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Theatre Royal, Merthyr.


Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.



LOCAL INTELLIGENCE CONTINUED MERTHYP. FLOWER SIIow.-A meeting will be held at the Town Hall, Merthyr, at 8.3C p.m., on Wednesday, May 19th. All who are interested in horticulture are earnestly desired to attend. UNITED IRISH LEAGTTE.—A meeting of the "Emmet" branch was held on Sunday at Morgantown, Mr. D. Barry i4 the chair. The usual business having been \o-o through, a vote ofsympathy was passed to Mr. P. Guinan. hae having received a serious accident, and also a vote of condolence v>itivtbe relatives of the late Miss Kate Maboney and the late Mrs. Connolly in their sad isereavemont. it was- decided to accept the i.'L.X!, hall for future meetings. MERTHVC SAD THE CARDIFF COLLEGE.—With ihe view of enlisting thtf sympathy and the aid of the people of Merthyr oh,behalf of the Cardiff University College Building Fund, it has been decided to bold a public meeting in Merthyr. in September next, at which a number of well- known ge^.tlenen who are interested in the College will speak. A local con'mittee has been appointed, with Alderman J. M. Berry as con- vener. to make arrangements for collecting subscriptions throughout the borough. n CYTARTHFA DISTRESS.—O'rt Tuesday the eekly tea v-as held at Pantty v, yll Vestry, ..hen no children thoroughly enjoyed them- selves. As things appear at present this will be the last tea. Mrs. Jones, 2, Norman-terrace, vishes to tender her thanks to all friends who have helped her in the good work. in cash and '.ir.d. it is pleasing to note that everything has een given voluntarily, and the ladies I and gentlemen who gave their services helped i-reatly to make the little ones happy. Thirteen loaves have been received from Messrs. Jones, Dickenson, Dowlais, per Mr. Fraiiketty. TOBACCONISTS' ASSOCIATION.—A meeting of tobacconists was held on Wednesday, when it was decided to form a Tobacconists''Association ior Merthyr and district. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:-Chairraan, 1\Ir. B. W. Stream. vi-e-cliairnian, Mr. D. W. Jones, Lowlais; treasurer, Mr. T. Dando: hon. sec., Mr. F. A. Whiting committee. Messrs. iA. R. Archer, A. S. Tboma^ and A. W. Turner, Mertiiyr; L-av-ieff, Penydarren E. A. Cooke and Mertiiyr; La vies, Penydarren E. A. Cooke and D. Evans, Dov.lais; iand Williams, Oaeharris. A pnfe list for the'district was issued. Those in the trade desiroas of joning should appdyi to the secretary. (See advt.) PROPERTY SALE.—At the Forth Hotel, Porth. on W ednesday, Mr. William Jones offered foi sale by auction No. 52, Hannah-street, Porth. now In the occupation of Messrs. Wills and Sons. Limited, clothiers, and held for a term of 21 yaers from the 24th day of April, 1908, at a net annual rent of i-85 for the first 7 years, and a rental of £ 90 for the remainder of the term. These premises are held for a term. of 99 years from the 1st day of July, 1878, subject to an apportioned ground rent of JE2 1s. per annum. The lot was sold to Miss Thomas, of No. 2, Brecon-road, Merthyr, for £ 1,180. Messrs. Thomas and L:avies, Grab am-street; were the solicitors for the endors. ST. TYDFIL'S WELL CHURCH.—The annual Vestry, in connection with this Church, was held on Wednesday. The Curate, Rev. D. Llewellyn Davies, presided, and thanked the wardens and officers for their earnest co-operation. He said they had much to be thankful for in the vitality and efficiency displayed in all the services and work of the Church. He appointed Mr. Rogers Williams as his warden, and Mr. Johnl Ta'ylQr was elected as people's warden, and the following sidesmen were eler ted :-l'dr. J. W. Lewis, Robert Jones, W. Ackland, D. J. Parry. D. Davies, Tom Elias, S. W. Gay, Jenkin Jones, Thomas Davies, Harry Jones, Daniel Eees. II. Steele, Wm. Evans. J, A. Williams, H. Green, J. Shorten, Geo. Phelps, W. J. James, Thos. Davies (The Avenue), and T. J. Rice. The treasurer, Mr. T. Elias, and secretary, Mr. D. Davies. were re-elected; and the auditors, Messrs. Jenkin Jones and Thos. Davies, were also re-elected. THE LATE 1\:1R. W. V. REES.—The funeral of the late Mr. W. V. Rees, ironmonger, Pontypridd, who died at the Mumbles, on Wednesday the 5th inst., took place on Monday, at Cefn cemetery. The corpse was brought from the Mumbles by rail to Merthyr station, and was there met l y a considerable number of relatives and friends. Preceding the hearse was acarriape containing Dr. Arthur Lloyd Jones (Mumbles), Mr. Jenkin Jones (solicitor, Swansea), and Mrs. New (Swansea). The chief mourners were:—Mrs. W. V. Rees (widow), Mr. James Bees, Pentre (brother). Mrs. J. H. Jores. Aberayron (sister), in Mr. J. H. Jones (brqther-m-law), Mr. AJford Rees and Mr. Wm. Rees (nephews). Miss Bessie Rees (niece), Mr. Thos. Rees, Brecon (cousin), Miss Rees, Brecon and: Mr. And Mrs. Thomas. Brecon (cousins). There were also r,resent:- Mr. James, manager, Gelli; Mr. Howeil Morgan, Penarth Mr. W. Hughes, agent, Aberrant; Mr. T. Jenkins, Cardiff; Mr. IthysDavis; Mr. Thos. Jones; Mr. Di'kson Walker; Mr. J. Jenkins. Or eg en a Mr. E* en. James Mr. Comer Thomas, ironmonger; Mr. Charles Da\ies, architect; Mr. R. V. James, draper, Pontypridd; Mr. J. Edwin Jones, draper, Pontypridd; Mr. Joseph Seaton, iroMaoncer, Pontypridd; Mr. Le\Ïs Evans, coal merchant, Pontypridd Mr. Godfrey Phillips, solicitor, Pontypridd; together with the employees of Messrs. W. V. Rees and Co., Pontypridd. Wreaths were sent by the follow- ing :—Mrs. W. V. Rees (widow), Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jones, Mr. Alford and Mr. Hut ert Rees Dr. Arthur Lloyd Jones, Miss Bessie Pyni. Miss Annie Phillips. Miss Bessie Phillips, Mr. Edmund Bevan, Mrs. Parry Jones, employees of Mrs. W. V. Rees (Merthyr), and employees of Messrs. W. V. Rees and Co. (Pontypridd)

Death of the Rev. Joseph Evans.

Brecon-road Soup Kitchen.!

I Tabernacle, Merthyr.I

Wterihyr May Show.

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