ermen J. M Berry, J. Harpur, T. J. Evans, Rowland Evans, Ivor Abraham, Councillors J. Davies (Dowlais), R. r. Ree-, Charles Griffiths, Isaac Edwards, Wm. Lewis (Penydarren), J. W. Lewis, H. M. Lloyd, Frederick Pedier, John Davies (Cyfarthfa), D. John, Dan Thomas, David Phillips, L. M. Jones, D. J Lewis. W. T. G Marsh, David Jones, Thomas Williams, William Jones (Tre- harris), Edward Edward?. Win. Lewis (Tre- harris), with Mr E. Stephens (clerk), Mr. W. Probert (deputy clerk), and Mr. Isaac J. Wil- liams (schools organiser). The School Attendance Committee regorted having considered the return of absent teachers for March, and recommended that as M. Pughe and K. L. James had departed from the regu- lation", there be a reduction of salary.—It was stated that the headmaster gave M. Pughe leave to be absent for one day, and he was away two days.—The paragraph was referred back to committee, as it was stated there were extraordinary circumstances. YOUNG CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS. The Staff Committee recommended that ia consequence of the overcrowded condition of Penydarren Infants' School, no new scholars jjndcr the age of 5ve years be admited until the new buildings are ready, and that the Educa- tion Committee consider the desirability of ex- cluding from school all children under the age of five year-.—Coun. D. J. Lewis said such a decision would inflict a great hardship upon a. large section of school children, and also upon parents. Mothers with large families were alad to send children to school at as earl) an age as possible, whIch wa, rIght, because thing; learnt in earlv childhood were never forgotten.— Coun. H. M. Lloyd said he did not agre-e with send ng such young children to school to be huddled together. If they introduced the kin- dergarten system, it would be different. Young children were liable to be attacked by disease. He therefore supported the recommendation of the committee.—The Chairman ruled that the committee should not have made such a re- commendation. This was an important ques- tion, and required serious consideration.—Coun. J Davies (Dowlais) said the committee were told that classes ware very cramped.—Airs. Ed- munds asked whether the children earned grant. —The Chairman replied in the affirmative, but S<1,id that the question of accommodation was the woiv-e serious question.—The paragraphs were struck out of the report, and it was un- derstood that notice of motion would be given to deal with the question at the next meeting 0: tIn Education Committee. STAFFING ARRANGEMENTS. The Staffing Committee made the following recommendations, which were adopted:— Georgetown Infants' School: That the Clerk arrange for the transfer of Miss Agnes Maud Jones, trained certificated. assistant at the Mer- thyr Vale Infants' School, to this r-chooi.— Troedyrhiw Girls' School: That three uncertifi- catod assistants be transferred from this school, and that two certificated teachers be appointed in their place.—Supplementary Teachers: That the engagement of all the supplementary teachers in the Council's service be determined at the end of the pre- ent year; also that the managers of the non-provided schools bo rc- quired to determine the engagement of the supplementary teachers in their service at the same time, and that uncertificated assistants be appointed instead. — Treharris Girls' School: That Miss Mabel Poll it, uncertificated at dist- ant, Woodlands School, b3 appointed to this school in place of Airs. Rosewarne, deceased.— Peritrebach Mix-xl School: That Miss Mabel Lewis, certificated assistant in the Abercanaid Mired School, change places with Miss L. Webber, uncertificated assistant in this school. —Twvnyrodvn School: That the Clerk inquire frc-m Allse Murray, trained certificated assistant, as to whether she had any objection to change p'c-2S with Miss E: Jones, in the Georegtown Girls' School. SALARIES ADVANCED. A sub-committee reported having had before th-cm the letter signed by several head-mis- tresses relative to their ealarias referred for consideration, and recommended that JS110, the maximum salary paid to trained certificated teachers, be regarded as the minimum com- mencing salary wiien such teachers are appoint- ed to the charge of schools, or when certifi- cated assistants are appointed to Grade B school, and that £:100, the maximum salary of certificated assistants, be regarded as the mini- mum salary to be paid to teachers when ap- pointed to the charge of Grade A schools; also that the salaries payable to the following teach- ers be revised in accordance with the above re- commendation, namely :—Trained Certificated Teachers: May Jenkins, Pantglas Infants, £12 iDs. to £117 IDs.: M. G. Evans, Troedyrhiw, £105 to £110; E. C. Jones, Gellifaelog, £105 to £110; Jessie Bond, Pantglas Girls, JB105 to £110; Laura E. Lewis, Webster-etreet Mixed, £105 10s. to £110; E. M. Attwood, Town In- fants, £112 10s. to J6117 10s. A. Morgan, Town to £110. Certificated Teachers: Al. J. Price, Abercanaid Infants, £ 105 to £ 110; AL L. Davies, Aberfan, £ 105 to £ 110; A- M. Alorris. Treharr:s, £J.05 to £110; Emily Denny, Heolgerrig, £ 90 to £ 100; Ada M. Alorris, Dar- rc-n View. £ 90 to £ 100. The Committee alco recommended that henceforth the quinquennial increase provided in the scale of salaries or head teacher- adopted by the late School Board be discontinued, and that a proportion of such increase be paid yearly, that the salary of Mrs. Evans, head teacher of Pant School, bo ad- vanced to £127 10s.. with annual increases until the maximum of the scale is reached; that Miss Gwladys M. Davies (Pantglas Infants School), Miss A. Parsons j[TreharTis Infants' School), and Miss C. Owen (Merthyr Vale Infants' School), be recognised by the Committee as cer- tificated teachers, and paid as such from the 1st of May; that the application of the Rev. Canon Wads relative to the salaries paid to Miss L. Kelly and Miss Wills be not granted: that the salary of Mr. W. 1:1. Ackland, head teacher of Crai.-bcrthlwyd School, be advanced to £90 per annum.—Coun. David John aked why Miss Willi's salary was not increased, as she only appbecl for the quinquennial advanec. —This paragraph was refrred to the Salaries Committee, and the remainder of the report was adopted. THE WELSH PAGEANT. The Clerk said he had communicated with the head teacher, with regard to the letter from the Lord iayor of Cardiff relative to school children attending the Welsh National Pageant at Cardiff on the 27th July, and had received a reply stating that at a meeting of teachers, they heartily endorsed the opinion expressed that the visit would be of material educational benefit to the scholars, and the teachers were prepared to make the necessary arrangements to give the children an oppor- tunity of witnessing the pageant. Eacb child would be conveyed to Cardiff at half the single ordinary fare for the double journey, and 3d. would be charged each one for admission.-—A discussion ensued as to altering the date of the summer holidays, and it was agreed that the schools break up on tha 23rd July, and re- assemble on the 23rd of August, and that permission be given the teacheTS and scholars to attend the pageant in July.—A small com- mittee was appointed to meet the teachers and consider the financial question. ARCHITECT AND GELLIFAELOG SCHOOLS. The next question for consideration was the letter from Air. J. Llewelyn Smith, architect, with regard tcJ the work of preparing plans of the new Gellifaelog School being given to the Deputy Borough Surveyor.—Coun. W; Lewis (Treharris) moved that the letter be not dis- cussed, as tho last quarterly meeting of the Council confirmed the resolution passed some time ago that all new work should be done in the Surveyor's offioe.—The Chairman: It seems to me you wish to shirk discussion.—Coun. W. Lewis: "Nothing of the kind; but after the re- solutions passed, you cannot re-open the mat- ter.—Coun. R. P Rees said he considered that Air. Smith had been treated unfairly, as it was understood he should carry out the work in connection with this particular school. Mr. Smith drew out plans and specifications for a school at Gellifaelog. and the resolution auth- orising him to do that work had not yet been rescinded. This was not new work. — The Chairman said the matter must be settled one way or the other. The whole thing should be fully discussed, or a committee should be ap- pointed to go into it and report.—Aid. Berry moved, and Aid. Abraham seconded, that a committee be appointed.—Coun. Thomas Wil- liams said the Town Clerk had been asked to report upon the legal side of the question, but the Chairman said' that the Town Clerk had not been asked to do -o.—Coun. D. J. Lewis said that motion was lost, but Coun. David John and others maintained that such a resolution was carried.—Airs. Edmunds: I hope you will appoint a fair committee.-—Aid. Berry: There's no one here for or against Air. Smith.—Mrs. Edmunds: It has been shown too clearly to- night.—The resolution was carried, and the following were appointed the committee: Aid. E. Alorroll, J. M. Berry. D. W. Jones. Row- land Evans, Councillors W. Lewis (Treharris), F. S. Simons. Thomas Williams, Wm. Lewis (Penydarren), H. M. Lloyd, F. Pedler, and R. P. Rees. MISCELLANEOUS. Aid. J. M. Berry pointed out that £1 a year, in addition to payment to caretaker, had been charged for the" use of TWljJyrodyn School, bd. per ,meeting, and cleaner's fees, wares charged for Abermorlais. He thought- there should be a soalo fixed.—The Clerk re- plied that in one case .a room only was applied for. and in the other case, part of the premises. —Coun. D. Phillips: Mr. Westlake. of Twynyr- odyn, wishes to get- children to school to keep them out of mischief.—Coun. Lewis (Treharris): Perhaps he's a Socialist (laughter).—The mat- ter wa- referred to committee. A sub-committee recommended that a bath- room. proposed to be added to Merthyr Vale School-house at an estimated cost of £43, be not provided.—Coun. Dan Thomas urged that tho Committee would be going against the health "ynlations of the Council. The Committee! < ".lit to set an example, and he moved that a biill be grpvided at a cost not exceeding £ 39.— (



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